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Found 4 results

  1. Vaheguroo ji ka khalsaa vaheguroo ji ki fatehh i recently came back from visiting hazoor sahib for the first time I feel ashamed and violated. i was just outside the takht complex with 20 other “gursikhs” who were all in their bana and wearing shastar they handed me a drink telling me it was rattani which I thought meant rose water however I took one sip and immediately realised this wasn’t rose water but was infact alcohol I questioned the “gursikh” who handed me it and he starting laughing and confirmed it was infact alcohol they were all drinking it and said this is true “Sikhi” and that if I don’t like it I should go somewhere else I felt ashamed of my self and ran back to my accommodation and spent all day there crying. I am really ashamed of myself and I feel I have broken my Amrit and I’m extremely scared to go pesh and admit my mistake. do I need to go pesh because it was not intently or do I need to go ?! Please help
  2. Guest


    hello everyone I am really going through bad phase in life, two years I had bad break up and I have not come out of it yet, instead I started drinking regular and doing all the bad things that guru ji prohibits us to do. How do I come out of this ? How do I forget her ? I though of marrying but not sure, plus i am putting up lot of weight due to no exercise, drinking. I try to reason with god that it's hukam but at last I human and I have my breaking point and question him why god did this with me. I sometimes cry that few years back i used to do nitnem go to gurudwara do sewa but now its been months i have not gone to gurudwara and slowly turning into a atheist. Would appreciate some advice. Sat sri akal
  3. Guest

    How to stop drinking

    I have been drinking quite heavily for tje past 3 years. Believe it or not I hardly touched the stuff throughout my younger years and teens. but now im 30 last three years I started to drink alot more. up untill three years ago. I had no interest in drinking so i never did the while clubbing, partying ect. I usually drink at home. I know this stuff is not good for the body, mind and soul and causes all kinds of health issues. But now I want yo quit for good and stop doing it. But in the Punjabi culture it is encouraged and if you say you dont drink. You are laughed at.
  4. Hi, I am an amrit dhaari sikh. I was wondering if it is okay to consume non-alcoholic beverages, like root beer. I have friends who sometimes go to bars and invite me. I often deny, but once in a while I join so I can socialize. While I am there, is it okay to have root beer, or should I avoid drinking? Thanks, Singh
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