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Found 2 results

  1. Here's this criminal UK paki muslim guy admitting he got mental problems and he taking medication for it and probably falsely accusing this prisoner probation officer of trying to punch him when he probably didnt and his mental disillusion made him think that he did. Here he preaching against muslim girls working in sikh owned shops (probably in southall) and against Sikhism. Here's he saying hindu and sikh girls should be given dawah and converted to islam So as you can see Islam and other abrahmic faiths like Christianity make people mentally ill by feeding their already low intelligence vulnerable or damaged minds with extremist thoughts and uncivilized nonsense.
  2. PUBLIC CONVERSIONS TO ISLAM – SUNDAY 25th JULY On the 25th July is the Annual Rally for Islam in Trafalgar Square – Sikhs and Hindus(and other non-muslims) urgently needed In 1995 Sikh girls publicly converted and made fun of the Sikh Gurus with the Muslim audience cheering and laughing; these types of activities have continued. In 2002 arrests were made as the speakers made pro-terrorism comments, relating to Bin Laden and Al-Queida. For Rally for Islam 2004 Al-Muhajiroun have decided to focus their attention on converting Hindus and Sikhs to Islam. We are the “Kufars” or disbelievers, who will burn in hellfire if we do not convert. The situation is already notorious as we know many Muslims will date and go out with Sikh/Hindu girls in university, as the exposed H.U.T. plans have shown. The Real Khilafah Movement letter says “We need to send out our boys to bring the Sikh girls into the umma or community of Islam”. The Al-Muhajiroun website has stated on their website for this event “The British public will once again witness many non-Muslims: previously Jews, Christians, Hindus & Sikhs (idol worshippers), Atheists, Socialists etc giving up their false beliefs and ideologies in order to embrace the divine way of life which Islam offers to them openly and publicly.” They also say “As for the Sikhs, acknowledge, that as a man-made system your belief is really just a hotpot of different religions and opinions “jumbled together”.” There will be a large Jatha of Singhs and Singhnees protesting at this event, peacefully protesting. It is absolutely vital that you attend becaus e currently extremist Muslims believe that Sikhs are easy to convert, weak in faith and frightened of them. We will show them that Sikhs are still lions and will stand up for their faith. Any Sikh youth who wears a kara on their arm, yet does not raise their arm in protest at this event by cowering at home, should not wear a kara at all. Any Singh or Singhnee youth who wears a dastar on their head, should remove it if their head cannot be counted at this event. All young, fit Singhs should be present if they think they are children of the Guru. We must remember the sacrifices of Guru Arjun Dev Ji for Sikhi against the Muslims, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji protecting faith from the Muslims, Bhai Fauja Singh Ji protecting Guru Ji and the countless other Shaheeds. Please make arrangements to get to this event, Sunday 25th July, at Trafalgar Square in Central London. We will be meeting outside the park and the Jatha will then enter to distribute literature and make their presence known. More specific details will be circulated nearer the time. To not make our presence known at this event, turns the Khalsa lions into mice and spits on the memory of past Shaheeds. A muslim group in UK called 'Al-Muhajiroun' has given the following press release: http://www.jihadunspun.com/intheatre_inter...&list=/home.ppa An Invitation To Sikhs And Hindus To Embrace The Truth Jul 13, 2004 Press Release: Al-Muhajiroun, UK Hundreds of Muslims from across the UK are set to converge in London’s Trafalgar Square on the 25th of July for the Annual Rally for Islam. This year will be the 9th anniversary of the rally and promises to be the best yet. The British public will once again witness many non-Muslims: previously Jews, C hristians, Hindus & Sikhs (idol worshippers), Atheists, Socialists etc giving up their false beliefs and ideologies in order to embrace the divine way of life which Islam offers to them openly and publicly. Debates and discussions on the inimitability of the Qur’an and the finality of the Message (of Islam) from God through the Messenger Muhammad (saw) will be held, with an invitation for all present to either refute Islam or accept its superiority. The speakers will also set out to present Islam as the only real future for Britain and indeed the World in terms of maintaining Honesty, Home-land Security, Morality, Mental well being, Family protection, continued scientific and material progress, psychological health as well as providing a comprehensive code for humanity to live their life by. The Square will also host a number of Marquees presenting various aspects of Islam such as its unique economic system able to solve the problems of inflation, the hoarding of wealth and the fair distribution of