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  1. Guest


    VJKK VJKF I have 2 problems. My friends at school are Sikh. They are very supportive of me practising to take amrit. The only problem is that they swear (a lot). I am really close to them and I can trust them with everything. There aren't any other Sikhs and especially not any practising Sikhs. My second problem is that in my school there is a year7 girl (I am in year9) I feel so sorry for her because I think she has cancer and she is in a wheelchair. She has no friends. She is so sweet because she is always so positive and even though she has been through a lot of pain she is still so happy. At lunch, I went to talk to her and she made me feel so happy. I felt like crying because she was so sweet but because she is in a wheelchair no-one wants to be seen around her. I was deeply touched and I wanted to be around this girl more. People were looking at me weird because I was talking to her. I fully ignored them and I feel so much love for this poor little girl I felt like we were sisters. I was almost about to cry, I felt so sorry for her... Please tell me what I should do. VJKK VJKF
  2. Gur Fateh! Ok so basically, Im lonely in the sense that I cant get sangat anywhere. I know Maharaaj is always with me and when i go to GuruGhar I dont feel it at all. But the problem is i Live in a town where the Sikhs (the elderly and the youth) are more 'Sunday Sikhs' and turn up to the Gurudwara on a Sunday have lanagar and then go. It doesnt help with the fact that my family (parents and bro) are more 'punjabi' than Sikh and think im a bit crazy when i talk about Sikhi etc; and are more mixed (i can expand but its long) So i guess im asking is therte any Sikhs that I can talk to and build my Sikhi with etc ? It may sound weird but i know sangat mahaan hai ! Please inbox me or reply here Thanks for taking the time to read Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  3. I want to download this movie online. Help really appreciated.
  4. Guest

    Singhni and have no friends!

    I feel quite down. I am in my 20's and have no singhnia friends. I want good sangat, however no singhni in the midlands has really been approachable. You have to be popular to be noticed. Everyone has their own cliques and don't allow anyone else in them. I feel really lonley and upset. Any bani i can read?
  5. Sat Siri Akaal, I have an awkward question. Why I have no female Gursikh friends? I mean, everytime I am in Gurdwara etc. I see many Gursikh females and non Gursikh females, but I have no real female gursikh friends... I mean, I am not after Kaam or something, I just want for example, in an discusssion an gursikh feminine opinion. I have lot of white female friends . But no Gursikh , I dont´understand why , I mean i am very openminded and love to talk about everything esspcially about Sikhi , Guruji Sikh history etc... So I thought going to a Sister in Gurdwara and try to start a conversation, but wouldnt that be awkward? And again, I am no pervey or something . I am trying to be good gursikh and dont fall in kaam - it is just you know there is something missing - in my discussions with friends.
  6. WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, I don´t want to sound like a pansy, so please try to undersand me... I am 17 year old keshdhari boy liviing outside UK, canada( outside Sikh populated country)... I am the only Sikh boy at my school and locally.. In my live I only almost had Gore/ arabic/ turkey friends etc.. not really sikh firends.. and everything was fine until 3years ago .. I had many friends at my school and in my class and stuff.. we all were close and had lot of fun until e graduate and splitted up.. After that all got worse.. I often felt lonely.. and noone could really understand me.. I don´t know it was like the happiness in my life was gone.. So I come closer to Sikhi - and after some time this happiness come back.. I did many of researcha and stuff... And I almost agreed with everythin in Sikhi.. But sincec last -4 months this happiness is gone again.. I often feel lonely .. and like I have no real/true friends that understand me and that I can talk to.. I have some close friends but we rarely meet.. only 1- 2 x in a month.. and if we meet we just watch a movie or stuff... but don´t talk about deeper things like we did before.. It is like we drift apart.. I knew them for about 7-8 years know.. and since we split up after school.. we rarely met.. and so we drifted apart... It is like.. I want a person I can share my thoughts view and feelings with and have lots of fun...I am usually a crazy funny guy.. but in the last years my mood was very depressive... I never went out... only 2-3 in a months... I am just sitting in front of the computer.. and surfing web and all the stuff.. So I thought I can mae some friends in the Gurudwara.. maybe they feel like me .. Although we are a small community here... I think they must went´some other brothers must went through this as well... So I started having some conversation with other sikh boys.. The problem is that there aren´t many.. and if there are some they have already friends.. I mean they are all close to each other , like they are in a clique or something ( the sikh boys in gurudwara).. So I tried having some good time etc.. and I had some great laughs with them.. that go on for some time about 3-4 months... But no one really wanted to meet with me... I don´t understand why.. I am not douchebag or something.. It is just like I am the fifth wheel... And they don´t want to have some one more in their "group/clique" whatever.. So I am in kinda dilemma... I have no real friends... I can met at 7 pm and relaxx out, having a conversation about life and stuff.... or something.. My mone /gore friends... become moer domestic as well.. they don´t want to meet and stuff... They rather want to play Playstation/Xbox and stuff.. So I am only at home.. and I don´t want to go out alone... I don´t know what should I do.. this makes me really upset.. I know Waheugur is everywhere... and stuf... but do you understand what I mean? Please help... I am grateful for all responses... thanks....
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