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Found 22 results

  1. Here's some quality modern Sikh art I've discovered recently. I would have posted it here but it seems laborious to do this again. Anyway, I hope some people enjoy. https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/22372-random-modern-sikh-art/
  2. Some nice contemporary art. It's like a blend of comic book art and traditional Indian art.
  3. I clicked these pics is December 2021. Found this right on the side of the main inner entrance at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. Seems to be a picture of a Yogi. Looks totally out of place and suspicious. Would be grateful if anybody who knows the "why", "how", and "when" of this, could share their knowledge. Thanks!
  4. Puratan Sikh art Different depictions of guru gobind singh ji
  5. Puratan Sikh art from Gurdwara Baba Atal rai. The artwork was done by Jaimal Singh Naqash and Mehtab Singh Naqash. "Naqash" means artist. These two artists also did artwork at Harmandir sahib and at Gurdware in Baba Bakala Art from Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai depicting Guru Nanak Dev jis Janamsakhi Gach and Tukri work done by Mehtab Singh Naqash on the ceiling at Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai
  6. Painting of Guru Arjan Dev Ji hunting, 1760. Early painting of Guru Arjan Dev Ji from the Sikh Misl period. Its so different to how Guru Ji is painted in the art of our times, as a saintly figure, while in this 18th century painting Guru Sahib is depicted as a warrior hunting with a falcon on his hand. So different! I would of thought it was Guru Gobind Singh ji or Guru Hargobind ji. Perhaps this is how Guru Arjan Dev ji was seen in the 18th century? interesting.
  7. I went to this exhibition in London, was amazing, saw this painting and the sketch too.
  8. Painting of Harmandir Sahib by artist William Carpenter 1854, looks like a watercolour. It is quite a different looking isn't it compared to Harmandir Sahib today. There is a Singh doing prakash of Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj out in the open, a random bull in the parkarma, i guess it was drinking water from the sarovar, some pigeons drinking water from from big bowls. There is also someone with their top of by the sarovar, not sure if its male/female. Where Singh is doing prakash of Guru Maharaj there also are two Singh grinding something, bhang? very different ...
  9. Hey guys! I recently started redecorating my room and I wanted to put some art up. I got a picture of Guru Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji but I wanted to also get a picture of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji too, does anyone have a website where i can order it from? I tried ebay but found none.
  10. Really beautiful painting of Guru Nanak Dev ji done by talented artist Gurpreet Singh i really like these modern paintings of Guru jis they focus less on the face (which is good) and more on the overall character and atmosphere, they also use space more creatively. Artists in our community are not appreciated. video of live painting.
  11. This seems to be a common motif in puratan Sikh art. I'm pretty sure iv read a translation of gurbani about the Deer fleeing away from the Tiger. Think the Deer represent ego/pride while the tiger represents the destroyer of ego/pride. interesting At Hazur Sahib Hazur Sahib Bottom right corner, at Hazur Sahib very old photo of Harmandir Sahib taken by the British. you can see the same image at the bottom right corner. A lot of the old marble has been removed at Harmandir Sahib so i i dont know if its still there. Maharaja Ranjit Singhs sword Shield from Sikh empire
  12. WJKK WKJF I am interested in drawing / illutrating Gurbani but im a bit worried about what to do with it after. For example if i create some art with Gurbani on it how can I dispose of it, i dont want to throw it in the rubbish.
  13. Just art in general, museums, paintings, movies, interesting photos .... is it considered maya or does it have a place in Sikhi ...?
  14. Guest

