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  1. Hi all, I need some pagh material advice. I need a really thin, light weight, stretchy, breathable pagh material. I wear a pagh for 24hours sometimes (due to work commitments) and so it needs to be light and breathable to let sweat escape in hot working environment. My length is usually about 3m, black colour. Can anyone please give advice on which website and which material name/number is best in this case? Thank you
  2. http://video.ak.fbcdn.net/hvideo-ak-prn2/v/1054887_546120578770823_399582270_n.mp4?oh=af0eb89aa4a8df36e28ebf24d135e814&oe=520FA6FC&__gda__=1376849333_0a1c0ce8d7cac0b91f656cec16c15d8b Absolutely disgusted by this video in which this Sikhs Dastar is desecrated by a drunk girl.
  3. Guest


    In a thread a forum member said that they wrap their dastaar on their body's when they do ishnaan.Why does one do this?Is it mandatory?I never heard of this before.
  4. Guest

    Airport security in the USA

    WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, I am planning to travel to New York for the first time and feeling quite anxious about airport security as I am a kesadhari Sikh who wears a dastar. Would anyone be kind enough to offer any advice? What should I expect in terms of security procedures etc? Is there anything I can do to avoid the security staff from touching my dastar? Thanks in advance WJKK WJKF
  5. Do you comb your hair forward for backwards when tying a dastar like a gol dastar or dumalla
  6. Walk a mile in a Sikh’s turban Thursday at University of Guelph Preetam Singh, 20, describes his religious conviction as a love affair with God. The University of Guelph student is helping to organize the Sikh Students' Association's Sikh Awareness Day on Thursday. Non-Sikhs will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to wear turban. Rob O'Flanagan/Mercury staff GUELPH—A Sikh’s turban, or dastar, is a symbol of religious devotion and a mark of personal courage. It and other elements of customary Sikhi dress distinguish followers of the religion from others in Canadian society,
  7. Hello, I've noticed a disturbing new fashion trend among young singhs. It used to annoy me when I'd see young singhs with substantial dharis wearing patkas instead of proper pags. I don't get it. I think a patka with a beard looks sloppy, childish, and embarrassing. But many young men think a proper pagri makes them stand out more and wearing a patka helps them slip under the radar. Now, many young men have taken it a step further. Patkas still make it a bit difficult to "hide" since the joora is sticking out on top. So the latest "innovation" is to tie the joora at the back of the hea
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8354977.stm I had heard that Sikh soldiers within the army had to remove their dastars during training/on field, to replace with a helmet. This was confirmed by the above article: "During his training on the rifle ranges, Rifleman Singh has to take off his turban for safety and wear a hard helmet." there are roughly 80 Sikhs in the British army. from over 100,000 fighting with their Dastars to death, to 80 Sikhs willingly replacing their dastars... this is clearly an issue for those to whom the dastar has significance. for those who see it as mere head coverin
  9. I'm 14 and I've decided to start wearing a dastaar instead of a patka. I want to start out by wearing a Parnaa. What dimensions should the pagh be?
  10. I'm 14 years old in my first year of high school and wear a patka, my hair is really long and thick so tying a dastaar takes a long time. I've tried lots of things such as tying my hair around my head, but that makes the top of the dastaar hard to cover. Please post any suggestions and I would also greatly appreciate any Parnaa or small dhamalla tying videos. Thanks.
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Roop Sangat Jeo, Just finished digitising this well-researched book by S. Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba. Although written as an open letter to monay and Sikhs who prefer to wear caps, etc instead of turban, it is equally inspiring for dastar/dumalla wearing kesdharis as well. Please do have a read jeo Download this book from SikhSangat: http://www.scribd.co...jit-Singh-Lamba Dhanvaad jeo! :happytyper:
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