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Found 2 results

  1. New Delhi, March 16: The latest incident to put India to shame is the gangrape of 39 year old woman in Madhya Pradesh. Switzerland has demanded for a swift probe in the gangrape case to ensure that the victim gets justice. The embassy here said the 'health and treatment of the victim was the priority for them at the moment'. "The embassy is most distressed with the gang rape of a Swiss national in Madhya Pradesh. The ambassador has been able to speak to the victim and her partner and has assured them of all possible support. Their health and treatment is the priority of the moment. The embassy has also been in touch with the local authorities and has requested for swift investigation and for justice to be done," the Swiss embassy said in a statement. The 39-year-old Swiss tourist was gangraped by a group of eight men near a village in Datia district. Her husband was attacked and thrashed by the men. "The incident took place near the town late last night when the woman along with her husband was touring the region on a bicycle as part of their India tour," Datia SP, CS Solanki said. Based on husband's complaint, police detained eight men. "Eight persons have been rounded up on the basis of suspicion and are being questioned in connection with the case," the SP had said. "We are scouring the forest area in search of those involved in the crime," he had said without giving more details. The couple was said to have halted near the crime site while on their way from Orchha to Agra. They had planned to cover the 250-km stretch on bicycles. According to the woman's husband, around 9:30 at night, a group of seven men with lathis (wooden sticks) in their hands overpowered him and four of them then gang-raped his wife. The men also beat them up, he said. The woman was taken to a hospital in Gwalior where her medical examination confirmed that she was gangraped. http://www.samachar.com/Switzerland-demands-for-swift-probe-in-MP-gangrape-case-ndqwLfgifbf.html
  2. As everyone knows about the recent Rochdale gang, The Rochdale sex trafficking gang was a group of pakistani men who preyed on under-age teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. They were convicted of sex trafficking on 8 May 2012; other offenses included rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child This has been happening in our community for years and the government and police have never clocked onto the ethnic nature of this systematic abuse. The Sikh Awareness Society (www.sasorg.co.uk) have today released a cutting edge documentary interviewing Andrew Norfolk of the Times newspaper who was instrumental in bringing to light the grooming gangs in the UK Please watch carefully and pass on to everyone please and not just Punjabis as this effects the whole community at large. We would not want anyone's sister or daughter to go through these heinous abuses regardless of the colour of their skin or their racial background. please watch and share with everyone - especially our sisters and younger girls at secondary schools and colleges. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20409229
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