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  1. https://www.boomlive.in/politics/farmers-protests-anti-sikh-tweets-twitter-republic-day-tractor-rally-hate-speech-violence-delhi-khalistan-rhetoric-1984-riots-11761?infinitescroll=1 I wonder if twitter and instagram will act against explicit threats of terrorism and extreme violence against Sikh communities especially religious minorities. They seem to take down legitimate journalist Sikh social media accounts at the behest of the corrupt indian terrorist establishment recently yet strangely that same indian establishment that claims to be a democracy and treat everyone equally under the constitution has not spoken out against or taken action against RSS hindu extremist terrorists and their open support to genocide Sikhs just because a few Sikhs happened to put their flags on top of laal killa without taking the main indian national flag down that was still allowed to stand flying. People used to say it was RSS that did the genocide in 1984 not just congress party, that RSS had the resources and the manpower to murder people in such a short time like they did in Gujarat in 2002 against muslims. It is a known fact that some RSS workers in 1984 were caught who actively took part in murdering innocent Sikh civilians blending in with congress workers because RSS the Hindu terror org is active in all political parties and all institutions of the indian Union.
  2. The real true and ugly evil face of shiv sena and other hindu nationalists online is coming out under the BJP Modi government ...for years they laid dormant until now. Anti-sikh hindu extremists from various hindu outfits have been feeding their followers lies against Sikhs since 1950s ever since punjabi suba movement started for autonomy for Sikh northern areas as was promised by congress. And they fed their very low intelligence hindu population more lies about Sikhs killing hindus when it was hindu brahmins dressed up as Sikhs aided and facilitated by the RAW who went around killing both sikhs and politicians and low caste hindu laborers. These hindu extremists told lies that Sant bhindranwale was raping women in darbar sahib when in actual fact he gave his congregation orders not to spare anyone who tries to rape women and he even helped rescued many hindu women from gangsters. Nowadays they tell lies these days that sant bhindranwale had ordered the killing of 30,000 hindus and now its 40,000? next year they will say 50,000. When in reality police and official records show most of those killed before operation blue star was Sikhs and only a few dozen hindus mostly from clashes with police or with Sikhs during protests and riots. Over 1000 Sikhs murdered during operation blue star using tanks and heavy weaponary the type to use against a national enemy, akal takht destroyed countless historical artifacts looted and destroyed. Then came the delhi riots over 5,000 murdered in horrific way stabbing, raping and burning alive in just 3 days of state violence. More than 1,000 Sikhs murdered per day.... The fact is 50,000 Sikh youths from punjab were disappeared basically murdered by the indian state during 90s so called period of militancy. India to this day did not allow amnesty international to investigate nor did it own up to its own past in its killings of all those innocent Sikhs.and these evil rats from congress party and hindu outfits do not regret their crimes. They think the murders and loss of innocent sikh life is justified because they been fed lies by a very powerful propaganda machine
  3. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/in-a-first-canada-calls-for-action-against-sikh-terror-groups-in-joint-document-with-india/articleshow/63050652.cms So according to hindu guji extremist and murderer of gujji muslims modi and their counterpart Canadian collaborators and enablers in indian state terrorism this is what we can understand from the last 40years: Operation blue star 1984 mass murder of Sikhs and an attack on the heart of Sikhism = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror anti-sikh genocide 1984 northern india pogroms = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Operation woodrose mass murder and extra judicial of Punjabi Sikh civilian youths = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror 1946 assurances to Sikh leadership of area of self rule in northern indian = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Burnings of Sikh scriptures and attacks on gurdwara's = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror 1980s-90s propaganda tapes sent to world wide media outlets giving one side of the story against the Sikh minority community = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Bombing of air india in 1985 using proxy pasty groups and agent provocateurs = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Using black cat criminals in punjab to mass murder punjabis in 80s/90 = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Bombing places in in pakistan in 80s using hindu indian agents like sarabjit singh = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Hindu brahmin and govt indian agents dressing up as Sikhs and trying to interfere in our religious affairs and also killing innocent people = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror yup its all sikh terror according to the indian m0rons. Its all Sikh terror in kashmir right now and for the last 20years india right?.... its all Sikh terror killing innocent people for eating beef or taking cows to be slaughtered? its all sikh terror where upper caste hindu rapists are gang raping innocent women and girls in public in many states cos they happen to be of a low caste . Yup Its all Sikh terror from groups like BKI and ISYF who are a virtually a spent force, defunct and their influence and power in sikh political circles akin to nothing. There is no indian hindu terror that minorities or the world needs to be concerned about it cos indian religious minorities lives don't matter. Age old story of the powerful and rich corrupt helping the rich and powerful corrupt. As long as they can do economic deals make the money get richer, screw the lives the human rights and interests of those who do not look like them or believe in what they believe in.
