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Found 5 results

  1. its a chapter in our history that we often forget. British were sly and systematically destroy all records of cruelty and slavery in India when they decided to sail back to Britain. here is a photo of a local resident of Amritsar being forced to crawl through the street, General Dyer introduced a crawling order on a street where some English woman was assaulted. Every resident of the street had to crawl on their bellies whenever using the street. There were reports of a heavily pregnant woman forced to also move on her belly. After the incident, General o dyer ordered
  2. Admins and Mods: As discussed, this will be my last post on this forum. Please deactivate my account afterwards. I confess that I actually did enjoy my time on here, but paradigm shifts are manifesting in the Sikh world- the traditionalist Sikhs are slowly, albeit surely, being questioned and their status as some de-facto priestly class is being effaced day-by-day. The Sikh youth, long fed on the dribble of some autonomous religio-political Khalistan, are beginning to awaken and unite to control their own future. Tragically, violence and Ad hominem seem to be the only retorts which the traditi
  3. I am currently trying to find out more about Sikh misls and Empires, I used the vast internet but I want something physically or something I can see in person in Canada, I read a great book about Sikh Misl in English, and it'd be appreciated if you can list some Books in English or any type of museums / schools or places teaching Sikh History other than the Internet, also is it true that they're demolishing Sikh forts to make them into marble gurudwaras in India?!?! Do you think Reenactments of the Sikh empire can be possible or like a Stage show to educate Sikhs, just like the War of 18
  4. Following on from the thread about Sikh soldiers of the British Army and the discussion that took place there in which some Sikhs seem to have a view about the British Raj as if they are Hindus from Calcutta or Bombay. I've got some things to say about this subject because most of all I think it is a sad indictment of the way that Hindu India has got inside the minds of Sikhs and sub-consciously made the Sikhs identify with, put themselves in the shoes of and ultimately imagine they and the 'Indians' are one of the same. There's alot I could say in this opening message but time is not on my s
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f7CW7S0zxv4&feature=share This is an Oxford Union debate on whether the British owe India and other colonies reparations regarding the things done in the British Empire. The speaker here is Shashi Tharoor, an Indian MP (as McCaulyite as one can get). We have had posters on here before who have mentioned that India was better under the British. Please watch this video and give me your thoughts. We have not really had a discussion or an in depth one regarding the British Empire and it's impact on Sikhs and within the Subcontinent. A lot of the posters m
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