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Found 5 results

  1. I am a sikh girl, I’m 20 years old, I have a pretty good image, I do Kirtan, I do path and I also tie a dastar. I’ve always had many male friends but never felf this wa until recently I met a boy… he isn’t very religious, and still I don’t know why I still feel very attracted by him. We also got a chance by text msgs to confess this to each other. I would have never thought to fall for someone who isn’t amritdhari, but this person really cought me. He wants to meet… and above all this he said he is ready to accept me as I am and that really hit me. SO I know this is all wrong, I have an image that I can’t ruin… But what about what I feel? How can I control it? Tbh kaam is getting me… I don’t want anything bad to happen, but at the same time I think it’ll be an experience even if I’d feel guilty for the rest of my life but it will surely be something that will make me feel alive. Please help… let me know… should I give it a go? or should I forget about everything?
  2. I've noticed that when u listen to katha on ardas or asking God for something there's always a mention of guru ram das ji. There's so many mesmerizing and loving sakhis of guru ram das ji that automatically make u feel like u share all ur pains with guru sahib. All the gore sikhs love guru ram das ji and call guru sahib 'the master of miracles' I was just wondering why Guru Ram Das ji?
  3. In India's defense, it's top 5 in the world in total pageant wins, however on average most Indians I see are very below average, tbh. I think Nordic people of Sweden , Norway , Denmark and Finland are the best looking on average. I don't know why I'm mostly attracted to white women ? Even the guys on average are really good looking, I always feel emasculated whenever a 6+ blond guy is standing in the line at the Airport , while I'm only 5'10. If I ranked ethnic groups, it would go like . . . . . 1. Nordic 2. Germanic 3. Italian 4. Slavic 5. Panjabi 6. Persian 7. Japanese 8. South Koreans 9. Colombian 10. Mexican Worst 10 1. Arabs 2. Chinese 3. Central India = BIMARU states 4. Dravidan 5. Egyptian 6. Sri Lanka 7. Pakis [ I know they aren't a ethnic group, but they ugly as fudge ] 8. Cambodian 9. Burmese 10. English [ Brit scum ] Also because they never fix their teeth, they're always crooked and yellow , yuck. Thoughts ? Banter ?
  4. Does anyone have any personal experience on whether maya ceases to have effect on people ? Even after reading baani, we feel short . We feel attracted to people even in gurudwaras. Like when a handsome guy or cute girl walks through, many young minds who otherwise submerged in divine rass of kirtan would tilt their heads to see that person they feel attracted to. People who say they have renounced things , and indeed very tough it is to renounce your dreams and lifestyle (when it conflicts with dharmic life) and many other things if you desire to walk on the path to spirituality, but I have noticed that despite walking on the spiritual path, we feel attracted to such things . Their pull doesn't seem to lessen and we somewhere in our hearts still desire it and inclined to obtain those things
  5. Ok so ive started this thread as i didnt want to clog up big_tera's topic on his circumcision crazy theory with my thread. Here it is pretty clear and simple why do girls go for particular type of guys and islamic grooming cases. It's nothing to do with big_tera's nonsense theory of circumcision its all to do with physical attraction and Islamic ideology of conquest over the kufr (non believer). If we look at muslim women who date Sikh men or find them attractive, we need to look at why they are dating them is it because of their Sikh religion? no is it because of their shaved face / trimmed hair / clean cut looks? yes is it to do with their personality? yes Similarly if we look at the sikh/hindu girls who get groomed by muslim men they are mostly shaved face clean cut guys. Using fake love and attention techniques of the end goal is either getting sex from the non-muslim kafir "inferior" female or conversion and therefore guaranteeing automatic ticket to fake islamic heaven. So understanding how females brains operate and how to counter conquesting islamic ideology is the key to the solution
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