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  1. Indian muslims already got their homelands of pakistan and bangladesh in 1947 and 1971 if they dont like it in india they are free to seek refugee in those nations or any 50 muslim nations. To try gift them more nations out of what remains of dharmic lands is insane and suicidial idea for Sikhs as it would surround a tiny Sikh punjab to be called khalistan boxed in by muslims of so called "urdistan", kashmir and pakistan. Sikhs4Justice and pannu has lost their minds.
  2. The report author invited all of those convicted to be interviewed in his review. Only one agreed. "There was a complete lack of remorse," said Mr Spicer, who cannot identify which abuser he interviewed. "In fact he didn't accept that he'd done anything wrong... He felt the victims were responsible for their own abuse." The report continued: "If convicted for rape in his home country, he would be beheaded or buried up to the neck and stoned. "He was asked about what he thought about the United Kingdom and influences in his education. "He said you can get anything here - any sex, drugs, alcohol. There is no control. He spoke in a derogatory way about lack of morals in British girls and did not go with Muslim girls because there are not many of them." This review was unable to establish a true understanding of the offending carried out by perpetrators. https://news.sky.com/story/newcastle-gangs-abused-adults-and-children-with-arrogant-persistence-review-finds-11263201
  3. Imagine your a muslim or a christian and you wanted to groom and a convert a unbelieving hell bound individual as per your backward ideology. How would you go about it? I'm trying to understand the mindset of these parasites so we can develop strategies to counter then and protect our vulnerable youths from their propaganda techniques.
  4. I read a news article recently that predicts that the muslim population of the UK will tripple by 2050 so at the moment they are about 2-3 million so by 2050 it will be 9 million which is 12% of the population. And as we know by demographics trends of islam once islamic population reaches about 10% then lives and rights of non-muslim host communities start to get trampled on. Already they are not even 5% and they are posing threats to our own different unique ethnic and religious communities. So what can be the possible solutions by those moronic appeasing politicians in european governments apart from drastic solution of banning islam or civil war with muslims which will probably come again like the balkans war of 90s but far worse. Strangely and coincidentally also it seems the A.I singularity is also due in the 2050's meaning A.I robotic machines will surpass human intelligence and most jobs will fall to robots and so the surplus human population stock will not be required for work and thus will be a burden for governments to sustain. This maybe a bit far fetched but plausible theory ....but Is the islamic demographic time bomb the convenient solution ...the convenient fall guy....which will be used to blame for social unrest in society while the elites in their protected and insulated ivory towers enjoy the high life away from the deadly violence and chaos that they know was coming because they planned the chess pieces in place for such a scenario to happen.
  5. I've been noticing this trend of so called "white flight" where the white people fled area's in the west where non-white communities had migrated into. However this is usually seen in the lense of the whites being racist and they only wanting to be with their own race of people. I however disagree I dont think its a mostly racist migration of whites to "white area's" I would say its a flight from area's that become more economically poor or culturally they cant relate to. So the area where I lived in the UK changed from being a quite mixed white, hindu, sikh, muslim, black area to one where the muslims had taken over demographically by sheer numbers either through immigration from other counties, conversions or large birth rate population over the years. And I noticed the whites, hindus and Sikhs gradually move out of these area's rather than stay and "fight" for their home towns/streets. The economically well off non-muslims fled to better off area's where there was more affluence and where they was more people like them living there. And where once hard working friendly hindu's sikhs whites dominating these high street shops and areas where I lived now I only seen halal food outlets, women in burka's and muslims and black and mixed race council estate hooded face covered chav's bringing a dark threatening environment. And as the muslims moved in those economically deprived but reasonable socially cohesive area's then that area went further downhill fast into higher crime and less friendly and safe environment on the streets. Similarly this is true of other area's in the world where muslims migrate to non-muslim lands and area's at the determent of that area/nation and slow fleeing of that non-muslim population to other area's. But I am wondering where will they flee to when Islam eventually creepingly like a long dark evil shadow takes over populations and area's. In my view there will come a time where there is no area or land available for non-muslims to flee to they will have to either submit to islam or give a fight response if they are to retain their unique religious or cultural identity or practices.
  6. As you can see from the tweet above, this sikh girl has an issue with a celeb white woman who has merely stated facts that Guru Arjan Dev Ji was martyred by muslims. Can that be classed as islamophobia (fear of islam) as this naive Sikh girl is alleging in her tweet? Why shouldn't be there a fear of Islam if Islam is seeking to dominate, discrimination, subjugate, kill and destroy non-muslim ways of life and nations? And why is she defending islam from getting attacked anyways and yet nothing about defending Sikhi and Sikhs? What strategies should be used to help these young idiots realise they should be defending their faith and fellow Sikhs first over others.
