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  1. GurFateh! Last time we went to visit Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliment we were told that we would have to take off our Sri Sahibs to enter. This was back in 2009 and in the end we refused to take them off as its just not an option and got a refund; and that's after initially waiting for 2 hours! So now we are heading back to London next week and were wondering if this is still the case? I know that the London Eye have given a stubborn no to entering with a Kirpan but what about other places in London e.g. Madam Tousards, Tower of London etc. Is it just pot luck if you get caught?
  2. VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH! Daas would like to acquire a Puratan 3ft sri sahib/Khanda.Tegha. Any puratan kirpan would be preferred with a design on the hilt. Looking for a strong, stirdy, battle ready piece from 18th/19th century. Looking for a quick buy.
  3. I have recently completed filming a movie for school, on the Kirpan. The movie is going to be 15 minutes in length and is documentary style. As I am the only Sikh in the school I decided that highlighting the importance of the Kirpan to the white people will be important. The idea was warmly received by my classmates and teachers. In the editing stage subtitles will be added to the movie in English. But I have run into 4 problems. 1.) I need footage, an establishing shot, of Darbar Sahib in India showing Sikhs wearing Kirpan. These Sikhs can be anyone from sevadars to Granthis to devotees. 2
  4. Are there any specifications for wearing Kirpans for amritdhari, as in it cannot be rusted etc. My one is a bit rusted, scratched.
  5. For Sale, Is a Wootz Gold Khanjar. With more recent gold work, and slabs. the blade has some pitting on it. Asking Price: £250 NEW PRICE: £200 AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk www.antiquecollectionsuk.blogspot.com I am willing, for a quick sale to sell both gold pesh kabz and khanjer/kirpan for £300 in order to make room for more stock! Thanks
  6. For Sale, a Beautiful Newly Made (looks like an antique, is infact newer) Damascus Pesh Kabz, with Gold Koftgari Work. Very Nice!!! 26cms long - not too big, not to small! Pictures say a thousand words!!!! It is also has this feature of having a small bell king of thing in the handle, which makes a sound, seen im some antiques. Price: £100 including shipping to UK. To buy contact me: AntiqueCollections@Hotmail.co.uk Thanks Jas, AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com Pls Note: The Spear Head on the Blog is now on SALE! for £250!
  7. SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO SIKH SANGAT MEMBERS!!! in panjabi: website deh priceaa(n) goreh vaasteh hun, sikhaa(n) vasteh discount milda ay (around 10%)! out of all sales i also give daswandh! Hey Guys, Just wanted to let everybody know that I have a new Blog spot/Website which I will be selling Antiques from. www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com I will update it regularly, and have got stock which still needs to be put on. I Specialise in Indo Persian Arms, particularly Gold and Silver koftgari pieces, and wootz arms. Comming Soon: Wootz Pesh Kabz with new gold work and swollen t
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