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Found 3 results

  1. (i) Read one or more pages of SGGS and listen to as much kirtan as possible. (ii) Eat only to support the body and not for the fun of it - (oni duniya tore bandhna ann pani thora khaya), also making sure no sentient being was hurt for my taste buds. (iii) Right after waking - first thing 5 -10 minutes of simran(iv) Khalsa should be tyar bartryar - simple home workout - 3 sets of pushups, squats and leg raises - our body is a shastar too afterall (v) Not engage in meaningless gossip only use words to inspire joy in others (no fikka bolna) -Lab lob ahankar taj trishna , bahuta nahi bolna (vi) Minimize use of electronics (especially cell phone) - they steal our precious breaths like none other (vii) Give away clothes, electronics , furniture etc that I do not need and live minimally (viii) Sponsor underprivileged children and help them realize their dreams. (ix) Educate people about virtues of simple living, simple weddings (x) Drop castist surnames if you still use them and discard all baggage of this evil brahmanical practice - our gurus fought hard to bring equality to all and we blinded by our egos, have undone all their good work.
  2. Sat Sri Akal Sangat, Here I am to discuss a very important issue, Most of you must have gone through the answers to the question "What is the funniest sardar joke you've heard?" on www.quora.com. I had also gone through and I felt bad, as a huge social platform like quora was being used to shame Sikhs. Some people may say , it is "fun", but targeting a particular religion in public like this is not acceptable. Anyway, I happened to edit the question(which Quora allows). However, the person who had posted the question reframed it to the same again; I edited it again and this process continued for sometime. After that I mailed quora-moderation to take action against this question. The other person must have also mailed them to check why someone (me, I was anonymous) repeatedly editing the question. I did get a message from quora saying that it is not okay to edit any question in this way, also, Quora removed all the joke answers from the question. But still the question is there; the moderation team has reframed it to "What are some Sardar Jokes?". It has also mentioned some strict guidelines which the answers, if any, must adhere to. Two or three new answers(jokes)had been posted but they were removed as they didn't meet the guidelines. Although Quora will be strictly observing the joke answers now, and would remove them if they are actually demeaning the religion, but still, I feel that the presence of the question itself is unacceptable. Why should such a question be allowed on a big social platform like Quora, which is meant for knowledge and awareness sharing? Here is the link to the reframed question : http://www.quora.com/What-are-some-Sardar-jokes All the members here, I would request you to go to this link and downvote and report this question. If a sufficient number of downvotes is reached, Quora will be forced to remove it. Also please write a formal email to this email id : tatiana@moderation.quora.com, explaining that this question is hurting religious sentiments and should be removed. ] Please show unity and do this ! Thank You :-)
  3. http://www.mysmsbook.com/insulting_sms/full-form-singh/ this is the website link and a screen shot of that website.watch this full form of singh.eh sade guruan di v insult hai.....can you please take action against this....please.... :angry2:
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