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  1. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji k Fateh, Another post stating my thoughts and beliefs. Working at a construction site my job is escorting workers / vehicles and looking after things, due to the nature of the institute this is required at the place. The Site manager and supervisor were concerned about me going in the actual construct site due to me unable to wear a hard hat because of the Turban. Not saying anything yet (Manager needed HIS Manager's views) even though I could have had stated "Sikhs are exempt due to Turban..." However, I had to mull it over before stating anything. I looked at the situation and needed a night to think it through. During the week I approached the manager and agreed on my own terms that I will wear a small turban (a.k.a Patka) so a hard hat can fit over. He thanked me for my Considerations. So now I wear a Patka to work. Before we look at the thankful law "Sikhs are exempt from wearing hard hats who wear Turbans" we need to take into consideration other factors. First and Foremost, the Dastaar MUST be a Fortified Dastaar to wear at such work places. When the Sikhs fought a war alongside the Guru Sahibs, their Dastaars were the fully Nihang type Dastaar; Shastar beneath, gol blade (can't remember technical term maybe kalgi)? around it. THEN Dastaar on top (even that had the gol shastar going around it). No matter which direction the Moghul attacked on the Sikh / Kaur's heads, the head would have been completely unaffected due to the Hard Turban tying soldiers. Imagine bricks falling onto somebody's head, from a height, who wore a normal Dastaar? Nokh and a normal gol? That can seriously injure or kill the person. All sorts of trouble will be gone through with the Management, laws, Gurudware committee getting involved all this and that. However, if it falls on someone who's wearing a Fortified dastaar, that person has most chances of surviving. And a Patka wearing with hard helmet? The chance of survival is great. In construction all sorts goes on; carrying ladders, trip hazard, falling materials, tight places, crawling... NOTE: Hard Hats are not a perfect thing in the world as on impact, they can easily break and still get through to the head. However, many accidents and mishaps have been prevented due to their usage. So on ANY construction sites two things are the only best safety. Hard Hats and Fortified Turbans. Anything else is asking for trouble.
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    Is it okay for an amritdhari to wear a helmet over a patch (Bandana style). I sometimes need to when I goto construction site and or ride my bike. Do the dal panth maryadas allow this?
  3. Is it allowed for an amritdhari to wear a helmet over a patch (bandana style)? Does the Tarna dal or other days rehats allow it or not? I sometimes have to wear it bcoz I goto construction site. It is not practical to fit a turban under a helmet or vice versa and sometimes I do cycling, I wear helmet.
  4. Has anyone been go karting where a helmet was not required. I'd like to go with work at Sandown, but unlikely be able to drive without a helmet..obviously will not fit over my dastar. Wondering if a signed waiver will suffice..
  5. Is it breaking rehit to wear an 3XL helmet on a street bike or chopper? I ask because you still have to wear one here.
  6. I know you cant wear hats, but for an school activity can we wear a helmet in a trip? thanks fateh!
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