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Found 7 results

  1. It’s time to kick out the terrorists. The west made a mistake of letting them in. They praise their Muslim lands yet choose to live in the west. They live in ghettos and don’t integrate because of Islam.
  2. Guest

    Hair kesh pulling in fights

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki feteh, I am sure most of you have seen the horrific clips of Singhs being beaten and pulled around by thier hair. It is inevitable that in any full on street fight dastars come off. I know some will disagree however having tide a dhammala my entire life and been in a number of fights I know this is the likely outcome. This leaves the Singh very vunreble as it is extremely difficult to protect yourself when pulled around by long hair, let alone see. The aim of this post is to share my method. I use 2 large clips ( can use more depending on th
  3. Guest

    Long Kesh And Fighting

    WKWF. As most of you would have seen on-line unfortunately allot of SIkh's end up having their Kesh pulled etc when involved in an altercation. Long Kesh also makes it hard to see and protect yourself. Personally I use two large clips to pin down my Kesh under my Dastaar. This was the Kesh always remain fully intact and away from the face/eyes and can not be easily pulled. Just wanted to share useful this tip with the sangat as their is nothing worse than seeing a Singh being pulled around by their Kesh. I am sure others have their own ways, however I have found the above to be by far the
  4. Whats happening to the sangat these days?????????????????????????????????????? http://dailysikhupdates.com/chaos-outside-gurdwara-sahib-renton-washington-video/
  5. Guest

    Should I Fight?

    I got into a fight at school with a kid who trying to be funny by taking the mic out of my phag, I got into a right with with him and gave him a bloody nose and a bruise under his eye, I got called into student services and had to talk with several teachers, I thought I did the writing because tbh he deserved it, I gave him a chance to apologise he didn't so I took maters serious, but now I really don't know if it was write, the way I think is, I'm the son of Sri guru gobind Singh ji, I've had countless racial abuse over my life and thats the reason I trained kick boxing and got stronger, so I
  6. VahiGurujikaKhalsaVahiGurujikPat-h Come and enjoy a learn tradititional martial exercises and intelligent responses to street violence in a respectful and intellgent environment and do sangat with like minded Panthic indivuduals. Enjoy home made organic vegetarian food. Support your brothers and sisters, children of Dasmesh Pita, who are languishing in India's cruel jails. 100% of funds goes to Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare. Send your name and contact number to H Singh on elusivefighting@gmail.com to book your places. ParmAtma Aap Ji Nu Dharam a te Khushiyan Bakshan Sri Akaal J
  7. Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fat-h Daughters of Shamshere Pita, in this age of darkness, where women are being exploited and abused worldwide, ensure you have the skills, heart, psychology and knowledge to give yourselves a fighting chance should God forbid, you ever face violence. We run a class specifically for Ladies on Wednesday evenings near London Bridge - 5.30pm to 8.00pm. We also have a class in West London on Saturdays. Train with other intelligent, respectful and like minded Ladies. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=197087130438025&set=vb.432861230092196&type=
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