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Found 2 results

  1. Is it true that Bhatra Sikhs have their own code language ? Can anyone confirm this
  2. I was going to post a message as my last reply to Bhatra community thread a few days ago but I accidentally deleted it which was a shame as it was a long detailed post. Anyway If I could ask the admin to my put my last reply in the topic this would be greatly appreciated as the topic has now been locked. But the Jist of my reply was the following. The Bhatra community thread I made was not intended to be about caste. It was actually intended to bring all Sikhs together and create more unity. What is wrong with pointing out the achievements of the Bhatra Sikh community in any case? There is nothing wrong in doing this. It’s not about my caste/community is better then yours. Its about celebrating achievements that all Sikh communities have made for the the Khalsa Panth. Infact all Sikhs should be proud of the Bhat achievements in the UK. Sikhs were the first people to mass migrate to the UK from the Punjab. All Sikhs regardless of their background or where they come from should all take pride in this as fellow Sikhs. Sikhs being the first out of the whole India to come to the UK and establish ourselves. Ramghria/Jat/Khatri ect have all made individual and unique contributions to Sikhism and if people would like to point that out. I for one will not object to that, as any success that is achieved by a fellow Sikh will reflect on all Sikhs. We can also learn about Sikh history in this way. It is very important that Sikhs know about our amazing past ie of how Sikhism started ect.I think the aim of the thread has now been achieved ie raising awareness about the Bhatra community. And removing any misconceptions that some people may have had. Now that has been done I think we should all unite as one Sikh community. Hopefully a day will come when there wont be a Bhatra community or a Jat/Tharkan comunity ect there will just be one group, simply known as the Sikh community. For people who would like to know more information about the the Bhat Sikh community can go to www.Bhatra.co.uk This site has alot of details and pictures from the sangat. JigsawSingh The intention of my thread was to unite all the Sikhs under one umbrella of the Khalsa instead of all the divisions that exist todaythat stop this from happening.With regards to Bhatra Population it is actually probably around 100.000 you have to take account of the fact that Bhatra families generally tend to be very large. While Jat/Tharkan families are usually on the smaller side. This is one reason why Bhatras are the fastest growing Sikh community in the UK. I am pretty sure as a conservative figure that it is 100.000 at least if not more. Taking into account that there are 3 main Sikh communities in the UK. Jat/Tharkan/Bhatra The current total population of Sikhs in the UK is around 500.000. The Bhatra community also started to migrate to the UK at a much earlier time. There is no need to talk about this further now as the aim of the thread has been achieved. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguri Ji Ki Fateh
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