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Found 4 results

  1. Hi fam, I would like to address 2nd gen RS children and their impact within modern "sikh" families... IMO none of their children have any general empathy or connection towards sikhs and cant relate to sikhi or in most cases brown people. In the west they usually end up marrying anyone but sikhs & look upon brown people as "freshies" or less than human. There are many modern cases where their girls will often marry black, white or non sikh men & will be outwardly celebrated by their parents. Are RS using the sikh faith to forward their own agenda, monetary or politically based? Also why do anti sikh cults get a pass in this day & age, we complain of this religion or that but often ignore the enemy within??? Peace
  2. Dera Sucha Soda / Radhoswami / Nirankaris / Namdharis etc were all started by former Sikhs , who all wanted to change mainstream khalsa and eventually formed into their own religion. So , we have to look at the root of the problem. Ask ourselves, why isn't this a problem in islam, why aren't there 100's of cults started under islam , and then find ways to fix it. The main followers of these cults are always low class / hindoos / dalits . So as I keep saying , if the SGPC keeps ignoring these problems and refuse to convert people into Khalsa , Panjab will just become a land of deras. Side note = Dera Sucha Soda was perceived to have around 40 million followers in Panjab /Haryana / Rajastan .... 10-20 million more than Sikhism ...... Yikes.
  3. How do we bring these two cults back into mainstream Sikhism? The Sant Nirankaris based in Delhi are attracting lots of Hindus. The Radha Soami at Beas has the most Radha Soami following.
  4. Just saw this on youtube, thought its important how some brainless pendu so called Sikhs are being brainwashed by hindu punjabi cults back into the darkness which our guru's spoke out against and enlightened the punjab and rest of humanity to get out of. Not only we have islamic and christian missionaries to watch out for but now the Indian hindu punjabi cults too trying to fool Sikhs into their money looting schemes and false spiritual paths to doom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQDXmbcqgug
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