resources -Islam’s unique social system which eradicates the exploitation of the sexes and eliminates promiscuity, pornography and <admin-profanity filter activated> deviancy and Islam’s ruling system based upon the concept of sovereignty for God alone, where man is not a dictator (like Bush or Blair) but rather God’s trustee on Earth managing mankind’s affairs according to God’s infallible law...etc... Here is a message to all the Sikhs and Hindus; put your pride to one side and accept the Truth. Yes, Islam, the religion that you detest the most is really the only religion that will help you when you leave this life. To the Hindu’s; forget the caste system and all the fuss about reincarnation and accept the fact that everybody is equal in the eyes of God and all will be accounted on the Day of Judgement. As for the Sikhs, acknowledge, that as a man-made system your belief is reall y just a hotpot of different religions and opinions “jumbled together”. The fierce disagreements between Muslims and Hindu’s have been going since the advent of Islam. Historically, the effect of Islam in the Indian sub-continent region was instant. Its emphasis on One God corrected many of the social issues and “mystical” beliefs associated with Hinduism at the time. The caste system was seen in its true nature; a racist structure geared to preserve the rich over the poor. Islam offered those at the bottom of the organization a way of being equal and simultaneously having a belief system that fitted naturally with the human self. The Hindu tradition of worshipping idols was (and still is) seen as a major act of ignorance, as creation can never worship creation, particularly when there is a Creator who has designed and established everything from apples to zebras. Also, the heavy emphasis on superstition places the individual under much stress in his daily life. Islam in comparison has no place for false notions as everything is under the control of Almighty God therefore dismissing any talk of good or bad luck. As mentioned, Islam corrected the numerous inadequacies Hinduism imposed on society; thus impressing on intellectuals such as Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism) that the religion of Muhammad (saw) was in fact the truth. However, Nanak could not accept Islam in its entirety so chose just the key features that favoured him and the people. However, because Sikhism is man-made it has many weaknesses, all Sikhs must ponder the following: Firstly, the religion lacks depth and is easily brainwashed by more dominant systems. Hinduism still has a great influence on the Sikhs as the caste system highlight – the idea that everyone is equal in the eyes of God is rarely practised by the Sikhs, as inter-caste marriage is still a taboo subject. Secondly, Nanak made no claims to divini ty or to kinship with God and did not want to be worshipped as a kind of prophet (K.Singh, 1953). But, today many Sikhs do this by hanging a picture of Nanak and directing their prayers towards it. Thirdly, unlike Islam where the doctrine has stood firm for over 1400 years, Sikhism has evolved; taking in new directions with every new Guru. Key elements of the religion have been dramatically altered such as the treatment of the dead; in Nanak’s time they were buried whereas today they are cremated. Surely, these facts that are just a scratch on the surface emphasise the lack of Divinity found in this belief. Islam offers the individual and society peace, happiness and security as everybody acknowledges his and her Creator, Allah (swt). All the problems that man faces are not sorted out via various mystical ritual acts but through having Trust in Allah (swt). Islam is the religion for the whole of Mankind, whether somebody comes from Africa, Asia or Europe. Furthermore, the love of money, which is so rife in both Hinduism and Sikhism, forcing some people to be treated or considered insignificant because they do not have the latest BMW or Mercedes, is considered unimportant in Islam. The good deeds of an individual in this life and worthwhile actions that are not motivated by economic reasons will help the Believer to attain blissful happiness in Paradise. The Seal of Messengers, Prophet Mohammad (saw) said that at the lowest level of Paradise each person will have up to 10,000 servants! Another saying of the Holy Prophet (saw) was in relation to the love of this life to the Hereafter. He said (saw) the material life of this world is like a drop of water whereas all the delights in the next life are equivalent to the Ocean. So, the message to any Sikh and Hindu is do your research and ask yourself "are you Sikh or Hindu because you really want to be or is it because your parents are ". Remember, on the Day of Judgment, no religion will be accepted from Allah except Islam. Come to Trafalgar Square on the 25th July 2004 and give up your false beliefs and accept the perfect and embrace Deen of Al-Islam. “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [EMQ 3:85] For more information, visit www.muhajiroun.com
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