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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8677125/Stupid-Lloyds-Bank-customer-adviser-27-sold-account-details-50-gambling-addict.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ico=taboola_feed_desktop_news 'Stupid' Lloyds Bank customer adviser, 27, sold over 80 account details for £50 each to gambling addict friend who stole £80,000 - but both are spared jail Jaspreet Marwaha gave the details of 80+ accounts to Mohammed Saif Maqsood Between £82,000 and £92,000 was removed from the 80+ customer accounts But after a two-and-a-half year investigation the pair escaped immediate prison By JORDAN KING FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 18:18, 29 August 2020 | UPDATED: 18:19, 29 August 2020 customer adviser for Lloyds bank sold customers' account details to her friend who was a gambling addict. Jaspreet Marwaha, from Birmingham, gave the information of more than 80 accounts to Mohammed Saif Maqsood, from Blackburn, who paid £50 for each set of card details and swiped between £82,000 and £92,000 from them. At one point the 27-year-old part-time customer adviser 'laughed' at the prospect of going to jail for the plot But following a two-and-a-half year investigation the pair escaped immediate prison sentences after admitting conspiracy to defraud, and instead were handed suspended jail terms at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, August 28. The bank has since managed to recover a large chunk of the money although more than £25,000 remains outstanding, in relation to 45 customer accounts. +2 Jaspreet Marwaha (pictured), from Birmingham, is now a Sky Sports assistant producer and has not told her employer about her involvement in selling over 80 bank account details to her friend Marwaha worked at the Shirley branch in Solihull from 2009 and sold bank account details from November 2017 to March 2018 when she was arrested. During a police interview she initially claimed that 'there was an element of coercion by the co-defendant [Maqsood] who was threatening to reveal an illicit relationship', prosecutor Jason Avis said. Mr Avis explained that the police went through various text messages between the two codefendants where Marwaha laughed at the idea of going to jail for the crime. Maqsood also said that he was worried about getting caught and talked about a new plan to make big money. Maqsood had set up 48 separate betting accounts with Coral bookmakers, some of which were in Marwaha's name. Mr Avis stated the fact the bank worker 'abused her position' would cause 'severe reputational damage' to Lloyds and could result in customers closing their accounts due to a 'loss of trust'. Philippa McAtasney, defending Marwaha, argued that the offences happened over two years ago and said: 'Back then she views herself as being stupid, naive and thoughtless. 'She failed to grasp the scale of potential loss at the time. 'She handed over those details willingly, at that point she was not thinking about the consequences to others at all.' She continued saying the plot had been Maqsood's idea and that Marwaha did not make more than £5,000 from it. Ms McAtasney then argued her defendant's 'previous good character', including various charity work and the fact she has since built up a successful media career - as a Sky Sports assistant producer according to her LinkedIn profile. The court was told her current employer was not aware of the case against her. 'She has ruined her good name and will most probably lose her dream job,' Ms McAtasney added. RELATED ARTIC
  2. Guest

    Using money in Panjab

    Gurfateh Ji! I will be going to Panjab soon and would like to know how people from UK spend over there. Do you just withdraw from your UK account from ATM's? Set up an account with say state bank of india or national bank of Panjab? Any advice would be appreciated. Also, admin when you approve this can you please unlock my account. I have been contacting you for months, via reset account, contact us and forgotten password but no response (checked my spam too). I have never been blocked. Please sort it. Thanks. Akaal!
  3. I saw on Akal channel about world cancer care but their account is in UK and they have some sort code. I am in AUS . i want to know what will be the easy way to donate money in their account
  4. Ok, as a few people on here know I've been studying law and made myself immune to prosecution. Finding ways to spread this easily to the quom didn't fan out, so I immediately went to tackle the financial issue as I know that is the other thing enslaving us. Chain on your neck and pocket book. Now, http://public.worldfreemansociety.org/index.php/forum/49-banking/111397-a4v-success-process-changes-nu-metod-non-a4v?start=6#120754 That's me making the thread, in the op I list the guy who said it. Might be the easiest way instead of a way called Accept 4 Value which is dealing with gov. revenue agencies but I'll try it with a few tickets I have left lying around. Basic steps: 1. Wrote cheque for 1 dollar 2. In memo wrote payment in full for account ______________ settlement on account ___________ 3. Sent 4. Wait 5. Called in today as it showed up as cashed, balance was 1800 and unpaid for about a year as I was learning. Guy said it now 0, will post written proof into that thread, and here. ----------------------- The law stuff simple breakdown for Canada: s.32 of charter & r v dell 2005 confirm that charter only applies to gov. not private citizens s. 52 & r v big drug mart 1986 confirm that any statute inconsistent with that (i,e applying to you) is of no force and effect. R V JAH a uk case, confirms that the monarch has violated oath and no courts in her name are of any standing (less researched by me atm) Procedure would be to hand crown letter stating the above, and your status i.e Sui juris (fully competent i.e cant be made ward), can add I am your father luke, etc. troll them as they can't respond. Then would be to swear affidavit that they submit to your word, as silence = submission. Then file motion to dismiss. I did this after I got a false case slapped for getting into the face of a local TAVIS (special guns, gang task force for my area) staff sergeant. Needless to say he was surprised when 1. I wasn't scared 2. I won the case 3. Now, since I have funds I'm taking his house through liens. --- Law is based on these 10 maxims too long to link here but ask lawyers they will confirm they are taught this. http://loveforlife.com.au/content/08/01/24/ten-commercial-maxims-jack-harper Now, go be free my brothers and sisters I feel this is part of what guru ji meant when guru ji said learn politics. Please spread this information far and wide and feel free to hit me up by pm or: 266f948c I'll give other communication methods by pm as Idc if I get randoms on bbm because I might be switching to a q10 anyway if I'm going hard on this, and need a keyboard for communication. VJKVJF|| Humble request that you use this money to buy shastar as 'Raj bina neh Dharam chale hain Dharam bina sab dale male hain' 'shastar k adheen hai raaj' - Guru Gobind Singh Ji KHALISTAN ZINDABAD|| Btw, I'm only mona cuz I don't have paggs from india my hair is curly and if I pull, it's past my shoulders. I have every intention of dying after I take amrit as that is the only thing that feels horrible to me to be away from guru ji, especially in my last 'temporal' moments. Please don't argue or ask about that, as this information is VIP can free them singhs in India they may shoot everyone involved after but it'll mean no more fake cases and many other things which NSA shouldn't get to see.
  5. Views of only Amritdharis are required here. It would be good if 5 Singhs could reply. If someone takes out a bank loan, do they have to give a tenth as Dasvand? What would be Gurmat? (for an Amritdhari)
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