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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Thanks for being dishonest in every way you conduct yourselves. The word fudu and pendu has been used countless times by poster @dallysingh101. Never once was he placed on quality control. This double standard will continue because you guys are shameless. I know one of you will blame a single mod for it. But this has been going on for more than a decade and none of you have fixed the issue. Instead you guys use it as an excuse for your double standard. For that reason I will call all of you fudus; its just a colorful word to say how incompetent your team is. Like it or not but there is no better way to say it. I salute you with a capital F.
  2. Imagine for one moment you're a Mod on a discussion forum. Now, you'd think as a Mod of the site you'd have the best interest of the forum at heart. But no. Imagine you're a strange Mod that wants to do things to harm the very forum you're tasked with protecting and growing. What would be the best ways of causing such harm ? We'll reach our top ten by the end of the year but lets start with number 10 and countdown: 10) When a Guest posts something on a really hot subject that's creating a lot of interest....deliberately hold back on posting that message for a good few days. This will ensure (i) the message becomes meaningless, (ii) the thread in question dies quickly and painfully for lack of input and (iii) the forum dies a slow and painfull death. Number 9 tomorrow (as the Mods will wait until the thread goes to page 3 before they post it)
  3. Is there a way to hide every members IP address from external entities?
  4. Admin please check this out. I think my ID has been hacked. Im saying this because I've noticed something strange in the likes I gave a user, and now today those likes are not there. I did not unlike those posts, that I had liked before or another member, that's been here a while, on the forum. I still haven't checked the other posts I liked, but only one member I've noticed it's happened with. And for everyone else, check everything you like, if they still show. Admin: what is the next step for me and those that think there's something strange going on? There's definitely something going on, and can you check your security measures, thanks. I'm not sure if it's safe to log on ? Also sending a copy of this to your inbox.
  5. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh As most of you know that we were down for almost one week because someone hacked into our server on two occasions. It was not an automatic bot attack but actual person who was managed to get into our server and gave one of his id (never posted publicly) it's own admin access. We decided to check on our forum security due to recent spam postings and we found the hacks that happened last month. We pulled our forum down and did the clean sweep, updated the software and screened the database. We encourage our members to change their password as soon as they can just to be on safe side. Further discussion, please click here. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  6. Why doesn't the Admin ban Users when someone reports them, recently I just reported a user for being rude and disrespectful and insulting me as a human being under the Username: "Kheerja", you can see the topic right here: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/72857-punjabi-mix-marriage/page-6 I am making this topic because the Admin and the Mods havent banned the users because I reported them. I am saying this because I am not going to just allow continual disrespect and people being rude to each other, also I'm not afraid if Admin try to lock this topic as it shows what side their on, also I'm not afraid if this topic gets me blocked as my first loyalty should be to Guru Sahib himself.
  7. Guest


    Why do my posts that question the admins get deleted? Why do my posts get deleted? Why can't you guys answer anything? Are the people on this forum not allowed to speak freely without the fear that what we wrote will be taken down? What's the difference between what y'all are doing and what India does to Sikhs by limiting free speech? Or what's the difference between you guys and Aurangzeb? You delete posts that don't fit into your agenda and allow what you like.. Now I bet you will delete this post again but don't worry cause I will keep on posting this up again and again and again... Guru gobind Singh Ji da sher will not be silenced.
  8. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH ADMIN ji, benti, can we please put a ban on racist language. Terms such as "p*ki" etc which seem to be used on the regular on this forum. In the same other profane terms are banned, can a ban be applied to these racist terms please? * P*ki: Chiefly British Offensive Slang. Used as a disparaging term for a person of Pakistani or South Asian birth or descent. The term may be used amongst people of Pakistani decent, however, what right does that give us to use the term? And those who do use it in a derogatory manner, are only associating themselves with those people. As a Sikh forum, one of very few, this platform for healthy discussion attracts people from all walks of life. Sikhs wanting to further their knowledge of Sikhi and non-Sikhs wanting to gain an understanding of Sikhs and Sikhi, respectively. Currently, there are two discussions where profane language is being used. Is this the image we want to create of Sikhs and Sikhi alike? There are children using this site. Yes, this is a forum and therefore discussions can not always be restricted. However, in the same way that other profanity is banned, words such as the "F" word etc, racist terms should also be banned. In the end, it comes down to us, the users of this amazing platform, to watch what we say. In an ideal world, Admin would not need to ban any words. We must ask ourselves, is this what we have been taught by our Guru Sahib? And is this the image we want to create of ourselves? We are Sikhs. Children of our father, Dasam Pita, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj. Pul chuk muaf ji WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH
  9. Sorry for the insults, etc. I will be more polite and check myself twice before I make a post. I thought it was an 'open' forum but I see that there are rules to it. I don't mean to sound sarcastic either, just I'll try to put my words in a different way. Or just stay off it, and do things in other ways for the panth. Hope mod sees this and forwards to whoever. VJKVJF
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