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  1. Guest

    dealing with shame and guilt

    mental health +guilt/shame/anxiety + accepting hukam So, i was wondering what parts of SGGS ji and Bani speaks on mental health as well as dealing with shane and what not. To elaborate, i have bpd and as such have trouble detaching shame/guilt/etc from my past actions/situations/circumstances. As i try to incorporate Naam more and more into my daily life, i become more and more educated on/aware of/conscious of past behaviours/their consequences/behavioural cycles that i had/have or regurgitated from family and loved ones. Thus, as i learn more (thanks to Waheguru ji ofc), i find myself hurting and feeling shame for the actions i had taken/ways i behaved and treated others when i was at a lower level of consciousness. I did a lot that a Sikh isn’t supposed to before finding my way back home to Sikhi and often am not sure how to move past the past and not hate myself for it. Just wondering if Sangat has any advice.
  2. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh I put a link to the largest sikh discord a while back and alot of sangat joined. Today at 3:00pm EST We will be joined by Bhai Sukha Singh Ji UK which are known by all of the Sikh Community. We are holding an open discussion and we'd love to give the sangat from Sikhsangat.com a chance to talk to Bhai Sahib Ji and ask questions. Bhai Sukha Singh Ji do kathas and discussions every Saturday on the discord. Even if you miss it you can join the discord and be part of next Saturdays discussion. Link: https://discord.gg/swfPSJb Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh
  3. Panel of experts discuss China's motive to control Galwan Valley https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=324274441915254&id=31867849201&_ft_=qid.6841955056211604638%3Amf_story_key.324274441915254%3A31%3A0%3A%3Aimpl%3Atop_level_post_id.324274441915254%3Acontent_owner_id_new.31867849201%3Apage_id.31867849201%3Atracking_source.video_home%3Aphoto_id.324274441915254%3Astory_location.31%3Astory_attachment_style.video_inline%3Atds_flgs.3%3Apage_insights.{"31867849201"%3A{"page_id"%3A31867849201%2C"page_id_type"%3A"page"%2C"actor_id"%3A31867849201%2C"dm"%3A{"isShare"%3A0%2C"originalPostOwnerID"%3A0}%2C"psn"%3A"EntVideoCreationStory"%2C"post_context"%3A{"object_fbtype"%3A1%2C"publish_time"%3A1593014467%2C"story_name"%3A"EntVideoCreationStory"%2C"story_fbid"%3A[324274441915254]}%2C"role"%3A1%2C"sl"%3A31%2C"targets"%3A[{"actor_id"%3A31867849201%2C"page_id"%3A31867849201%2C"post_id"%3A324274441915254%2C"role"%3A1%2C"share_id"%3A0}]}}&__tn__=*s*s
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh. I just uploaded a video of me doing Jap Ji sahib on Youtube. I am 17 years old and born and raised in Canada so this was my first try at doing something like this for Youtube. Let me know what you think of the video and please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it. Thanks
  5. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh. I just uploaded a video of me doing Jap Ji sahib on Youtube. I am 17 years old and born and raised in Canada so this was my first try at doing something like this for Youtube. Let me know what you think of the video and please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it. Thanks https://youtu.be/iQExc11K2ug
  6. As everyone reads Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and believe that it is true. Here is a line from a shabad of GURU GRANTH SAHIB " ਬਾਦੁ ਬਿਬਾਦੁ ਕਾਹੂ ਸਿਉ ਨ ਕੀਜੈ ॥ ਰਸਨਾ ਰਾਮ ਰਸਾਇਨੁ ਪੀਜੈ ॥੨॥" so why do we discuss a lot rather than meditating? Your views. My view is meditation is most emphasized in Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  7. Going through my daily Sikhi updates I found this Q&A - (Query) I am a black girl. My bf is Sikh and we have been together for 4 years. Recently an incident happened to him and he thought he was goin to die of AIDS cos a junkies blood accidentally splashed inthis eye. He went into overkill and would not let me close to him thinking I may catch something. I should mention he is a hypochondriac. Anyway he kinda got over that paranoia of death but he banned us having sex. Slowly slowly he was shutting me out and seemed to spend his whole time praying going temple etc. last week he dumped me and says he wants us to be friends! ...are you kidding me. We can't be friends. I am feeling ok at the moment kinda but I know I will feel really bad when the reality sinks it. Does anyone have a view on this or in similar situation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Answer) He just wanted an excuse to end things it sounds like. He either met someone else or just was over it all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (OP) You could be right. On both counts he even did it via text. he was actually taking medication cos of his paranoia that he caught something but it was too extreme. He even got depress and has been of work for close to two months now. I dunno I feel in limbo. I don't even fancy him anymore cos he has grown a full beard due to going all religious. I think I have been dumped for religion....
  8. This thread is started for explanations regarding the bachans in "Anmol Bachans" thread @ http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/71139-anmol-bachans/page-2 Kindly be polite in the posts. We are here only to discuss, not to condemn or force anyone to follow others. Any doubts on the above link can be discussed in this thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic : "Parmeshar Bhagta vich vasda hai" Many people object this bachan by Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji Rampurkhera that rab sirf bhagta vich nahin sab vich vasda hai, ....no doubt..... and mahapurkhs bachan has not denied this fact. What is the difference between bhagat, sant, mahapurkh, fakir etc and the normal people like us? Bhagats etc remains calm in all situations, whereas we shake at every point Bhagats are immersed in bhagti 24/7 even when they are doing chores, and we know where we stand Bhagats never wish for anyone's bad, and we are always ready to fight and point out at others Bhagats can sacrifice whatever they have for others without any kind of discrimination, and we can't even bear a look of our enemy and full of selfishness and jealous, always trying to prove others wrong and see our joy in others failures In all above situations, God dwells in both parties, but why normal people can't be like bhagats etc who have more qualities than them? The answer is because Bhagats are admired as they have not only known but experienced God within themselves and others, whereas we only have this piece of knowledge that God is in everyone. So when one wonders why Bhagat is different from normal people, they ask them why and how can they experience God and become bhagats themselves. Bhagat is just a word to describe person with high spiritual level who have attained God by doing virtues and meditating on HIS name. Bhagats motivate others to do simran and sewa. And that's what we do here always looking for motivation to move ahead in sikhi path.
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