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Found 2 results

  1. My sister is getting married in a few weeks (hopefully if the government say it's still safe). I feel sorry for her as we can't all get together as a family and do anything. It's really hard for me with my situation but I honestly want to make sure that she has the best experience possible. Does anyone have any ideas for what we can do to make the weeks before her wedding special at home? I've planned a home spa day.
  2. We all know that Muslims are hell bent on converting everyone in the world to Islam wether they be so called extreemist ones or moderate they all want the same thing. To this there is no doubt. They have turned whole countries into islamic nations so that no other faith even stands a chance.At the moment while we are going about our normal everyday lifes. Muslims are plotting and scheming to convert. Look how many american prisoners become muslim which is the same as the uk. They shove the narrative to the black christian. That Christianity is a racist faith. They have managed to cause so much destruction in the world since Islam's inception in the 7th century with wars and mass conversions through force. We cant turn back time, we can only concentrate on the future. Ie lets look at places were Islam will try and take over. African continent. Almost half is already muslim. South america Europe Asia We all know what is happening right in front of us but why dont non muslims do anything to stop its spread? Its like we all complain about rising muslim populations and problems muslims cause such as implemting sharia ect, forced conversion, grooming ect. But does the average man actually do anything to stop it progress?? There is a saying, 'Bad things happen when good people do nothing' I am only advocating using peaceful methods to stop Islams spread. Why dont all non muslims religions set up some kind of group or organisation to combat conversions and islams spread. Anyone have idead of what each of us can proactiveley do to stop islam in the europe at least as this is where we are based. Before the whole of europe becomes muslim. There are some things we have no control of. But there is defiantly things we can do. My ideas so far Stop islamic mass migration to europe. Lets lobby goverments to get a grip with out of control migration. Ban islamic hate preachers ie have stronger laws against these people. Deport them. protest against halal food outlets - Animal cruelty support ex muslim organisations boycott bollywood which helps love jihad fourish. By depicting so called ugly khans as handsome and nice. While depicting Non muslim actors as bad. more to be added.
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