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Found 3 results

  1. I noticed a growing number of 3rd/4th generation kids who grew up going to Ravidasia Gurdwaras and Sangat converting on mass. All my peers that I went to school with wouldn't call themselves Sikhs, but then were ridiculed even by Goray for not knowing what religion if anything they were... Some called themselves Hindu but a sister from the same family would be Sikh. This confusion I feel has been exploited by Muslims, Christians etc who have targeted people who practice something that has no real structure, interpretations or offical name? It's literally different from each Bhawan to Gurdwara to Centre/Temple. I'd rather these people stay somewhat connected to Sikhi, but it looks like thier families and parents and continuing in this trajectory of separating from Sikhi but take thier kids into no man's land with no logic or sense. Which then gets exploited by the Dawah givers who quote bani back to them and point out how thier parents and community themselves don't follow the scriptures they attach themselves too, or have any real history as a organised religion. Surely, those Ravidasia people living in the UK atleast can see what this is doing to thier kids? When you even look at thier sangat, it's older people, hardly any youth because I genuinely think they don't want to associate with the Bhavans (or whatever they call them). Anyone from the community on this forum? Where is your head at? Surely you see what I see?
  2. I run a page on facebook and want to do an article on Ravidassias. Who they are etc. Can anyone please tell me about them and why they are copying Sikh traditions such as Jaikara and Nishaan Sahib and changing it to their own style? Why Sachkhand Ballan rejected Guru Granth Sahib Ji and only uses Bhagat Ravidassi's bani. Why they view him as Guru and no one else? The history of Bhagat Ravidass and Gurbani. And what our Gurus have said about him.
  3. I have recently come across a Ravidassia website which points quite a lengthy finger at Sikhs. I just want to know whether Dera Sach Khand Ballan is the official representative of the community or not? And if they the entire community breakaway from Sikhi what will happen?
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