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Found 2 results

  1. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki Fateh Daas has recently created a Sikh Reflection Journal. This is a guided meditation journal based on Gurbani, however it is written so that anyone, of any spiritual background and any spiritual level can use (Gurmat is truely universal). Its to be used as a tool alongside daily gurbani khoj to help improve our own spiritual practices and apply Gurbani in our lives. This is not intended as a profitable business, rather to improve the quality of sangat veechar and develop our own relationships with Gurbani. It has been selling well in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, India (special price) and Malaysia. We have only 50 copies left ji. If you would like a copy or as a gift, the direct link is: www.thebestlifeot.company.site. There is a video look through of the journal on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2JNy5ahRehQQ As a topic of discussion, how do you feel about journaling and Sikhi? Do you do it often? How has it helped you? I personally stopped a while ago because my veechar were becoming really complex and abstract. Blank lines gave me no guidance and I would go off topic, start writing about worldly things, then feel defeated that I had wasted this time just writing, but for what purpose... Tried finding a Sikhi guided journal but there were none. Christians have these amazing prayer journals. There are also Quaran and Buddhism guided journals too... Shouldn't we be putting more effort into such tools? Thoughts?
  2. VJKK VJKF My sisters due in a months time and I'd like to get her, the brother inlaw and the baby some Sikhi inspired gifts. so for example, I've gone out and got 4 square frames- I'm thinking of gurbani caligraphy? But I'm struggling on what to write...I'd like it to be about birth, baby, family, etc. so its really personal. Any ideas guys? Would really appreciate your help if you could kindly provide ang numbers with short quotes please. Thank you Also, I'd like to make a kirtan CD of calm, soothing kirtan to play in the babies nursery. Any favorites? Thanks in advance with all the rubbish on tv radio and punjabi households in general, I want the baby to have as much good influence as possible. Gurbani and Sikhi inspired art work, stories, music kirtan etc. Please help guys Thaaankk youuuu :biggrin2: Pul chuk muaf ji VJKK VJKF
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