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Found 2 results

  1. https://twitter.com/Gaysikh check this account, and see how this individual is trying to promote gayism amoung the worldwide Sikh community on twitter. And even promoting other Sikhs to become gays. You can read how some so called Sikhs are all for gayness and want to "come out". Already Sikh community is targetted by many anti-sikh forces trying to undermine the faith and next generation (from pedo muslim grooming gangs and extremists, western culterial atheist secularist extremists, hindu indian rss shiva sena extremists, ravidassia secterian extremists) and now you have these gays who are trying to confuse the next generation. Where there is a high population of gays the birthrate of that nation and community goes down. This is why the west has promoted gays and removed the ban from homosexuality whereas if you look at nations like russia they have banned most homosexual promotion activity because they have a declining birth rate which threatens their future workforce and population. So should sikhs keep quite and allow these people destroy our faith and community overtly and covertly or should we stand up against it?
  2. Guest

    Need Help

    I am really stuck and dont know which way to go or who to ask. Problem is that nearly all my life I have known that I was different. I have always felt attracted to people of the same sex. I have only told my sister about me being gay and she just says that I should just make sure that i relly am I know I am and have had 2 partners in the last few years. Now the biggie is this...... My mom wants me to see this girl this weekend for marriage and to see if we are compatible. Problem is that I have already seen half a dozen girls and just rejected them by making some excuse or other. But this girl is absolutely faultless and nice. My auntie knows her really well and so do some friends. They are all saying that we would make a nice couple and would be good for each other. She is not amritdhari yet but all her family is. But I am already amritdhari and very confused. I do like girls, but not in that way...............I know that I can only touch boys and can only imagine spending my life with a boy as a partner. I just don't know who to tell and how to tell. I tried telling my mum in a joking way, but she just took it as a joke thinking that i am just shyiing away from marriage. I really need help... please give some reasonable answers and don't criticise me for being a gay amritdhari sikh because nowhere does it say that you can't be gay and amritdhari, because before i had amrit I asked a respected elder if it was ok.
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