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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Over the years I have personally struggled with not having any sexual desires or feelings. I used to naively think because I did so much simran as a child I have destroyed all my kaam but I have recently come to understand Asexuality (no kaamy thoughts). I have never seen women or anything in a lustful way, now I am in my late 20s alot of people suspect I'm gay or there is something wrong with me as I join in zero conversations regarding these matters or even acknowledge the opposite gender and put off talk of marriage. I am content in living my own life and not getting married etc. Is there any historical context or guidance people have? I cant be the first one! Apparently its statistical more prevalent with woman but they just go through marriage etc as its an expected social norm, is that an inevitable fate for me?
  2. Hello all, wjkk wjkf I am 27 years old and male. I would like to discuss about a new phenomenon/orientation that not a lot of people are aware about.... but is completely natural. I want to talk about asexuality. Its an orientation where people do not have any sexual desires towards any gender. Some of them masturbate, others dont. Some are romantic but want to stay away from physical relationships. As a matter of fact I found a sikh girl on AVEN forums (Asexuality forums) as well. Ever since I was in my late teens, I stopped being sexually attracted to women in real world. I am interested in them, but the idea of marriage and/or sex intimidates me. Especially in India nowadays, feminism and women power is being abused tremendously. Marriage in itself honestly is a business transaction. Men get married coz they want either sex, or hopefully a servant, or a child, or because marriage is a symbol of maturity. Women want to get married coz log kya kahenge, to get 'freedom', children etc etc. Girls parents literally 'sell' her daughter to the highest salaried person. I have not found one woman I can respect in a loving way. Moreover, almost all indians get married and have tons of kids. We are not dinosaurs who will become extinct. I hate my surroundings and how dirty it is. I dont want to bring my child into this depressed corrupt environment. I was on singhstreetstyle facebook page and made a few comments against 'marriage'. It doesnt mean that I hate married people. Are there any seekh or quotes that suggest that one should get married as a rule? I couldnt find one. I am a virgin and want to stay that way. I see almost every 11 year old having 'banda' and 'bandi' and kissing. I just cant imagine being in that state.
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