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Found 3 results

  1. So when you see the likes of badals, captain amrinder singh, sgpc, indian establishment, british estaliblishment, abrahamic missionaries, international financiers, bankers, vatican church, royal families, cooperation tycoons, military intelligence agencies, terrorist group leaders. All connected and covering up for each other and helping each other in their wicked schemes it ultimately comes down to money. All racial, economic, social inequality stems from the loot these people amassed and the riches of other peoples labour and other nations they stole off and now hoarded and hidden away in bank vaults. They have the wealth they have the weapons they have the power to dictate how society is to run and this is why racism and discrimination exists in society it's not in their interests to change the status quo they don't want to share the wealth like Sikhi says, they dont want to see people united like sikhi says they want people divided and conquered. This is why they want Sikhs and Sikhi oppressed as it will make societies a more fairer place and free people out of mental, physical and financial slavery Here's a little insight below how the elites of the former british empire cover up their international crimes and indulge in off shore tax evasion.
  2. watched this video and can see why Guru ji didn't want us to join in eating this way, it has somepoints worth considering but I wouldn't take it too far like current idiots in India who want to ethnic cleanse.
  3. Various instances we read articles time to time about a Sikh attacked here or a Sikh killed there doing a job. So I was thinking what is the worst jobs Sikhs are currently doing that are costing them their lives for little or no benefit and what are the most shameful jobs? I would list being a 7-11 type store clerk / working in newsagent as a high risk of death or injury so many cases of people with Sikh names being killed. And the most shameful jobs would be being enlisted in the punjab police and/or in Indian or British army where they are used as cannon fodder for our communities own persecution and fighting for other peoples illegal wars.
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