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  1. Firstly, I think British school food should be neutral without any sacred food being served. Also please consider this topic for other countries which may have this issue, possibly Australia? Obviously this isn't a solution for schools in islamic countries! However, as we know, some schools are forcing Halal meat. So why don't we do a positive spin on this? Since some schools are forcing sacred food from one religion onto students. Then why not demand langar in these schools as sikhs require their own sacred food in cases where neutral food is not available? We should seriously
  2. https://says.com/my/news/malkith-singh-malaysian-superhero-sikh Meet Malkith Singh: A Part-Time Clerical Staff And A Full-Time Malaysian Superhero Sikh The 64-year-old man has been cooking food at gurdwaras across the country since 1974. By Sadho Ram — 26 Dec 2021, 06:02 PM — Updated less than a minute ago Cover image via Sadho/SAYS At around 4pm last Sunday, 19 December, this SAYS writer sent out a tweet with a photo of a turbaned man cooking i
  3. I saw a news piece today of well meaning Sikhs providing free langar/aid/shopping to people in southall and slough. Every time i hear of charity and religious groups helping people its always the Sikhs or Christians very rarely I'll see muslims, hindus and buddhists helping non-believers of their faith. Buddhists I don't hear ever doing anything for non-buddhists yet they command a religious following of 500 million+ believers in their ideology. They have 3-4 countries to their name also and generally have a better representation and PR than Sikhs. Afghan sikhs have long complained
  4. So I've been thinking of trading in my car and getting a van. And I had been thinking about setting it up to cook at serve Guru Ka Langar and just serve it wherever the hungry people are so they don't have to come to the Gurudwara unshowered and embarassed and all that. And I heard an advertisement for Uber eats, while I was thinking about said van. And a lot of people make a living doing various platforms like that. Then it hit me. What if you drove the van around doing Uber eats or whatever to fund the Langar? Even a few deliveries would pay gas and buy a substantial amount of Dhal and
  5. Why are there so many scary bossy dominating middle aged women fiercely guarding the kitchens in langar halls? Some of them look really ferocious and look like they can growl and breath fire out from their nostrils! Something needs to be done about this bullying and intimidating behaviour!! I once had one slam a cup of chaa at me years ago! I'm never gnna forget that or that woman's face! Everytime I see her I remember that incident.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/08/dining/free-food-sikh-gundwara-langar.html
  7. Coronavirus. What do we know ? We know the rest of the world is trying to prevent any of it's citizens getting it whereas the UK is actively trying to ensure at least 50% of it's citizens get it. From a purely selfish point of view I'd like to try and keep myself and family safe as per the advice in the rest of the world but from a purely scientific point of view there is great merit in the UK strategy. The answer - long term - is to create an immunity from the virus and the only way to ensure that is to create a herd immunity among the population. That will only come once enough of the pop
  8. Which groups actively help the widows and mothers of shaheed? Which groups currently provide for the Paanth?
  9. Have Gurdwara langar halls become soup kitchens for homeless? I have noticed many roughed up people comming to the gurdwara. Many dont look particularly friendly . Ie I saw some Arabic guy once and also quite a few blacks in southall. Now I know Langar is meant for all regardless of their background.. But many of these guys look like they could do with a wash and some may have been intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. There is one particular white guy that looks completely out of it. Comes to Gurdwara has langar then just hangs around in the langar hall for about 30 minutes ma
  10. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Given that purataan maryada for langar was to never use pattian/gobar as a fuel only wood and kindling from cotton etc , we excused natural gas as it was from 'clean' source i.e. drilled . How does Biogas produced from rotting food fare in this maryada setting ? as SGPC have announced using biogas plants installed at ten gurdwarey .That actually mean rotting food will be delivered and handled at the plants for gas production for langar ON SITE of Gurdwara...is this not beadbhi of Guru ji's darbar with bad smells whilst trumpetting eco -scheme ?
  11. Please support, share and spread the news about this Punjab specific uprala , Thanks
  12. Why are we allowing GOI to dictate how to keep cleanliness in langar , to the extent that sewadars have to attend classes, have GOI inspection of our Langars and then have Guru Nanak Dev ji's langar relabelled as part of a GOI scheme ??? add another other examples that come to mind
  13. In an effort to undermine Guru Nanak Dev ji's concept of Langar and relabelling it as a RSS yojna , the GST on Langar fiasco has hit a new twist the reprieve on Hramandir Sahib is only for two years. http://panthicspectrum.com/2018/06/08/gst-on-langar-vs-sarkari-financial-aid/ http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-gst-spares-langar-but-not-ingredients-2499321 Bascially the tax is collected then if we prove more than 5000 people are served per month then we can apply to get our money back , whether we get it yet remains to be seen . If returned it will be returned under
  14. Having taken my class of children to visit a local gurdwara and wishing myself to learn more about your faith, I would like to attend on a Sunday at the lovely gurdwara we visited. My question: would it be acceptable for me to contribute my own cake/dish to be shared at langar? This would be home-cooked (and with many home-grown ingredients). It would be prepared out of the respect and thanks I have for the wonderful sikh community which welcomed us so freely and lovingly, while providing such a rich educational experience to us all; adults and children alike; when we visited the gurdwara.
