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Found 3 results

  1. SSA all, 15 years ago I found 2 miniature paintings in an old fort. They are on paper that is 2-4 inches in height and width , with glass on top that is meant to protect them. They are now very old and the paper needs to be restored/protected. One of them is with Guru Gobind Singh Ji on a horse and the other one is of Guru Nanak with Sidhs and Pirs [more than 9 people so probably not of the Gurus]. Question of the art and history aficionados what is the earliest depiction of the Guru's in the above manner? Here are some dates regarding the fort/people that I found them in: http://members.iinet.net.au/~royalty/ips/families/jalawalia.html
  2. While travelling through pakistan i came across these scriptures (pics attached) , can someone help me here with identifying these ? Are these of any historical or spiritual value to Sikhism ? (These are currently not in my possession, but with some Pakistani antique dealer) would it be worth getting these from him ? Any help translating these would be much appreciated !!
  3. SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO SIKH SANGAT MEMBERS!!! in panjabi: website deh priceaa(n) goreh vaasteh hun, sikhaa(n) vasteh discount milda ay (around 10%)! out of all sales i also give daswandh! Hey Guys, Just wanted to let everybody know that I have a new Blog spot/Website which I will be selling Antiques from. www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com I will update it regularly, and have got stock which still needs to be put on. I Specialise in Indo Persian Arms, particularly Gold and Silver koftgari pieces, and wootz arms. Comming Soon: Wootz Pesh Kabz with new gold work and swollen tip, Dhals, Khanjar - Bichuaa (on ebay atm) - arrow with full shafts - also have a few newly made pieces. Already on the Site: Rare and unique Spear Head, Gold and Silver WOOTz Pesh Kabz, Gold Tulwaar. The Dagger was Sold a few days ago. All info is on the site, any offers/purchases please contact me: antiquecollections@hotmail.co.uk, payment can be via Paypal, Bank Transfer - and I have a EBAY account, to sell through. Thanks, Jas Antique Collections Blog: www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com PhotoBucket: http://s1106.photobucket.com/home/AntiqueCollections/index Ebay: AntiqueCollectionsUK Paypal: AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk
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