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Found 2 results

  1. So when you see the likes of badals, captain amrinder singh, sgpc, indian establishment, british estaliblishment, abrahamic missionaries, international financiers, bankers, vatican church, royal families, cooperation tycoons, military intelligence agencies, terrorist group leaders. All connected and covering up for each other and helping each other in their wicked schemes it ultimately comes down to money. All racial, economic, social inequality stems from the loot these people amassed and the riches of other peoples labour and other nations they stole off and now hoarded and hidden away in bank vaults. They have the wealth they have the weapons they have the power to dictate how society is to run and this is why racism and discrimination exists in society it's not in their interests to change the status quo they don't want to share the wealth like Sikhi says, they dont want to see people united like sikhi says they want people divided and conquered. This is why they want Sikhs and Sikhi oppressed as it will make societies a more fairer place and free people out of mental, physical and financial slavery Here's a little insight below how the elites of the former british empire cover up their international crimes and indulge in off shore tax evasion.
  2. Newly released secret documents that have been ordered to be released by uk courts have shown and proved the british government under margret thatcher had deep root suspected conspiracy of genocide against sikhs in india and showed they tried to suppress the British Sikhs and their human rights of holding demonstrations against the genocide that was occurring against their community in india in 1980s. While they were lecturing countries with poor human rights records aboard like iranian regime they were busy trying to find ways to suppress the Sikh rights to protect in the UK, it is even suspected they had paid fake sikh punjabi agents of the british police intelligence unit ready to cause trouble in these demonstrations so that action could be taken to stop them from being held british establishment (profiteers from murders and human rights abusers aboard the ruling class, intelligence agents, the mainstream media like bbc and the military and British puppet politicians) were in cahoots with Indian establishment because of beneficial trade deals especially the arms trade industry worth £5 billion. Thatcher was also exposed as a racist who funded and aided he national front leading to southall riots against Sikhs there in 1980s.... it was a deep rooted conspiracy by indira gandhi and indian congress party and Margret thatcher + conservative party to tarnish the Sikhs at covert level. At home in india and aboard in the Uk, Canada, USA they are secretly actively plotting away. Even to this day the corrupt Indian establishment along with corrupt British establishment are plotting away to cause problems so that Sikhs never regain their sovereignty or voice in world political affairs about how their community is suffering without a homeland speaking up on their behalf. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2018/07/13/declassified-secret-documents-reveal-british-government-snubbed-sikh-voice-after-november-1984/ https://thewire.in/diplomacy/released-op-blue-star-files-uk-trade-deals https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/diaspora/uk-papers-reveal-bid-to-ban-protests-after-bluestar/619755.html https://scroll.in/latest/886332/margaret-thatchers-government-wanted-to-ban-protests-by-british-sikhs-after-operation-blue-star
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