  15. Posted on Gurmatbibek. A good article I came across from sikh24.com. Sri Guru Sahib jee started this great tradition off many hundreds of years ago known as Guru-Kaa-Langar where all come to sit together. Why you should sit on the floor while eating Author: Pavitra Sampath In many Indian households you will find that people sit on the floor and eat their meals. While most of us have embraced the table and chair as a place to eat, there are those of us who prefer to sit in front of the TV and/or sit on the bed and eat. While this might be very comfortable, it might not necessarily be the be
  16. AMRITSAR SAHIB – A Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) langar sewadar accidentally fell into container full of boiling water in the kitchen of the Guru Ram Das Langar Hall at Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) on Monday. The victim, Charanjit Singh, 50, of Chattiwind locality working as langari (cook) in the kitchen, received 70 percent burn injuries. While stirring ‘kheer’ on a furnace, Charanjit observed some impure particles of sugar on the surface. When he tried to take out the particles, he lost his balance and fell in the big vessal (karaha). SGPC staff and devot
  17. http://singhstation.net/2017/06/harmandir-sahib-langar-cooking-solar/ AMRITSAR SAHIB – In a bid to reduce air pollution, The SGPC has planned to switch over to solar energy at the Guru Ram Das Langar Hall (community kitchen) soon to cook langar in the world’s largest kitchen at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. At present, at Sri Guru Ramdas Langar Hall, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and wooden sticks are used as fuel for cooking langar for about 60,000 devotees on a daily basis. The number increases during weekends and special occasions. Mumbai-based Enpar Group, a private company, h
  18. As a sewadar was distributing chaai to bibis who had come down in langar hall after doing sukhmani sahib paath , some bibis asked "feeki chaa OR is it meethi chaa" ? it was shocking . It made me feel i am sitting in restaurant . Why can't we just accept what is served in langar as "prasad" and accept it . Why so much of nakhre ? also there are some bibis who don't do anything , but only come down in the end to have tasty snacks someone from the sangat sponsored for that day . I have seen both sikhs and non-sikhs abuse the langar system in sikhism. A hindu guy uploaded a pic with
  19. I just wanted to add this short note on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). The issue of multi-colored variants of a single species leads naturally to the thought, often expressed, that GMOs are not bad because humans have been genetically modifying organisms since forever, and it is through genetic modification that we got different colored carrots. Well, I vehemently disagree! In the case of colored carrots, humans are simply mixing different combinations of already existing genetic information within the carrots through selective breeding. A monster chimera can't come into existence
  20. Hi guys, I'm going to India later this month, and would really like to go to a Gurudwara and have langar. I've got a few questions though. I know that it is meant for needy people that cannot afford a meal. I'm a western man and could afford to pay for a meal. Is it culturally insensitive for me to come along? That's the opposite of what I want to do as I thought it would be a great cultural experience. Is there somewhere that I can donate in the Gurudwara to help? Thanks for any advice, Toby
  21. Guest

    How to open up a gurdwara

    VJKK VJKF ji I have a question how can i open up a new gurdwara in the uk? Where can i buy a bir of the guru in the uk or do i have to get it from india ? And do i have to talk to a sikh council or something? And how much do small gurdwaras usually earn can they afford the bills?
  22. Are Gurdwaras all hygenic in terms of Langar food preperation? ie are there inspectors who check that high standards are kept? Such as hand washing ect and cleansiness.
  23. News Alert: Sikh community distributing Langar and helping rescue victims of the flooding in Chennai. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153151758107791&id=240716567790
  24. Howdy folks. Some of you may have read I work with quite a few Punjabi Sikhs which is fine. Today the ladies all clubbed together and produced a whole load of food for charity, the cause being the Nepalese earthquake. Very touching sentiments and very community spirited. What I really want to say is out of all religions the langar is a real winner. There is nothing like food to bring people together and create a good atmosphere. Brilliant idea and nice to see the tradition is still very much alive and kicking. It's one of the best things in the world. Incidentally how important is spea
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