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Found 113 results

  1. I just had a thought after discovering many unseen pics of Sikh history and other Sikh texts which have been forgotten (just about) online, that there must have been Sikhs who stored Lala Jagat Narain's garbage and other anti-Sikh media reports in Indian newspapers somewhere. Pictures, videos, newspaper cuttings etc if someone has such material then can you please let me know? I will be very happy to receive such material to spread on social media etc. Especially any material related to controversial actions of Punjab Police etc.
  2. Alleged Atrocities Committed by War Criminal Brar in June 1984 Attack on The Golden Temple A cursory glance at the more heavily GOI propagandised Indian newspapers, shows that opposition by the Indian National Congress Party (itself, by no means united on this issue), to the memorial to the martyrs of the June 1984 attack on Shree Harimandir Sahib, shows no signs of abating anytime soon. When considered with the wider perspective of a minor alleged assault on Brar, the hysteria eagerly whipped up by collaborating media about the memorial is a sure way of deflecting attention away from its self-created problems that threaten to topple its government. It is a tried, tested and proven method of scaring the Indian electorate into allowing Congress to retain its loose grip on a population that is day by day losing confidence in its ability to properly utilise the vast funds available for its disposal (as the GOI). At least, that is, to the benefit of anyone other than its senior ministers and their families(!) See "Robert Vadra" and "Salman Khurshid" (for a couple of more recent shambles out of the broader series of illicit dealings to emerge from the corrupt Congress machine). Revelations about rampant corruption within the Congress Party are now emerging so fast that a new exposee emerges before the last had any time to settle down. It must be ruing the day Anna Hazare came out of nowhere to emerge as its nemises. The way things stand, Congress looks set to receive a humiliating drubbing at the next polls. Its UPA allies are already withdrawing support and we haven't even reached election time. Amidst this backdrop, it becomes clear why the Congress Party is reverting to its yellowy divisive and diversionary politics of yesteryear (think "Indira" and "Rajiv"). Its desparation will only increase as it approaches the Elections, so expect to see more of the same. That's why I see the minor alleged assault on Brar as part of the above struggle to retain power. Therefore, I am not too concerned with the Congress Party controlled Indian media spin on Brar. The truth will out. And to an extent, much of it already has. Let the investigation reveal the rest. I have read some excellent articles by several commentators, not least by T Sher Singh, Dal Khalsa and SF-UK, which in my opinion are the best pieces of analysis I have read on the topic, that have already comprehensively taken Brar's allegations apart to pieces and ripped his continuously changing story to shreds. Enough has probably already been said about the Brar alleged minor "assault" episode/stunt.
  3. New Punjabi film Sadda Haq on 1984 and post issues faced by panth. What do you think, will this help the Sikh cause of getting Khalistan, invoke discipline in Sikhs in Punjab (those influenced by drugs) or just present Sikhs as terrorists? WHAT DO U THINK?
  4. Guys look at the pics of the actress playing Indra in upcoming Bollywood movie on this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Reality-of-india/107353212748348?ref=ts&fref=ts
  5. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I have a plea to make to anyone reading this, this plea is in regards to a Singh living in a foreign country for more than a decade. Singh is tomorrow going to talk with a politician regarding political asylum in his chosen nation. Singh needs official documents regarding what India is doing to Sikhs, that is human rights violation etc. It will be greatly appreciated if reports, and websites which can help Singh prove his point can be provided before 3,0, clock tomorrow. Three o clock New Zealand time. Thank u ji.
  6. Well I have seen alot of guys believing absolute myths about Pakistan... So , as probably the only person on this forum with Pakistani Muslim background , I would like to say few things... First thing Sikhs should understand is this ... Pakistan is the most "pro-Sikh" state in whole South Asia .... Sikhs in Pakistan have full rights..they work as doctors , policemen , engineers , pharmacists , technicians , politicians , singers , and even as Army officers ! The Islamic Republic of Pakistan treats Sikhs with outmost respect... Comparison between India and Pakistan when it comes to Sikhs : There are few things I'd like to point-out... Read and decide it for yourself...... 1-Pakistan recognize "Sikhism" as completely separate , independent , and unique religion...While India doesn't even recognize Sikhism. Sikhism is a mere 'branch of Hinduism' under Indian constitution... 2- In Pakistan , Sikhs have their own separate "marriage act" for decades now and they marry as "Sikh" on 'Sikh marriage forum' ...Whereas in India..Indian state didn't give Sikhs any marriage act..Sikhs married , throughout Indian history , on "Hindu marriage forums" ... 3- Pakistani state NEVER persecuted Sikhs or even touched their holy sites... Do I even need to mention what Indian state did in 1984? All these things are the reasons due to which Pakistani Sikhs consider themselves lucky that they left in Pakistani Punjab and didn't go to Indian Punjab... Listen it from the mouth of Sikhs themselves... See how Pakistani state care for its Sikh citizens..When terrorists killed two Sikhs (Others were saved by Pakistan Army!) ... Pakistan's deputy attorney general cleaned shoes of Sikhs in Amritsar , Golden Temple , Pakistan Gurdwaras etc ... "Pakistan's deputy attorney-general is to clean the shoes of thousands of devotees at India's Golden Temple in Amritsar in 'penance' for the beheading of a Sikh in Peshawar two years ago. After spending several hours polishing the shoes of worshippers at Gurdwara Sisganj in New Delhi on Monday, where he was part of a Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association delegation, Muhammad Khurshid Khan left for Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple and the centre of the Sikh religion, to clean thousands more." http://www.telegraph...den-Temple.html Now compare that treatment with Indian state's treatment of Sikhs? In the light of all this... I request members to give your insight....What do you think about Pakistan? What do you think about Pakistani Punjab and Punjabi people residing in Pakistan? Why you dislike Pakistan? Why you like Pakistan? Lets have a friendly discussion here...May be we can learn alot from eachother and remove our misconceptions about eachother...Afterall , we are the sons of same land...same Punjab!
