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Found 3 results

  1. the shaheed singh told Bhai Rama Singh Ji that the khalsa of today is not the true khalsa and that the next generation (i assume from the year 2000+?), will be the true khalsa, he also said that there is a "dark cloud" over punjab and that the harvest of sin will be first reaped by Punjab then by india. he also said that the whole country will suffer as a result of the cruelty of amritsar If you guys look at punjab now, it is slowly getting worse, other states are taking water and many many more other things are happening, so why complain, wait untill punjab has harvested the sins and then wait a little longer for india to harvest the sins as well (they want to take water, so they can take the sins too :D). This takes me into khalsa raj. Before you start saying Sant Jarnail Singh is shaheed wait and read everything then write Sant Thakur Singh ji said that Sant Jarnail Singh ji is not shaheed and that he will return soon, to make Khalsa raj This shaheed singh also said that the next generation will be the true khalsa and that they will make the raj Sant Thakur Singh ji said that Sant Jarnail Singh ji will come from the attari border, there was no such border at that time, now there is ....... Sant Thakur Singh ji told singhs in uk to save money, while he told others to get into india before the war starts or there will be no way in..... He told them (singhs in uk) to save money which meant that this is supposed to happen in this life time... this confirms what the shaheed singh said about the khalsa He (Bhai Rama Singh ji) mentioned that in a kautak (he had a kautak about khasla raj) that there were white singhs in the akal takhat doing kirtan and seva If we look at how many white people are sikhs there are slowly coming into the khalsa, there are more white sikhs then ever and that number in increasing (even if its slowly increasing) More kids are devoted to gurbani than ever, they do more seva and kirtan, (compared to there parents when they were kids) Sant Gurbachan Singh ji, said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said to them that when an amritdhair singh keeps rehit, does nitnem without fail and is tyar bar tyar, panj pyare comes and takes them away, then Akal Purakh asks them if they want to do more seva or simran, if they say yes then they go to the shaheed sarvor, if no then they go to sachkhand, Sant Hari Singh said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said that they will not take birth again, they said that the same way in which you came in, that is the way in which we will come out and get khalsa raj, we are preparing, we are just waiting for the command of Guru Gobind Singh ji and as soon as he says yes, we will beat the nagara when we are coming out and will fight for khalsa raj, the sant also said something from raj nama or karni nama, (i dont remember what line he said but from what i know, he said something about punjab), he also said that when this happens, it will basically be impossible not to find a singh (is what I mean khalsa, and not your cheapstake fake "singhs") anywhere Brahmgyani Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale also said that in 2011 that maya is getting stronger, so this could be what the 2012 "end of the world thing" that was on at that time? This and many many bachans/kautaks from other saints proves that khalsa raj will come soon, but only if the khalsa keep rehit and do nitnem. What do you guys think? Writing something also, this took me ages to type....
  2. Hey guys I was just reading Bhai Rama Singh jis Autobiography, it is really interesting and I want to share this with you guys. If this is in the wrong section can you please move it mods, I do not have an account. What do you guys think about this? Also I am not an AKJ, but a sinner. So please don't start an aruge about AKJ.
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