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  1. https://www.facebook.com/s1.hundal/posts/10154795741705503 Sunny hundal is a real life brother of jugraj singh (basics of sikhi), hard to comprehend i know. Sunny is such an embarrassment to Sikhs he defended every action against Sikh civilians and faith in the past only recently he showed some potential and humanity when he talked against British / thatcher involvement in collusion in 1984 anti sikh genocide but he has reverted back to type again bashing Sikhs it seems. On 31st oct 2014 he writes an article that attacks Sikhs that stands up for Sikh values and Sikh marriage as Guru ji would want it. On 31st oct 1984 the anti-sikh pograms began in india but sunny doesnt want the limelight and attention on 30years of indian injustice against innocent Sikh civilians no he wants attention diverted else where so that Sikhs can be bashed by his fellow liberal leftist extremist fascist buddies in the media. Oh another thing he has never bashed muslim extremists before nor their grooming gangs he will always refer to them as asians and try to divert the issue away from islam because he is close friends with muslim girls, one who worked as a guardian journalist. So he doesnt want to say anything to offend his potential dates. Hilariously a former conservative British MP mistakeninly thought he was a muslim because all of his pro-muslim tweets he had to embrassingly tell her no he wasnt muslims but "born in a sikh family" he didnt even say he was a sikh or not. Bobby friction is known as a pendu and an embarrassment to most Asians not only us Sikhs we have long disowned him but he still wants to be part of our community. He made pro-muslim documentaries even calling muslim brothers trying to be all understanding to why they did the 7/7 terrroorist bombings in 2005. He is a typical coconut and has got many issues in his life ...trying to mix his liberal hedonistic atheist lifestyle with his sikh punjabi roots. And it aint working out too well for him because most of us think he is a looser. If you look at the facebook link and posts above sunny has deleted all posts that spoke against inter-faith Sikh marriages he even states that he did delete views against his article. He is showing his liberal intolerance against opinions against his true agenda of fascism against Sikhi, he is censoring free speech in his status and his websites that he owns. I used think liberal leftists were more tolerate were more moderate and measuredly and understanding of religious / minorities but it seems that myth has now be removed. This is why i have no time or tolerance of crap coming from liberal leftists and those who claim to be Sikh (like sunny and bobby) but do not stand up for Sikhi they are atheist minded pretending to be Sikhs.
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