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  1. Guest


    Waheguru je ka khalsa Waheguru je ke fateh has anyone been to Mexico on holiday? any issue with kirpan and singh identity?
  2. Anyone know good locations for winter sun? So far I have thought of tenerife which is hot all year round. But they seem mostly catered for chavy type people. Who spend all their time drinking and clubbing.
  3. I've not been on the forum for a while but that's because I have been to Punjab. I go every couple of years mainly because someone is getting married. One of the things you always hear people say is "It's getting more advanced you know, it's more advanced than England". That always made be chuckle. Yes there has been great changes made in Punjab. For the past twenty years odd years that I have been going, I have seen people switch from big flair trousers and punjabi suits to wearing jeans. Motorbikes to cars, squat latrines to sit down flush toilets. You cannot go around anywhere without yet another "palace" built. Everyone has the latest phone, the latest trendy hair-do , designer clothes and with all the latest advertising boards promoting "Study in Australia" or whatever student visa that is available for any particular country in the Anglospere. What has dawned on me that Punjab has advanced but it has advanced in consumerism and materialism. I see better standard of cars with Audis, Mercs and BMWs driven, the weddings have got more extravagant. But the infrastructure (as with most of India) is rubbish, the roads are rubbish (even though they have been recently built, there is no effort to maintain them). What is the point of buying flashy cars when the roads are not up to scratch. I have seen palaces of weddings I have attended lose their lustre after a couple of years. It's amazing how something that has been built a couple of years ago look like it was built over 50 years ago with lack of maintenance. Materially Punjab has never had it so good but the Punjabis/Sikhs still want to get out. What it is that they think they are going get in pardesi land that they can't get at home. When people where moving out of Punjab to Canada during the 1980s, it was understandable. But the emigration out of Punjab has escalated exponentially since the millenium and it is not like the 1980s. It seems that Punjab with all it's troubles in the 1980s was more of a content place, it is now not so much. I married in Punjab and I have seen great changes in my wife's family. As a fourth generation Sikh with most of family abroad it was quite refreshing to see my in-laws (who never ventured out of the subcontinent ) who lived together with cousins/uncles in multiple generational households, very close-knit. But over the years, I am seeing the same kind of patterns emerging with less closeness, more individuality and they are now emigrating in their droves. It is quite sad to see. It seems all the new emigration out of Punjab is pointing towards Australia.Sorry Canada, you are no longer the country of preference. What is really funny when you converse with recently emigrated Punjabis is if their children speak Punjabi, it's the same old conversations you hear when you were kids thirty odd years ago. History seems to repeat itself time and time again. These are just my opinions, you may agree or disagree if you wish.
  4. I wouldn't bother going India, unless you are going to the historical Gurdwaras of Sikhi or visiting close relatives. I'm here at the moment, and it's changed so much from the last time I was here. My health has been affected so much by the change of everything here, and I haven't had much of a good experience since being here. The pind life has changed too, my internet keeps cutting off, so not sure if this post will go through. Internet reception is so bad. I should be used to India as I've been enough times, but this time I am just not adjusting to it as I thought I would. People have changed, everything's changed. So far, I've experienced there is no sense of humanity like when I used to come before. Nobody's cares about nobody, everybody is all themselves, "me me me". I thought it was a western abroad issue, but here it's much worse. Totally different planet. Big culture shock, I think I'm still stuck in the old way of thinking when people were friendly and used to care. But those words are non existent here. Ok so my experience so far; - I Am ashamed to say that the airport, named after Guru Ramdas ji, has not been done proud or maintained as it should be, considering it is the land of the Gurus. The disabled services are totally ****. Excuse the language, but I know I and others along with me went through an unpleasant experience. I ended up telling off the staff and having to fight for my right of getting a wheelchair, even though it was pre-booked. And on top of it I was asked for tips, which I refused to give and gave them a few lectures on disabled rights. I was told to sit in a wheelchair which was a sheet of fabric on top of metal bars or rods, obviously I refused to sit in it as it was so painful too. Some staff tried to fob off the genuine wheelchair users, but I got so frustrated and was disgusted by it, I took my stand and I'm so glad I did. God knows what I will