  7. VJKK VJKF SANGAT JI! Im going india in november, and i wanted a list of gurdwaras/takhts in punjab to visit, im arriving at amritsar airport, so ill be going to sri harmandar sahib for isnaans etc, and sri akaal takht, and i planned to go to gurdwara bauli sahib where im gonna do the 84 steps jap ji sahib, and manikaran sahib (which isnt in punjab) and gurdwara san sahib lol, so yeah if anyone knows of other gurdwaras to go to please inform me =) oh yeah, im going to Takht sri anandpur sahib, and takht sri damdama sahib aswell
  8. http://zeenews.india.com/news/punjab/bibi-jagir-kaur-gets-5-year-jail-term_767083.html PLEASE READ THIS! i cannot believe this has not been mentioned already. The pardhaan of Gravesend Gurdwara's wife has been imprisoned for murdering a woman in India. The son of the pardhaan is also the mayor. WHY ARE THEY ROAMING AROUND THINKING THEY'RE SOMETHING SPECIAL?!?!!?!
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I would just like to ask about the borders of a future Sikh nation if it where to exist. Many people include the whole of Himachal Pradesh as well as Haryana and parts of Rajasthan. Some maps even include Delhi. For those of you that support the formation of Khalistan, would you just like the current Indian state of Punjab to secede from India or would you like these other areas as well, despite them having a majority Hindu population. Also, from both a Sikh and Punjabi nationalist point of view, why is their no agitation to include West Punjab i.e. Pakistani Punjab into the proposed new nation. Would you not like to include Nankana Sahib in the new nation, as well as cities like Lahore which have a lot of historical significance. There is no doubt that human rights abuses take place in India, but should there not also be action or protests against Pakistan and their treatment of minorities. Or do you remain silent over the issue because you need the support of the Pakistani government for any activity against India. Surely you should campaign for the inclusion of the Sikhs in Pakistan and West Punjab in to a future state of Khalistan, yet I only see you protesting against the Indian government and I always see a lot of hatred for India. I am not trying to stir up hatred toward any group. I am just curious to why certain areas of India where there is not a Sikh majority are included in your proposed state, whereas areas of Pakistan where Sikhs exist but are in minority are not.
  10. Guest

    Disability In India

    Hi everyone, I'm writing about disability in India/America for a class of mine. Does anyone have first-hand experience on manners relating to them, a loved one, or anyone, involved with a disability that is neglected? Do any of you feel people with disabilities in India (or outside India) are neglected and not taken seriously? Thank you!
