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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Hazur Sahib Maryada

    Has anyone lived for a considerable time in Hazur Sahib or knows family there. I have heard it is routine for amritdhari sikhs to take alcohol and other drugs? Is this true? Does the Takht Hazur Sahib consider Alcohol as one of the bujjer kuraits? Do almost all Nanded Sikhs take alcohol.
  2. This Granth is written by ex Jathedaar of Hazur Sahib. It is taught to students in hazuri taksal. It is written in beautiful poetry. It covers itihaas of hazur sahib from Guru Gobind Singh ji's time onwards. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Hfpk2dXDxVAySPE1orvLnnlUtOkYiah/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks to abinash Mahapatra for sending the pdf.
  3. I’ve heard that hazur sahib and budha dal have the same maryada when preparing Amrit but it’s different to taksal or sgpc. Can one guru pyaara please tell me the baniyan they read to prepare khande ki pahul? also why don’t all the Amrit sanchars follow one maryada? Where did the sudden differences come from when preparing Amrit? Thanks
  4. I was listening to a video from taksal who say that the rehraas they read is the final version as passed down by Bhai Mani Singh Ji. Then what about the Hazur Sahib and Nihang Singh rehraas, they also claim to be as passed down by Guru Gobind Singh ji....can anyone give some more info on this? Thanks,
  5. So we've all heard the story of how guru gobind singh ji says how does not want a shrine built in his name and that if anyone does build one their family line will end. As we all maharaja ranjit singh built takht hazur sahib and as we know his family line ended. Is it true guru ji said this? Is there any source to this? Or if any old sikh has recorded this saying anywhere? or any old account of this saying? ...
  6. wjkk wjkf daas will be absent from site as is going to hazur sahib nanded :biggrin2: :toohappy: :rolleyes2: :happyjumper: :happyjumper: :happyjumper: :happyjumper: this is daas second time meet all after some time daas is going on saturday
  7. When you watch this video, do you think this is what Sikhs should be known for? These people are ruining the Sikh image and I know this has been disputed many times and I don't know if the Sikh community will EVER be on the same page. But in my opinion this is just stupid. These people are just looking for an excuse to eat meat...! Even if I wasn't a Sikh, I would never EVER want to see this happening. Taking the life of an innocent animal who has done nothing to harm you just so you can eat some meat? I know this is not accepted in Sikhism. Sikhism is a different religion, and the video below shows the exact opposite. I'm so happy I didn't see this when I went to Sri Hazur Sahib. Nihaangs are not Singhs, this practice is horrible and not part of our values! By the way, this video is the first result on YouTube when you search " sri hazur sahib" . Big Impact. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A fellow Gursikh responded to this video, worth watching : Response 1: RESPONSE 2:
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