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Found 7 results

  1. Hemkunt Foundation which are based in Gurgaon, Haryana (outskirts of Delhi) provide 24/7 Oxygen service to anyone who is needy. Now they need help in any form you can provide: This is their official website https://hemkuntfoundation.com/
  2. After reading the Khalsa aid post it made me remember that I donated a fairly large sum to the building of a place where people who are groomed or families can go to Birmingham. I did call sikh channel for more information shortly after as I hadn’t heard anything but no one got back to me. does anyone know if the money was spent properly ?
  3. I’m posting this again, as I feel it needs more awareness. To all sangat, please donate whatever you can manage: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jaydan-nerr Thank you ji Waheguru
  4. Sangat Ji, I am providing a small donation to Everything's 13 and the great thing is my work place (Salesforce) will match my monthly donation so essentially the donation becomes doubled. Salesforce need to verify the status of Everything's 13 charitable status as well as contact a member of the charity to set up the donation process/verify bank details. I have contacted Everything's 13 as per there website contact details but have received no reply to e-mail and the phone number seems dead. Can anyone confirm a person that can be contacted at the charity so that I can provide t
  5. Educatetosave.com I recently attended a program and Bhai Veer Manpreet singh performed kirtan of very high quality. Searching his next venue, I was determined to reach on time for more. I may have been a bit blind to how we can all help alleviate the immediate dangers to Punjab population which are being highlighted in the media now. However after half an hour of a video show and a touching speech, the solution has been found in sponsoring education to the poor villages in Punjab. Baba Ji who runs Baru Sahib now has a plan for which he needs help from all of us - which if I am not w
  6. http://www.sikhnet.com 350K 350K 350K 350K 350K 350K 350K 350K
  7. I strongly recommend my fellow Sikh members to stop donating to people who visit abroad. Ragi jathas are fine but put stop on giving daswandh to someone whom u don't know. Stop giving to all this girahi business as none is among any difference in Punjab. In India situation is worse than masand times.
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