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  1. Guest

    Interfaith Marriage

    The sikh community worldwide has not more than 30 million adherents. So can we afford to have interfaith marriages.I am no supporter of it but how can we stop it. Sikhism will only stay alive as long as people who profess it stay alive. What are your views on this topic ?
  2. Guest

    Sikh Without Jatha

    VJKK VJKF! I am new to Sikhi and do not have a 'jatha'. I understand there are various jathas that bless their sangat with Amrit, each with their interpretation of the rehat that the baptised should follow. For example, common difference include: Keski v Kes Some allow Amrit to be blessed on those without Amritdhari spouses Only consumption of food prepared by Amritdharis v not eating the 'leftovers' of non-amritdharis - the latter being not concerned with who prepared the food Consumption of tea / coffee v it being forbidden etc etc I have no jatha as mentioned below. In my opinion, givi
  3. Guest

    Looking For A Singhni

    I've seen people posting marriage requests on here so I thought I'd just put this out there.. I'm an amritdhari singh, 24 years old, teacher, height 5'7". I live in the South of England. I'm looking for someone that is amritdhari and wears a keski/dastaar or would consider this. Age-wise any similar age or younger is fine (One or two years older is ok too). I won't add anything more to this post as more details can be shared afterwards. Like most people, I'm looking for someone whose personality I match with, can share a good laugh, and most importantly is looking for a life centered aroun
  4. VJKK VJKF Online sangat Ji, this daas has one beantee. By way of background, I am a Sikh who met a non-sikh partner. We started dating and sometime into the relationship, Guru Sahib did kirpa and gave me the thirst for amrit. I understand and now agree that dating the non-sikh person was not proper. However, it may have been Maharaj Ji who set this khel for me. This person is lovely and has been very supportive in my aspirations. Now, she would like for us to get married and have a family etc. All of which I supported. However, now that I wish to be blessed with amrit, I ask: - will
  5. Guest


    Wjkk wjkf I really need advise I have been talking to a Amrit Dhari Singhni & we get on Preety well our interests & hobbies match. I have never met her it's just chatting on social Media. We both are looking for future marriage partners. We both are Amrit Dhari however our families follow different jathbandis. She's AKJ & I'm Taksall. Do you think this will cause future problems? Does anyone have any experiences & how do we approach our families.
  6. In 2015 there was a lot of media coverage in the UK on the topic of interfaith marriages, this included a number of weddings that were disrupted by protestors. It has all gone very quiet and I am not sure what the final verdict was? Was there any formal communication from the Akaal Takht or another authority that ruled out any mixed marriages? Are gurdwaras still doing mixed marriages? are wedding still being stopped by protesters? Does anyone know what the status is?
  7. Please attend and let others know The date is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  8. Please attend the event and let others know
  9. Sikh marriage Seva event is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  10. Hello all, wjkk wjkf I am 27 years old and male. I would like to discuss about a new phenomenon/orientation that not a lot of people are aware about.... but is completely natural. I want to talk about asexuality. Its an orientation where people do not have any sexual desires towards any gender. Some of them masturbate, others dont. Some are romantic but want to stay away from physical relationships. As a matter of fact I found a sikh girl on AVEN forums (Asexuality forums) as well. Ever since I was in my late teens, I stopped being sexually attracted to women in real world. I am interested
  11. This is just a question I have had in my mind so I thought Id put it out there What is the correct way to meet someone when it comes to marriage in sikhi? Im not ready for marriage yet, I'm in the process of sorting myself out but I've aways wondered that when the time does come, how do I meet someone? Noone in my family is keshdari, my mum doesn't have a big outreach within the community and my dad has never mixed with the sikh sangat so being introduced to someone is out the question for me
  12. Please attend the event and let others know Ji.
  13. Please attend the event and let others know Ji.
  14. Guest

    Marrying Older Girl

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh, the time came that parents found a suitable rishta (gursikh) for me. After a lot of hunting they found a possible victim It all seems to come together according the family, but the thing is..she is older than me. Im 27 and she is 30. Families want us to get to know each other but i am hesitating because i dont know how to approach all this at first. I've always ran away from the marriage topic- never interacted with a girl etc. the second thing is, different ages may suggest different future plans as she might want to start early a family tim
  15. Please attend and the event is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  17. At the beginning of last year (2012), the Sikh Riot Awareness Facebook group posted this video of a Muslim man marrying a Sikh woman in a Gurdwara: https://www.facebook.com/Global.Sikh.Awareness/posts/347505678617592 As you can tell by the comments, most people were not pleased and were angry that this was allowed to take place. (click "view previous comments and go up to the very top). There were even girls that said it was wrong and shouldn't have happened, which surprised me, usually I only hear of men speaking out against this kind of stuff, but a lot of Sikh females were displeased as w
  18. PLEASE ATTEND AND LET OTHERS KNOW BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE BELOW https://www.facebook.com/Sikh-Marriage-Seva-472639092886820/
  19. PLEASE ATTEND AND LET OTHERS KNOW BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE BELOW https://www.facebook.com/Sikh-Marriage-Seva-472639092886820/
  20. Hi I know of an amritdhari Singh who will be getting married for the third time next year. He was married here once and the marriage broke down, he then went to Punjab to get married and again marriage broke down, he will now be getting married for a third time in Punjab next year. He has admitted in the past he is gay but not told his whole family openly. His parents just presume the other women haven't been good enough. I don't know him really well in person, just from afar, I also don't have any details of the girl he will be marrying. What advise can the sangat share?
  21. http://www.sikhnet.com/news/mixed-marriages-our-gurduaras When reading this article written by I.J. Singh and Guruka Singh, i was not sure if it was about who can enter the Gurdwara and what the Catholics have done around marriage issues in the past or mixed marriages being allowed in the Gurdwara. The title of the article is “Mix Marraiges in our Gurdwaras”, but only a very small portion of the article gives a patronizing view of those who view mixed marriages in Gurdwaras as wrong. Instead they are shaming and pointing the finger to allow others into the Gurdwara. I believe they should h
  22. Has there been any marriages between the two? I think afghan sikh girls are good looking :excited:
  23. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-british-sikh-men-trying-to-stop-women-marrying-outside-their-religion-a6679001.html The British Sikh men trying to stop women marrying outside their religion Britain’s Sikhs, long seen as a minority success story, are plagued by a faction of young men ‘defending’ their vision of the culture – and seeking to impose their views by attacking the nuptials of women who marry ‘out’ Sunny Hundal Sunday 4 October 2015 14:27 BST 70 comments
  24. Hi I am hoping that you can give me some advice on this topic. I've developed feelings for a guy I've known my whole life, he feels the same way. We want to get married but the only problem is that his Dad and my Dad are from the same village back in India. How much of a problem will this be and why? I don't fully understand the issue as we live in the UK and we don't have the same surname. We've been friends for years and this is a much deeper emotional connection (not based on lust - as that's where we agreed to draw the line). We have tried to forget each other several times but this
  25. I am a sikh women and I cannot find anyone to marry me. I don't remove my hair and sikh men don't like that even though they keep their own hair. Sikh males have a female hair phobia. I absolutely adore my bodily hair because I feel free. By this I mean that I feel like I am the only person who knows the truth that all women grow hair and I can fully accept myself in my natural form. Not many women (actually none) like themselves with hair. I would like to add that I do not do my eyebrows, upper lip or facial hair. To me it means something hugely special to have hair because it means I have no
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