go through going back. - Women here are very nasty, and have attitude problems. People lie to your face just to divert you from anything good. Rest I will tell you when I come back. Only met a few young decent genuine girls who love my way of thinking. Most women will be sweet to your face but then I see them talking about me in the corner. As I have been occupied in a wedding, haven't had chance to go sight seeing or to any historical isthaans. It's so tiring here, and you just feel like going anywhere. - Weddings are a nightmare here, no system at all. The process is different aswell. The men aren't too bad with manners and social etiquette, but the women are vicious, unorganised and want to be first first first at everything, be it the Maiya or Jago or the Anand Karaj. God knows why, because they don't do nothing when they get to the front ? I've been on purpose, and been give so many looks and Mehne. Women are very judgmental here and obviously have that great talent of chuglian and lieing. But I've had the pleasure of seeing the lagis, bajigar singers. Lagis are more greedy now, and have received a few negative comments and Mehne just for being from abroad. In Uk the milni is first and then tea and then Anand Karaj. But here, it's Anand Karaj, then off to the palace and milni then tea. The thing that made me angry most was the videographers and photographers. Every second they are taking pictures or filming. Like a billion photos with the most stupidest poses lol. I think the wedding was just a film and photo shoot, didn't even feel like a wedding. I've had to defend myself at the wedding most against women, it's quite dangerous being pushed and trampled, especially when you know certain women are doing it on purpose. So I thought enough is enough and got all my energy and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Didn't like doing it, but it was the only way to save myself from injuries. But hey it worked, because now they know not to mess with me and are being polite. It's like disciplining kids. Obviously the speakers are much louder than abroad so one doesn't really get to enjoy the wedding. - Talking about system, there is no system for anything, which I already knew, but seems to have got worse. No traffic system, no social events system, no shopping system, not really a system in the few Gurdwaras I been too. The people just don't respect system. That's about it on system and organisation, the only system I seen is lieing, chuglian and evil looks. - As you know staring is the norm here, but it's now accompanied by evil dirty looks again by the women. To which I've had to respond like this ? Or ?? Or said words in English which stops the dirty looks, which never happened before I used to come, only staring was the fashion. - One has to distinguish between the genuine beggars and the fraud beggars. I've found the genuine ones won't give Mehne and didn't hassle me so much. When I said I'm sorry I don't have anything to give which I didnt, they kind of respected me for it and moved away, whereas the fake ones gave me Mehne and made negative comments. I think I've felt more humanity from the genuine poor or low class people here and been talking to them it's made me feel more welcome than the normal people. I normally talk to the kids, they are so cute. But there is not enough discipline, kids are naughtier I think here. And unlike abroad they wonder around the pind by themselves or play with friends and the parents don't know where they are. I suppose it's the norm here. - There are more dogs barking at night, having their tantrums and arguments. The time you want to go to sleep kuttea di laraiyi hojandi ??. Then the neighbours put their stereo speakers on full blast trying to be DJs playing Bhangra. So yup you guessed it, no rest. Then in the morning the Gurdwara speaker goes on the loudest volume setting, which I'm trying to get used to now. But not one, then the other Gurdwaras and Mandirs put their speakers on too. There isn't really peace of mind as i can't get any laha from Gurbani when it's that loud. I think they've put the speakers louder than last time. It's like one whole mix up of loud noises and hard to focus on what's being read. But again it's the norm here, which I'm not used to. One day I was so tired and said the Granthi didn't do paat today. Everybody was like he did, I must have been in deep sleep. That's about it really, the delights of India, it's been raining so not sure where to go. Not sure what there is to see Jalandhar area. People don't advice on where to go. Is there anything worth seeing that somebody else has around here? Need some happy therapy as long as it's not food outlets, I'd be grateful if somebody could advise any sight seeing or historical places. Thank you ji. The rest I will update when I come back. ?? Waheguru
  5. Hi folks wanted any decent suggestions from gursikhs. Where in europe is it safe and good to holiday for gursikhs. I do mean the places like spain etc sun sea or city breaks woukd be great to know about. ive been to alicante and thats ok. No lager louts etc And portugal (algarve) was lovely too. Just thinking where the sikhs are most of the time... thankyou.
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