  11. Source: Times of India timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Why-Balwant-Singh-Rajoana-never-appealed-against-his-death-sentence/articleshow/12458451.cms Balwant Singh Rajoana was to be executed on March 31. This would have been the first execution in India since 2004. His execution has been stayed - for the time being - in response to the rising whirlpool of politics that's engulfed Punjab on this issue. That India should sully its record again after 8 years with state sanctioned murder is a matter of distress, but this consideration seems largely removed from the politics of Rajoana's execution. However even in addition to principled opposition to the death penalty, the cynical considerations swirling around his execution, the specifics of the case itself are significant. Opposition to capital punishment is removed from the specifics of the case, basing the argument on human rights, the range and extent of power given to the State, citizen's right to equality before law, the inherent arbitrariness in the exercise of power by individual state functionaries, and irrevocability of the punishment especially given the possibility of wrongful conviction. In contrast, the proponents of capital punishment argue on the specifics, seeking justification in the heinousness of the crime, recidivism, retribution, and deterrence. In this the proponents are almost vigilante in their perspective, with their preoccupation with punishment for the alleged lawbreaker than the state, its powers and processes, and civil liberties Nevertheless in this instance, the specifics too raise some disturbing questions. Balwant Singh is on death row for his role in the suicide bombing of the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh in 1995. 17 persons, including the Chief Minister were killed. The history has some relevance. Punjab had been racked by insurgency since the seventies, with the regional autonomy movement progressively hardening into a secessionist movement over the decades. President's Rule was established in 1987 in the aftermath of Operation Bluestar and the Sikh pogrom in Delhi in 1984. After five years of President Rule checkered by militancy and heavy police crackdown, elections were called in 1992, but were postponed twice. Protesting that the elections were unlikely to be "free and fair", the Sikh parties boycotted the elections. With voter turnout in the low twenties, Beant Singh's ascendancy was widely disparaged by the Sikhs as lacking legitimacy. Militancy and consequent police clampdown continued unabated. Beant Singh was assassinated in 1995 by suicide bomber Dilawar Singh, aided by Balwant Singh and others. During trial, Balwant Singh refused counsel, asking instead to be allowed to represent himself. He did not cross-examine witnesses. He was awarded the death penalty. In 2009, when his death sentence came for conviction in the High Court [as part of the legal process], he again refused counsel and asked to be allowed to argue his own case. His intent in each instance was not to seek acquittal. In the 14 years that the case made its way from the trial court to the High Court, Balwant Singh held to his story, claiming that he strapped the bomb on to the body of Dilawar Singh. The High Court, noting that there was no evidence in favour of Balwant Singh in order to "have a second thought on the murder reference of Balwant Singh, coupled with his three confessional statements, there is no other alternate with us but to confirm" the death penalty. Balwant also refused to appeal against the death penalty administratively through mercy petition to the Governor and/or President. In a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court, he writes, "legal system, judicial system of this Country and the rulers of this Country have been discriminating" [and that] "slavery of such system is not acceptable to me". In embracing 17 years of imprisonment including solitary confinement and ultimate execution, Balwant Singh is making a political statement. In his letter and statements, he brings out his search for justice in the democratic framework, his feeling of marginalization and his desire for rebellion. He sees the injustice of the swiftness of response when a five star hotel in Mumbai is under siege and the dilatory tactics of commissioning enquiry committees without any accountability for the thousands who perished in the 1984 Sikh pogrom. He writes, "thousands of Sikhs were massacred. It is submitted that these murderers have neither been punished nor been punished by any Court of law of the country even after 25 years [...] Here I would like to ask your Lordship that the persons who have killed thousands of innocent xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx [redacted] are not the terrorists. Why not the law of the nation, [redacted] try to interfere in the matter. On the contrary, when the hotels of Mumbai are attacked then the military of the country immediately interferes. The commandos of Delhi initiate immediate action after reaching Delhi. This is made to known as to which in which village the assailants reside in [redacted]. Contrary to it, the [redacted] of [redacted] of people in Delhi could not be identified. How the security can be assured without the law when everybody knows the killers" [sic]. He locates the justification for the suicide bombing in this persecution by the state (as per his contention) and the lack of accountability saying in a statement to the District and Sessions Judge, Patiala, "conscience of a person have self respect refuses to accept the authority of callous rulers. Such feels instigate a person for becoming human bomb rather than to become a human being [sic]" The purpose of this article is not to romanticize Balwant Singh or terrorism. But surely some introspection is required when an obviously bright individual seeks political expression in the rejection of the "democratic" government itself even at the cost of his own life? Our democratic systems are discriminating - on class, caste, and religious lines. After 64 years of democracy, which by definition means people's control over the state to ensure propagation of their interests, more than 3 quarters of our country still ekes out a living on just Rs 20 per day. In our ostensibly secular state, all significant minorities have been persecuted (1984, 1992, 2002, 2008) without any accountability. Likewise the constitutional promise of equality before rule of law is flouted routinely. The poor are routinely displaced, their rights violated, their very being often declared illegal. The poor overwhelmingly populate our jails; around 70% are under-trials, not convicts. The death penalty too is disproportionately administered to the poor. Balwant Singh's execution is now embroiled in cynical politics from all sides, however whatever the outcome, we all share some blame in perpetuation of a system where meaningful political expression, redress and justice is denied to all but a small minority. (Ruchi Gupta works in a think tank in Delhi. The views expressed are her own.)
  12. Protest in London, FRIDAY 23rd March, against the hanging of Balwant Singh Rajoana who helped bring justice to the Chief Minister of Punjab (the killer of hundreds of young Sikhs). Bhai Sahib is giving up his life because of his decision to stop a mass murderer This protest has been organised by YOUTH sangat and we encourage ALL the youth to attend, give their views and support! Opposite- High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA Do not sit back while the gems of the Panth continue to be taken from us. PLEASE spread the word and if possible, speak to your local gurudwaras about arranging a coach/transport! WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUNG, ENGLISH SPEAKERS TO GIVE THEIR THOUGHTS 12-4PM
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