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Found 11 results

  1. Like the title say's really, Walsall Caldmore Gurdwara's committee decided they didn't want MLSS preparing food in the Gurdwara kitchen for the homeless, I just came across this today and to say i'm little lost for word's is an understatement, absolute disgrace. http://dailysikhupdates.com/walsall-caldmore-gurdwara-fire-stopping-langar-seva/
  2. Could there be a possible link to why bill gates, ambani and other rich billionaires are trying to buy vast farm land? Bill gates has been successful in aquiring vast amounts of farm land in america just recently. Ambani plans to doe the same in india hence the huge protests and push back by small farmers. The UN agenda 21 and 2030 claims for a sustainable future things will need to be done differently. Is this all part of the agenda? That the UN other bodies are involved in trying to oppress the common man across the word
  3. Guest

    Equality during Anand Karaj

    Sat sri akal, everyone! I'm just having some trouble wrapping my head around Sikh society. As a woman, I am proud to be Sikh because it advocates for equality among the genders. However, my faith has been suffering due to societal thinking, especially here in Canada. My fiancé and I are getting married next year and we are having a lot of trouble finding a raagi jattha. Why? Because both of us (and our families) want us to walk beside each other instead of the traditional bride behind groom way for the lavaan. People are simply unwilling to do it and those that can, are crazy expensive.
  4. Do men/women get more corrupt as they get older? by corrupt I mean the kind of stuff you see Gurdwara owners do, leaders, older relatives etc They're all Grey-haired/bearded old men. Younger people obviously do wrong things, but it seems as one gets older, maybe past 40? people tend to become more and more corrupt. Like children are not obviously corrupt, teenagers pick up bad habits but they are not corrupt/twisted, they don't care about politics, you can say the same about people in their 20s and 30s, and perhaps even 40s. I've seen the same with people in India. Younger peo
  5. Is the dog wagging the tail or the other way around? We have seen a marked increase in atheist militant secularism rise in the west opposing countries that have theocratic or governments that do not hold the same agenda they do. We have seen how the UK government under thatecher's regime supported the Indian govt in 1980s for economic deals to kill Sikh religious and political figures and huge number of Sikhs in their own holiest shrine and homeland. Terrorist Thatcher also supported the dictator general pinoche who murdered his own citizens in Chile. Thatchers own terrorist son got done
  6. I think its important to know whats happening in society around us and how Kalyug is at play. So im going to be posting news stories on here of what is happening in our society and back in Punjab/India A lot of the shocking and disturbing stuff we hear in the news is actually already stated by our gurus when they described the behavior of people in the dark age of Kalyug Its scary to think the direction humanity is heading
  7. Not sure how old this video is but either way it's so sad. What has happened to people... There is no humanity left in India at all, no one cares about the poor. Our own poor sikh people are suffering but no one cares about them VID-20181019-WA0004.mp4
  8. 'In India, Sikhs fear cops the most & Panjab shows highest police dread' IP Singh | TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 13:24 IST JALANDHAR: Sikhs have highest level of fear of police amongst the religious communities of India, according to a report on policing in the country. In state-wise analysis, Punjab has the highest incidence of "police fear." Religion-wise distribution of "police fear" analysed in the Status of Policing in India Report 2018 by Common Cause and the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies shows
  9. Hi guys, I'm writing an "anti-corruption" story for which I require examples of corruption that have occured in Sikhism/Punjab in our Modern history Anyone have any examples? Thank you so much
  10. Anyone watching this show in Netflix? I just saw ep.3 and am in shock at how they used a 16 year old boy, who clearly has serious learning difficulties, to incriminate himself (and his uncle) in murder!
  11. A tale of two hijackers – One gets Congress ticket for fourth time and other is India’s most wanted. Jalandhar, Punjab: The candidature of a former hijacker Bhola Pandey from Salempur constituency of UP by Congress for the fourth time in a row has given handle to Sikh group Dal Khalsa to draw comparison between the treatment meted out to him and Dal Khalsa leader Gajinder Singh, who hijacked an Indian Airline plane and who is on India’s most wanted list. Recently a compilation of Gajinder Singh’s poems was released in Amritsar by Dal Khalsa. “The diametrically opposite approach adapted by th
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