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Found 6 results

  1. In chembur , Mumbai, two sikh youth were attacked by muslims with daggers, bamboo sticks and sharp instruments because reportedly the sikh youth told them to wear masks to prevent spread of coronavirus , or they should go home if they don't want to wear mask. The muslim men , 5 or 6 left a deep wound (like literally an open jab of wound) on sikh man and he's critical. One or two guys have been arrested, but its not sure if they managed to get out again. I saw the video on watsapp, and I could clearly see the bloodied back of the youngster with open muscles , deep deep cuts ( I mean
  2. Some prisons in the UK have started releasing inmates in order to prevent the Coronavirus from decimating the prison population. Aside from the fact that they're being removed from perhaps the most securest form of social isolation (), I'm curious what some of you would do if you were responsible for such policies, particularly if these released prisoners went on to commit crimes. How do you balance the dignity of human life (including those of hardened criminals) with the severe threat they would pose to innocents? What if one of the prisoners went on to murder somebody? How would
  3. How to deal with coronavirus from a Sikh perspective. What does the SGGS say about viruses and plagues. This is a time where we have to show solidarity and help the sick and vulnerable member of our society. Its a time when we have to help poor neignbours who are maybe not as fortunate as us to have the captial to buy in bulk and ride out their storm in their houses.
  4. The government doesnt really seem to be giving out any useful information about how to treat coronavirus. But most crucially they don't seem to be giving advice on how to boost our immune systems to help us stop catching it in the first place. Or even helping us fight it off if we have it. It's well known that fighting off and boosting our immune system is crucial when recovering from common colds similar to Corona. We should all be making sure are immune system and general health is good. This starts with excercise and good diet. Citrus fruits, lemons and brocolli bell
  5. Guest

    Corona - Corona

    Just watch this extremely desi,hilarious ,corona and panic shopping/panic buying related video. Also do check out his channel , he does very funny,relatable videos with a lot of desi stuff in them
  6. We have been told to avoid human contact. However we are still finding ourselves in super market queues - the perfect spreading ground for the virus. The message which should have been sent out to us should have been clear and concise. It's not time to stock up what you don't have. Save lives by staying at home. Only go to the shop if completely necessary. If there are more than 5 people around you, you are better leaving the shop. People have not given the advice any deeper thought. Being caught in a queue is the worst thing. It should be viewed as waiting in the line of getting i
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