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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Real talk. Long post

    I want to hear from Sikhs what they think about a few things, I get blocked/deleted whenever I post similar topics on sikhyouth uk, Sikhs for justice etc. Its been approx 25 years since the end of the Khalistan armed movement, pretty much. Since then there have been numerous rallies/speeches/ events , huge amount of funds have been collected during this. Now why is it not even one person has the guts to actually go to Punjab and start a ground level campaign? Honestly no western country gives a damn about our problems so why look towards them? Where has all the money even gone? I can tell you from personal experience that remaining families of even well known shaheed are living in poverty, forget about the thousands of others who are not so well known. In the mean time while western Sikhs are time wasting, Punjabi’s are leaving Punjab in their thousands and their land/property are being bought up by Bihari/UP people. Go to Punjab seeing Sardars is a rarity, even young kids no longer have kes. Pretty much every Sikh organization these days is just focused on making money and the like, I could go into how they have all been corrupted by RSS but many would not agree. For example Dhumma the so called head of Damdami Taksal, he was brought over from Fresno, by KPS Gill no less. He gave him siropa in 91/92 then when questioned claimed he didn’t know he was. I could go into much more detail about everything but it seems it is a total waste, it is easy to make drama sitting in a different country safe and sound. That is ultimately why sikhi is on a decline, no one can back up what they talk, too busy having inter jatha warfare and worrying about nonsense issues. Anyway I guess me like many others just should give up as nothing is gonna happen, the killers, the black cats are known by all, but no one can be bothered.
  2. Something which I recently acquired from the Sikh Talk page on facebook, worth a read: Akal Security is, according to their website, 'one the largest U.S. owned security services provider to the U.S. Government'...'and is responsible for protecting critical government and industrial facilities'....'Akal Security specialises in providing security for critical federal government facilities, state and local government agencies and military installations.' . . . This includes the infamous I.C.E, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the government detention centres that have been in the news lately following the recent U.S policy of separating families at the borders and taking away kids from their parents, locking them away in cages. . . . The beneficiaries of this policy are Sikh. . . . In fact, a quick visit to their website, specifically the careers page, and the first vacancy that appears is an 'Armed Detention Officer' where duties include 'Maintain constant guard, physical control and observation of detainees at all times and 'Comply with all applicable post orders, ICE directives'. . . . Is this another fine example of Sikh values are American Values? . . . The company is based in Espanola, New Mexico, and has landed more than $1 billion in federal contracts after the Sept. 11 attacks. The Sikh company continues to profit from the ongoing suffering of those that encounter border control and the recent policy involving family separation. . . . . We witnessed this week the Trump administration attempt to justify this abhorrent and inhumane policy of family separation according to the Bible. Would it be likely that we could see the CEO of Akal Security, Nirmal Kaur Khalsa, similarly justify the policy and their contractual obligations on Sikh grounds? . . . The method by which the children are being taken away is that the staff at these centres are telling the parents that their children are being taken away for baths, only to never return. . . . Akal Security is responsible for recruiting and training the individuals that commit such acts under the rubric of 'essential duties'. They are in large part the ones locking away the kids and separating families and do so as a Sikh organisation.
  3. Punjab National Bank has detected multiple instances of fraud recently in a Mumbai Branch we are talking 1.77 BILLION DOLLARS ... of course this news has been plastered across the world's media causing share prices to take a major knock . To me it feels like a plan being rolled out to shut down the main NRI Punjabis' bank . What do you guys reckon ? https://in.reuters.com/article/punjab-national-bank-fraud-pnb/punjab-national-bank-says-detects-1-77-billion-worth-of-fraudulent-transactions-idINKCN1FY0DI
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2535341/Police-officer-stole-thousands-accident-victims-details-computer-sold-lover-wife-1-million-conspiracy.html At the end of the day all these women who betray the Khalsa will all end up paying a heavy price. I think we should be glad when we here these stories as we have been alerted to this person and her actions and can now weed out these people so that the don't poison the rest of the crop with their disgusting and disgraceful behavior.
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