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Found 2 results

  1. I am a 28 year old Sikh girl. I used to drink alcohol but I quit, I used to eat meat but I quit. I feel bad eating animals now and I know in our religion it’s preferred I don’t eat meat. I have never ever treated someone unequally or have had ego problems. I do my work honestly and help the community. I have a soft heart. I just really regret some decisions I made before which makes me feel like I’ll be put in an endless cycle again. I lost my virginity before marriage and I’ve been regretting it everyday. I don’t know how I can make up for this or what I can do to better practice my religion. I’m always scared I will go to a bad place after death but I always try to be an honest person. Can someone please guide me and tell me what’s right or wrong. I couldn’t find the answer to this. I dont know if god will forgive me and I feel really bad doing these mistakes I did
  2. Guest

    To Be Or Not To Be Honest

    Gurfatehji. Through one of the matrimonial sites I came across a gursikh,well educated,from a decent family & seemed to be mature. He was an NRI.After fw days of interaction online (had spoken to him once on the phone though),he told me that he had a health issue years ago but was nw completely cured. It didn't affect me in the least as I had begun liking him and his honesty spoke volumes I felt.My parents after some thought too felt that it was alright as he had been honest about his health.fine. two days later I shared my health issue with him but things came to an end.I wanted to share about myself with him at an appropriate time and didnt want to hide it. Anyways he didn't feel the need to discuss or clarify how serious or minor my health issue was. He simply closed the interaction with a formal mail explaining his reasons. I was broken as we had developed a good rapport, understanding and it all seemed just fine.I believed that he would understand my issue as he had been through a difficult time himself. But it all ended. I want to ask how many would go ahead in such a situation or simply close talks without knowing or understanding how small the girls health issue is. If one person in all honesty shares her health concern and before that has accepted this person, despite his past, not asking any questions;hw fair is it on his part to simply stop talks? I am beginning to wonder if one should be honest at all? It hadn't even been two weeks of interaction.It surprises me to no end that being educated such is the thinking. I'am not sure how it will be if iv to interact with someone else tom. I will be glad to hear any honest thoughts if there would be such a situation before any of u tom.and if anyone wishes to give advice I am equally glad to listen. Thanks a ton.
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