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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Daas is 23 years old and was with in a relationship with a girl from high school since I was 17. A year ago she broke up with me. When I was with my girlfriend mistakes were made. I wasn't much into sikhi at the time and I ended up sleeping with my girlfriend. To be honest I love her very much and have been there for her emotionally or in any other way possible. Last year she broke up with me saying she just doesn't love me anymore (even though we were together for 5 years) and now she has another boyfriend. Problem is I'm still madly in love w
  2. Vjkk Vjkf Ji, I want to know if sangat know the bania stories ; why the banis were recited (I know but sakhian behind them) I.e. JapJiSahib- I think was a conversation with sidhs also sidh gosaT, so if pyaaree Saadh Sangat has any gyaan on this topic please don't hesitate to 'colour' us in with the gyaan
  3. Starting this thread for those interested in in depth study of Asa di Vaar and making it a part of our very being. If we get enough people interested I will post first Santheya tomorrow.
  4. A brother recently asked me to post this as he is having troubles posting for some reason. 30 years ago I lady who we know was very upset about her husband and his rum. She did beanti to sister of a very famous sant ( I don't remember his name)and she was told to do sukhimani sahib paath for one year and her husband will quite drinking. After about ten months he quit and wife stopped doing paath, shortly after husband started to drink again. Same Sant reminded her about one year of paath. She completed it and her husband took amrit. Recently one of my relatives from India got hooked on her
  5. To begin: Why do I post stuff like this: Most are scared not of 'death' but of a 'charge' for which they do 'time' knowing 'law I know with god's will I can always beat the charge; the only alternative is to kill me, which is w.e To start The facts: 1. System exists with our consent. 2. The system is based on a lie. 3. A lie always has some truth in it 4. A lie cannot ever win against the truth 5. A truth is a more efficient and stronger version of a lie (read on this is an edit in ref. to a point about system can't fight itself and a point later on at end of situation section). Preamb
  6. Umm can anyone explain what is going on in this video. Regarding jhatka and Hindu style aarti.
  7. Many Hindus argue that because Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote choubis avtar he must have worshipped Hindu gods such as Ram etc. How do we disapprove this claim? Especially with proof from Choubis avtar? I did an article on Guru Sahib and Ram Chandar but a brother on this forum pointed out I have inferiro sources. *inferior.
  8. As sad and tragic as the Wisconsin shooting was , we should not let this opportunity go without ushering a grassroot change in the community at large and the youth in particular. This is a wake up call - todays sikhs are neither saints nor soldiers. We have zero interest in studying SGGS or shastar (contemporary like guns as well as traditional like kirpans and siri sahib). My suggestions are (feel free to critique / add/modify) - To revive our martial spirit - We should strive to join army reserves / fulltime service or law enforcement for a couple of years - to become very good with con
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