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  1. << The Amritvela Challenge >> Dear everybody, welcome to the Amritvela Challenge. There is so much suffering in the world. To alleviate this, the source of life, the universe and creation, manifested themselves in the form of our Guru's to show the world a path to eternal peace and freedom that lies within each of us. To walk this path, our Guru's instructed us to rise in the golden hours of the morning and seek connection to that source through remembrance and bhagti (devotion). Through connection our pains will be lifted and we'll become truly strong. However, our mind's have been improsined by the forces of Maya, an entity which has mastered the power of illusion to imprison the mind's of all beings in the world. These forces will do their best to block us from connecting to the source as connection will free us completely from their rule. Maya will send its great warriors after us who we'll need to be ready to face. I invite everybody to join in on this journey, the path is open to all. Let's walk on this path together so that our chances of success are higher. Rules: 1. Getup everyday at amrtivela and try to connect with the source through simran, nitnetm, meditation etc.. Amritvela let's say is before 6am, so you should be starting your routine by 6 am. Try to pick one time that you can be consistent with and stick to it. If you can't get up at the time you pick, maybe get up later then over time getup a little earlier. 2. Post your streak daily, so that we can all keep each other accountable and uplift/motivate each other as a sangat. 3. If you miss one day, reset the streak to 0 and start again (don't feel guilty or beat yourself up, aim to improve more for next time). 4. Optional rule - Add the challenge to your profile signature. To do so, login and go to the top right corner and click your profile name and go under account settings and you should see the signature tab. Once there, you can Copy/Paste "(insert current streak here) IN THE AMRITVELA CHALLENGE" Notes: Let me know if there's anything you'd like to change about this challenge now or in the future. I made this so that we can actually support each other in getting up at amrtivela and make that a lifetime routine. This is a foundational routine that will totally change our lives for the better if we could be consistent enough. Not only would our spiritual lives change, but it would also transform your worldly life as a side effect. Imagine if you worked out after your routine then had a good breakfast, you would be fully charged for your day spiritually and physically. Then you could would be able to be very productive for the rest of the day and get a lot done and you'd build this positive cycle to compound your growth over time. This is probably the hardest habit to build but also the most rewarding. An idea I was thinking of was we could add ranks to be milestones for how many days you went as a fun incentive to keep going. So like 10 days could be a rank, then 20, 30, 60, 90 etc. I didn't know what to actually make the rank titles or descriptions. If you guys have ideas for that let me know.
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