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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, I'll try to keep this brief but I'm basically posting this for those in need of help in relation to alcohol/drugs/addiction with the aim of helping those in need. My story in a nutshell: I grew up in your typical punjabi cultured family. My mum has always been spiritual and dad has always been a drinker. My mum had me going to the Gurdwara from a young age and the knowledge has always been instilled within me. Unfortunately, as I grew older my crowd changed. I did well in terms of achieving a degree and a good job but I had also drank heavily during my uni years and star
  2. It literally looks like those apocalyptic movies, but its real! Its sad, I feel for these people ... Is this what the future will look like ? the more we go into Kalyug.
  3. The tragic story of the actress Vimi. This actress was in the famous dharmic Punjabi movie "Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai" she was the lead actress. She was born into a Sikh family, went against her parents and married an industrialist. Her dream was to become a Bollywood actress and through her husbands connections met some Bollywood directors at fancy parties. Her in-laws were against her getting into movies as it would damage the families reputation, but she went against her in-laws and made a movie. Her husband was supportive of her. But she wasn't a great actress and didn't receive many offer
  4. I am a 28 year old Sikh girl. I used to drink alcohol but I quit, I used to eat meat but I quit. I feel bad eating animals now and I know in our religion it’s preferred I don’t eat meat. I have never ever treated someone unequally or have had ego problems. I do my work honestly and help the community. I have a soft heart. I just really regret some decisions I made before which makes me feel like I’ll be put in an endless cycle again. I lost my virginity before marriage and I’ve been regretting it everyday. I don’t know how I can make up for this or what I can do to better practice my religion.
  5. .....and India show Punjabis/Sikhs as the drunkards
  6. Vaheyguru ji Ka Khalsa vaheyguru ji ki Fateh Ottawa Gurudewara Managment is allowing Nidar Nang to hold his classes on Gurudewara premises. He will be there in person on December 6,7, and 8. Called Gurus Banie is plagiarized from Rishies and Guru were impotent, Sikhs History is fabricated. Dasam Pita ji were worshipper of Shiva, typical RSS. His pictures with RSS and training them are available. Had confronted him in the past for his Koor parchar and being under the influence of alcohol at Gurudewara premises. His chalay regularly hold classes in Gurudewara with management
  7. Guest

    accidentaly drank alcohol

    Yesterday, I went to a school party. At the bar i asked for non-alcoholic drink as I am amritdhari, But I was accidentaly given a beer containing 5% alcohol. I swear to God, I didn't like the taste and after tasting it i threw it away. Just after that, people started telling that I was turning red and i also felt myself uncomfortable. maybe because i hadn't eaten anything earlier. My question is that is accidental or minimal consumption of alcohol a sin? Will i have to present myself in front of the 5 pyare and get rebaptised again? are non-alcohol beers also prohibited?
  8. Guest

    Alcohol in products

    Wjkk wjkf, I just wanted to know what are your guys thoughts on large amount of products having alcohol in them like toothe pastes, to facial clears to body sprays and moisturizers, should a Sikh use them in their everyday life?
  9. Thought id share this video as I just come across it after being at a wedding this weekend. Im guessing many peeps on this site dont drink or do drugs but if you do, this is a good watch
  10. Waheguru ji gave us free choice now he's making sure we start following rehit of dropping intoxicants http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/human-gene-stop-drinking-alcohol-evolution-addiction-intolerance-health-development-a8221186.html?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh It has recently come to my notice that vanilla essence and/or vanilla extract (which is a widely used product in ice creams, chocolates, cookies, cereals, etc.) contains alcohol/ethanol. Vanilla extract is made with vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water. So, is it ok from Amritdharis to consume foods that contain vanilla essence?
  12. Is there a way gurbani can help? what path should I do? I do chaupai sahib everyday due to the time crunch. I do try to do simram but not sure if I do it right. Nothing seems to be helping. I used to be so connected with baba ji and would like to get that connection back but don’t know how now? thank you
  13. Guest

    Alcohol & Anxiety/Depression

    I recently started drinking after never really drinking at all. I have noticed that I get some anxiety after drinking. I dont know if its connected but since I started drinking I have a low mood. Anyone experience negative effects if alcohol. When I have stopped for about a weej. I notice I feel alot better.
  14. This makes me laugh because it subtle touches on a white elephant in the Sikh room. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4514688/Boris-Johnson-blunders-election-trail.html
  15. 1 in 3 of us will have to face cancer in our lives. None of us should face cancer alone, and with your support no one will. Drug and Alcohol abuse in Punjab has also reached epidemic proportions. Lions MMA are looking to address the Cancer, Drugs and Alcohol issues both here in the UK and in Punjab. How can you get involved? Why not join Lions MMA on 24th Oct 2015 and participate in a 5k fun run or 2.5k walk to raise funds. The run/walk is designed for all ages to take part, no matter how old or young. For further information please contact info@lionsmma.net or register at www.lionsmma.n
  16. As per the India religious census data of 2011, released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner on Tuesday, the total population of India back in 2011 was 1.21 billion people. Currently in 2015 the population of India is estimated to be just under 1.3 billion people. In 2011, the Hindu population was 966.3 million (79.8 per cent); Muslim 172.2 million (14.2 per cent); Christian 27.8 million (2.3 per cent); Sikh 20.8 million (1.7 per cent); Buddhist 8.4 million (0.7 per cent); Jain 4.5 million (0.4 per cent), Other religions & persuasions (ORP) 7.9 million (0.7 per cent), religi
  17. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I watched a Katha on Rehat Maryda And he said that we should eat anything that been touch with person using tabaco, and we should have a full bath after coming into contact with tabaco. The problem is: 1) I go uni and being veg as well my food choices are limited, is it still ok if i eat outside. I can't really eat cold food because it gets stuck in my throat easily. 2) My dad drinks alcohol, he touches the roti thing after he drinks and he also washes my clothes (I study so I don't really have that much time), sometimes he has a glass out whi
  18. Submit your vote above. Discuss below.
  19. Guest

    Going To A Party?!

    My best friend for the whole of high school is having a sweet 16th party. I know that they will be drinking and smoking weed which I know will ring alarm bells in our heads. But it wont be the same if I dont go. So should I go but not do anything bad and be the 'designated driver'. Its his special day but I really dont want to get mixed in with the wrong crowd. What should I do sangat ? Please help
  20. Guest

    Craving Alcohol

    I used to be a mona sikh. I used to go clubbing and drinking a couple of times a month, however I never drank at home, I only used to drink if I was going to a club. I always had a belief in Sikhi. Whenever I hit a tough time in my life I would go to the gurdwara more often and pray to god. When times were good I would stop going to the gurdwara and question if god exists. I was off work for nearly two years due to an injury that was difficult to diagnose. During those two years I hit many lows, got depressed and wondered if I would ever get better. One day I was so low that I bowed in front
  21. Guest


    Sat sri akal sangat I am really confused, I came from a pre wedding party today and to see how many men in dastars who were off their rocker indulging in whiskey but the topic on the table was smoking is bad (which i understand) but not a bad word of sharab?, it really fueled me Because in my eyes they are not worthy how having a dastar or being a singh alltogether, they made it out as if the more you drink the more of a shere u are why this mentality? I regret not kicking off
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