  4. Some exceptional excerpts from a rare interview with Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manochahl (BTFK):- Q. Is there any hope of the militants joining Akali leaders? A. Frankly Akali Dal leaders are irrelevant and most of them want the militants to be exterminated. Those who speak for us, do it only out of for fear of the bullet. Q. But Simranjit Singh Mann has been speaking for the militants. A. Mann is mentally bankrupt and keeps contradicting himself, which could be due to his torture in jail. I have met him and I have been disappointed. His bankruptcy is indicated by the people in his group. One of them sells opium and another used to refer to Sant Bhindranwale as a Chambal dacoit and Congress(I) agent. Yet Mann claims to uphold the ideals of Sant Bhindranwale. He thinks no end of himself just because he spent four years in jail. Read more at: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/from-the-killing-fields/
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3535635/Are-Kate-William-targeted-ISIS-Delhi-Police-hunt-female-jihadi-suspected-travelling-Indian-capital-launch-attacks-Royal-tour.html
  6. AMRITSAR: A decade of terrorism starting in the mid-1980s not only spelt doom for Punjab but also changed identities of many professionals. Brahmin police officials and journalists started growing a beard and sporting a turban as it allowed them to do their job better.But the professional disguise has become an integral part of their lives today. Thirty years after Operation Bluestar shook the foundation of Punjab, at least three Brahmins have converted their Sikh mask into their real face. Pathankot DSP (traffic) Vikram Sharma has set an aarti as his cellphone ring tone but his appearance is that of a Sikh. The cop not only fought against militants during the heydays of the violence in Punjab but is also a victim of terrorism. "A Sikh appearance helped me gather more intelligence and create a better network of sources to crack down on terrorist dens," he says. Sharma lost seven members of his family, including his parents and brother, in two separate terror attacks in 1989 and 1992. His decision to change his appearance took his family by surprise. "My wife Vimal was shocked to see me in a turban but never objected to it," he says. "This is who I am now. I can't imagine my life without a turban." Harkanwal Korpal was a reporter with a Punjabi newspaper working in Amritsar during days of militancy. A Saraswat Brahim, Korpal also chose to wear turban and grow a beard, which helped him get scoops. But after adopting Sikh attire, he also studied Sikhism. Korpal, a practising Sikh now, says he could have returned to his Hindu appearance but he chose to remain a Sikh. "I am amused when my Hindu relatives call me 'Sardar ji'," he smiles. Sub-inspector, Crime Investigation Agency staff, Tarn Taran, Anil Kumar Sharma has also been sporting a turban since the militancy days. "A Sikh face helped me deal with militants," he says and adds that the turban gradually became part of his life. Today, he is expert in the intricate art of tying a turban. "I believe in both Hindu and Sikh religions and regularly visit temples and gurdwaras," he says. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Bluestars-mask-turns-Hindus-into-Sikhs/articleshow/35801317.cms ===================================== chanakya comes to mind and his ancient hindu bramin art of deception when fighting against their perceived enemies. This is how they gave Khalistan a bad name, this is how they killed generations of innocent punjabi Sikhs in india and punjab and other people. And this is how the indian brahminwad establishment does war like the cowards that they are. The only positive to come out of this story is that one of them went on to convert to Sikhism while others remain hindu at their core.
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