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Found 17 results

  1. https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/pakistan-deploys-paramilitary-troops-after-muslim-mob-attacks-hindu-temple-over-blasphemy-row Muslim mob attacks Hindu temple in Pakistan after eight-year-old boy allegedly urinates on library floor Paramilitary forces deployed after local police fail to protect the religious shrine KABIR JHALA 6th August 2021 10:59 BST MORE Ganesha temple in Bhong was attacked on Wednesday
  2. As sad as this is, I'm not surprised. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/at-least-11-killed-as-gunmen-attack-gurudwara-in-kabul-afghanistan-reports-local-media-2200403
  3. Guest

    Singh attacked in Leeds

    You must have all seen the video from Leeds of brutal attack on a defenceless Sikh lad. Can anyone provide update on what is happening? I’m not talking about the Singh - I know he’s being supported. I’m interested in the attacker. This was a brutal attack carried out by 15 year old Hashir Khan of Leeds. The video clearly shows at least 6 direct punches to the head/face. It is absolutely in the public interest that this thug be locked up for a long time. Parents from same school are reporting their kids have been punched by same thug. Any criminal lawyers in our sangat who can help make su
  4. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/9845086-181/sikh-priest-says-he-was Sikh priest says he was attacked by masked person in Stanislaus County home HUGHSON — A priest at a Sikh temple in Central California says he was assaulted by a masked person who told him to go back to his country, the Modesto Bee reports . Through interpreters, Amarjit Singh says the attacker broke two windows, punched him and shouted obscenities about 9:30 p.m. Thursday before fleeing, the newspaper reports.
  5. Waheguru! Why was such a valuable site taken down? Does anyone have any information on why it was taken down? I have found an archive of the site if anyone wants to access it: https://web.archive.org/web/20180512020112/http://www.neverforget84.com/
  6. Looks like things don't change in the 'Land of the Free' http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/sikh-uber-driver-passenger-gunpoint_us_5a85e21ae4b004fc319027dc Sikh Uber Driver Claims Passenger Pulled Gun On Him, Said, 'I Hate Turban People' Gurjeet Singh says he is traumatized, the Sikh Coalition reports. By Carol Kuruvilla SIKH COALITION Gurjeet Singh, a Sikh religious leader from Illinois, claims he was assaulted while driving for Uber in January. A Sikh Uber driver c
  7. https://www.sikh24.com/2017/09/28/attack-on-uk-sikh-political-activist-and-tv-presenter/#.Wc4-uWhSzIU BIRMINGHAM, UK—A Sikh activist, Avtar Singh Khanda, was attacked yesterday, by two men in Birmingham. One man got away whilst the other was caught at the scene by Police, who arrived soon after incident. It is unclear what the motive behind the attack may have been. However, many people are stipulating that the motives are suspicious and an attack to silence Mr Khanda. Avtar Singh Khanda has been vocally critical of the Indian state for genocidal crimes and human rights abuses a
  8. Sikh24 reported that Gurdwaras were opening their doors to Manchester jihadi attack victims, and also Sikh cabbies were giving free rides to victims. No biggie, right? Wrong. It seems that at least some Muslims and their sympathizers were upset at highlighting this fact. Check out this tweet by a Sikh about Sikh cabbies giving free rides: https://mobile.twitter.com/SinghLions/status/866930974369632256/photo/1 @dineshjoshi70 applauds @SinghLions and says: Gurudwaras worldwide are messengers of humanity . So are the Sikhs
  9. JAMMU & KASHMIR (May 2, 2015)—Situation turned tense after the local Brahmin Sabha forcibly tried to take possession of Gurdwara Sahib Singh Sabha in Kishtwar, Kashmir. It has been learnt that some persons forbicly broke locks of some Gurdwara Sahib rooms and threatened family members of the sevadars. Belongings from some of the Gurdwara rooms were thrown out, along with religious articles. SSP of Kishtwar has promised to take swift action against the accused and promised to arrest them immediately. Local Sikhs have termed the act of sacrilege as cowardly and highly outrageous. A pres
  10. 24 year old Sikh man has been stabbed at a Tescos store in Wales by a White Supremacist! The Singh was shopping at Tescos when this attack took place. ...the White Christian terrorist chased the Sikh man with a huge knife and hammer ..Whilst repeatedly shouting "White Power" Singh sustained injuries to the stomach, arms and hands. We condemn this attack, and wish Singh a full and speedy recovery. We ALSO question why the media did not highlight this racist attack...why wasn't the perpetrator of this attack branded by his religion. ....or class this as a Terrorist attack! AFTER ALL the Sik
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Dear Khalsa Ji, Have any other webmasters out there noticed attacks on their websites coming from the following IP addresses - - India, Punjab, Ludhiana - India, Punjab, Ludhiana - India, Karnataka, Bangalore - India, Punjab, Ludhiana - India, Karnataka, Bangalore - India, Karnataka, Bangalore - India, Punjab, Ludhiana - India, Karnataka, Bangalore - India, Karnataka, Bangalore - India, Punja
  12. Del Singh MEP for South East England, is one of the two Britons killed in Kabul Bomb attack... Two Britons were among 21 victims of a suicide attack at a restaurant in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Foreign Office says. Simon Chase, from Co Londonderry, and Del Singh, a Labour Party MEP candidate for the South East, were among 13 foreigners and eight Afghans killed. A suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the restaurant on Friday. Two gunmen then went inside and killed people inside "indiscriminately", before being shot dead, officials said. 'Horrific attack' http://www.bbc.co.uk/n
  13. Sat Sri Akal, Most of us know On November 26, 2008 terrorist masterminds execute an intricate attack India’s largest city is set ablaze killing 173 people and wounding 308 more. on India's financial and entertainment capital, Mumbai. Most of us dont know about this incident happend during the terrorist attact on Taj Hotel (Mumbai) It a real Heart crying incident happened between a Sikh mother and his son which was publishe in Times of India Newspaper Must watch this Video & Share it to Maximum
  14. What do you think about the attack on the mosque? Who do you think the culprits are? Do you think it could be an inside job?
  15. Share this news article on all social media otlets with friends and family. Also, be sure to read this article and share your thoughts. I've hi-lighted the important points if someone doesn't want to read it all! http://www.sikh24.com/2012/10/oped-attack-on-general-brar-what-were-the-real-motives/#.UGpSPphyWSo Europe, India, Op/Ed, WORLD | October 1, 2012, 10:21 pm Op/Ed – Attack on General Brar: What Were the Real Motives? By: Guest Columnist Bhai Bittu & Bhai Barapind A week ago, both the President and former President of the Sikh political party, Akali Dal (Panch Pard
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