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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys so this thing just recently happened to me(1-2 weeks ago), when I was doing paath for a moment I forgot everything, I could hear my mouth moving and talking but I could not do anything,my mind was completely blank, this happened for 2 seconds but after that two seconds I felt INCREDIBLE HAPPY, I can't describe this happiness as it only lasted for like 1 second but I still remember that after that for around 10 seconds I was fully able to concentrate at the bani, I was doing tav prasad swaiye at that time. This is the second time something similar has happened to me. The first time it felt like I was out of my body like I was slowly going up yet staying down, I did not feel any emotions at that time but when I "went back into my body", it felt incredibly strange(didnt feel happy or sad,) In both of these moments my mind went blank and I could hear me saying the bani but I couldn't do anything (e.g. stop saying it or move) These things have never happened to me before, only when I started doing paath these things started to happen, they only happened when I did paath. Also I have not taken amrit, (although I wish to one day) Have you guys had this? Hey guys so I forgot to add that when I was doing tav parsad swaiye just before I felt really happy, it felt like there had been chains on my mind FOREVER, which had just broken or had been unlocked, what is this? Also the SGGS ji talks about how if you have love and faith in god, god will do anything for you. So how are you supposed to love god when you have never talked to god. Do we do naam simran and mool manter in order to develop love and faith for god. I am saying this as I have searched around the internet and people have said that after they have done naam simran for so long, it feels like it is coming from the heart and the mind just does not want to stop saying it and I have heard that they can hear music where ever they go
  2. "Thaal wich thin wasto paio; Sath, santokh, weecharo." The meaning of contentment (Santokh) is being happy with what you have around you. Job, wages, car and house. What do we mean by contentment? It means when life is going and you take happiness in that itself. well, you have 2 decent meals per day, you own a car and phone and you're happy that it gets the job done for you (car takes you places, phone call and text no hassle). However, it's easier to put blame on society that people pressurise us when not contentment. "My neighbour has a 4 by 4 and am stuck with a Micra. My phone is pre - 2010 model and all my mates have the latest one." See? On the outside you can tell everyone "Am happy." But are you happy within? If you own small and less things than others you need to find contentment in that. Will you have a decent meal and heating today because of your small house? Does your old mobile work when it needs to? Can you rely on your small car get you some place in an emergency? If yes then take a deep breath and smile knowing these facts (try it, you may find it the best thing to do). Of course, if you own bigger things that is great means you are well off and have money to spend. Do the same, take a deep breath and smile. Job with minimum wage is better than being on Government funds. A small car is better for parking and space. A pre 2010 mobile is better for its long lasting battery and will not suck you into using wifi all the time (they do not have wifi). By simply finding the positives to your situation one will find contentment. What good is a person in a mansion if they are still unhappy with space? What good is a very heavy meal of food if the mind thinks "Ok but I could have had this instead though." Sometimes even a rich person may find contentment by eating simple rice. But sometimes some people are like my close friend, who demands top quality restaurants, expensive food and says at the end of the day, "Next time we'll find a new place we never been before." He also loves top branded products over supermarket's own brand (But enough about my friend). So, reason Gurbani states the importance of contentment is to be happy. HOWEVER! If you can afford big houses, cars and decent meals GREAT! This is not forbidden but why would desire "More big. More latest and more delicious meals?" With "More, more" one can never truly reach happiness. Instead it'll create stress on the mind and jealousy "My colleague has a better job, my neighbour's getting an extension and am not." These things are bad for the brain as it causes too much thinking and obsession. You can own the world but what good is it if you still require more? You can own ALL the fancy cars in your city but if you're dreaming of Bagautii or Porsche what good is that? You can have a phone with 6GB but then you'll think "If only there was more GB in this..." Terrorists can take control and rule the world, see countries blown to bits but will they take a deep breath and say "This is it!?" So just be happy with what you get and see the benefits of it. Be tension free and jealous free.
  3. kaurp


    WJKKWJKF I have a query in my mind.Since our birth we are taught about achieving materialistic things for example in our school time we are expected to work hard and attain good marks then we are constantly motivated for good job and so on .Now how is it possible to change our attitude towards worldy things and just accept our life the way God has written our destiny.we are surrounded by motivational and inspirational speakers defining happiness with success.and thus giving us successmantras like constant hard work and focus and bla bla which I believe is all moh maya.How can we change our attitude and get a sense of dettachment from wordly things.
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