    Sikhi and Artwork

    VJKK VJKF I thought it would be good to put the artwork that I have done to good use and share with the sangat. I am not putting these pictures up for any ego related reason it's just that I had these pieces that I did and they could inspire others. VJKK VJKF
  15. What's the reason that we have not been able to cultivate an original culture based on Sikh values, yet have continued to propagate Punjabi culture which is a hodge-podge of foreign culture given an identity by the Mughal Jehangir? Why have we not developed any meaningful or impactful pieces of art that reflect Sikh values? Why have Sikhs made no innovation or strides in science or business? What are we lacking or missing that prevents our community to have intellectuals?
  16. SSA all, 15 years ago I found 2 miniature paintings in an old fort. They are on paper that is 2-4 inches in height and width , with glass on top that is meant to protect them. They are now very old and the paper needs to be restored/protected. One of them is with Guru Gobind Singh Ji on a horse and the other one is of Guru Nanak with Sidhs and Pirs [more than 9 people so probably not of the Gurus]. Question of the art and history aficionados what is the earliest depiction of the Guru's in the above manner? Here are some dates regarding the fort/people that I found them in: http://members.iinet.net.au/~royalty/ips/families/jalawalia.html
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-ouch-26193704 At the age of 38, artist Raj Singh Tattal was unemployed and depressed. Then he received a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and everything changed. Singh Tattal - also known as the "Pen-Tacular-Artist" now finally understands his obsessive tendency to draw pictures for hours on end. It is a common symptom of the autism spectrum disorder. He has learned to let the condition drive his creativity, and this year he has four exhibitions lined up in his hometown, London. In an interview with Ouch, Singh Tattal talks about his obsessions, support networks and being part of the Sikh community. I'm very obsessive. Where other people might take a month, each of my drawings takes four days” How does Asperger's Syndrome affect you? I'm very obsessive. Where other people might take a month, each of my drawings takes four days. I'm very reclusive as well - I probably spend 95% of the time by myself. I don't really like change. I haven't been out of London for 12 years, I have multiple pairs of the same trainers and I've eaten baked beans every day for 20 years. Some of this stuff sounds quite trivial, but over time it starts annoying people around you. When I'm at home I don't sit with my family in the living room and have only started eating downstairs to try and make an effort. People used to think I was depressed because I was in my room but actually I was depressed when I had to leave it. I started drinking over the years to try and fit in with people and have had friends in the past, but at the moment I have zero friends. I don't drink, I just draw - and I am the happiest I've ever been. How has your life changed since the diagnosis? Once I got diagnosed, I decided to change my lifestyle. Rather than use my obsessive nature on silly things like games or films, I decided to focus on drawing. Drawing used to be a passion, but you hadn't drawn for 11 years until your diagnosis. Why? I have such an obsessive nature that when I draw, I don't just do it now and then, I put in ridiculous hours. That's not very good for looking for work or trying to work, so I had to stop. When I started again, I decided to go full force. I've been practising drawing for 14 months in my room. I knew the standard I wanted to get to and now that I'm there, I'm happy to show my work to people. What are your drawings like? They are all black and white, graphite and charcoal drawings. I don't do one particular subject. I've done a lot of comic-based drawings and I'm doing some artwork on emotions, people in distress. It's not because I'm a morbid person but because I've gone through a really dark space. I relate to the sad ones. What's it like being a Sikh on the spectrum? I've been going to my support group for a year and I've only ever met one other Asian person. That's not because Asian people don't have Asperger's Syndrome, It's because Asian people tend to cover it up. It's not something they really talk about. If I was from a white English family, people would have picked up my symptoms very young because I was a typical Asperger's kid. I'm now slowly telling my relatives - who I don't even know because I'm so reclusive. I've started talking to them over Facebook because I want to make an effort now. What do you gain by going to a support group? I've always hated myself, because I'm a pretty intelligent guy - I managed to get myself a degree - but after so many problems, I started to think that I was a failure. People make you feel like you're a bad person because you can't do certain things. Going (to the support group), you see people who are similar to you and you realise that they're really good people. It makes you look at yourself in a different way. I would recommend anybody who's on the spectrum - or even thinks they are - just to turn up. Even if you are depressed, it is nice and comforting to speak to other people who can give you advice and help you out. Why did you give a present to your local Sikh temple? When you start a new career, you normally give a gift. The present is a drawing of the Sikh's 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He has the heart of a saint and the body of a warrior and I've always aspired to be like that
  18. Hey everyone, I'm pretty bored and I figured I could start a signature thread. Basically, like my signature, that picture with the lion and gursikh10, I can make you your own customized one. Just copy and paste this form and ill post your finished signature: Text on signature: Pictures of anything: Name: Specific colors: Other: :biggrin2:
  19. I am sure the Nihungs would have had a system of unarmed combat, after all they were warriors and what if someone sneaked up on them or they were wihout shastar or had no time to use a kirpan. And I am sure someone somewhere will know what is it and how effective it is. Please share your thoughts on this topic and lets not argue esepcially since some people start slagging of or approving of Niddar Singh.
  20. The title is possibly a little misleading, I'm not advertising an ebay auction (if the mods and sangat dont mind i may do shortly). Just wanted an opinion from veer n pehn ji's. I have a relative in punjab in who is a pretty brilliant artist (in my view), he sells some of his sikhi related artwork in the local town for pittance and this is generally his way of feeding the family. I was thinking of listing some of oil paintings and sketches on ebay as I'm sure if there are plenty of people like me out there that would like high quality work such his for very reasonable prices - at the same time he'll make a more comfortable living. Before I go ahead and list some of his images on ebay I wanted to know if I'm likely to face any kind of a backlash or if theres even a market for artwork? His artwork is generally of gurdware or modified reproductions of the images of guru's in the mainstream.
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