  7. Either this guy is mentally ill or is sane and a complete disgrace to his family and Sikh community. He is a druggie and alcoholic got into a car crash which killed his muslim mate and now he has converted to islam to make up for his muslim mates death. What kinda madness is going inside the heads of some of our youth? I'm guessing and suspect his muslim mate was a drug dealer and other criminal muslims within his social circle have pressurized and probably threatened him to convert or suffer consequences. I know there is a huge problem in UK prisons also with muslim criminals in gangs forcing non-muslims to convert on jail or suffer physical attacks. ================ ‘I’m converting to Islam to atone for my friend’s death’ 11 May 2017 STRATFORD A Sikh driver who killed his friend after a drink and drugs binge has been jailed for four years and 10 months. Gurvinder Mudhar, 25, downed vodkas mixed with energy drinks and smoked cannabis two hours before he flipped his Honda Civic, killing 31-year-old Zeigum Mohammed. Mudha, who had no driving license or insurance and comes from a Sikh family, has since converted to Islam to ‘atone’ for killing his Muslim friend. He swerved in and out of traffic and… source: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/im-converting-islam-atone-friends-death/
  8. Hi I am not sikh but hindu punjabi however I do have Sikh relatives and learning about sikhi online. I came to this forum to ask for advice my older sister whose over 21 now and has run off with a muslim guy of pakistani origin and rumors are that she was pregnant so felt she had to run away and converted to islam for him. She is currently living in a flat on rent with him but she wont tell us where exactly they staying. We live in a muslim dominated part of the UK where muslims out number non-muslims in schools and colleges and it was at college that she started to secretly date muslim guys but she never told me about this until recently. Recently I found out she was seeing a guy secretly who she had met from instagram, our family isnt very religious but they believe in pundits and babay and go mandir and bhawans time to time. So to find out my sister might have converted to islam is a massive shock for us and has put added trouble in the family where we have got a bad name now in the community. When I last spoke to my sis she said she loved this guy and she wants to marry him. I feel as if I should have stepped in sooner to stop from all this happening but now i think its too late. What if anything can I do to make her see sense or bring her back into the family? Our family isnt the only one who are experiencing this crisis I have learn many other british indian families also are suffering the same thing happening to their daughters and sisters.
  9. "Maulana Muhammad Usman Ludhianwi recalled that when the Phagwara Jama Masjid was regained in 1950, only three persons were present when the first prayer was conducted, viz., Maulana Khalilur Rahman himself and his brothers Mufti Saedur Rahman Ludhianwi and Mufti Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi. But today there are so many Muslims in the area. " http://www.milligazette.com/news/15200-another-mosque-returned-to-muslims-in-punjab-india
  10. Forest Gate man murdered pregnant wife in a fit of rage Mohammed Badiuzzaman has admitted killling Sabeen Thandi Kay Atwal, Chief Reporter Tuesday, May 6, 2014 3:53 PM A controlling man who strangled his pregnant wife, leaving her three children without a mother, has pleaded guilty to her murder at the Old Bailey today. Sabeen Thandi's body was found at her Forest Gate home on July 7 last year Mohammed Badiuzzaman, 35, a security guard of no fixed abode, murdered Sabeen Thandi in a fit of rage on July 7 last year after discovering that she had begun a relationship with someone else. Mohammed Badiuzzaman began a relationship with Sabeen Thandi, 37, in November 2012 and moved into her property in January 2013. He became controlling and forced her to wear a hijab. In April 2013 he pressured her into an Islamic marriage. He even tried to sell her home by pretending he was the owner to estate agents. He refused to let her go out on her own and would not let her travel to and from work as a doctors receptionist. By June 14 2013 she had had enough of Mohammed and visited a solicitors in Watford. Three days later, Watford County Court put in place a non-molestation order against Mohammed preventing him from entering the her home in Disraeli Road, Forest Gate. She feared for her safety and the safety of her three children. Two days later Mohammed forced her to revoke the order, telling her she would never see her son again if she did not. When it became clear that Sabeen Thandi had been forced to attend the solicitors office they called police. Mohammed Badiuzzaman was arrested on suspicion of threats to kill and unlawful imprisonment. He was later released. In the early hours of July 7 last year officers were called to Disraeli Road after an abandoned call was made from the address. Mohammed Badiuzzaman answered the door and told officers there was only himself and his daughter in the address. When officers entered the property and asked Mohammed where the children’s mother was, he said she had not returned from work. Officers found her lifeless body in a bedroom. She had been strangled. Mohammed was arrested for her murder. Detective Inspector Euan McKeeve said: “Mohammed learnt that Sabeen had begun a relationship with someone else and murdered his wife in a fit of rage. “This tragedy has left three children without a loving mother in the prime of her life.” He is due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey on May 27. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the actions of officers from the MPS as well as Hertfordshire Police.
  11. clearly many punjabi sikh youths especially from Canada have been neglected for a long time and the results are evident the moneh youth have zero knowledge about Sikhi all the know about is bhangra, drinking, getting laid and their evil caste mentality .....basically punjabi atheists in thinking and actions When amankaur84 says the truth that Sikhs should only marry other Sikhs....look at what these morons are saying (sohena kaur, juggy gill and inderpreet singh and others) that is ok to marry a non-sikh? Have they not been taught Sikh history how sacrifices were made so that our religion survived and now these ungrateful rats think its ok to discard all Sikh norms and traditions and help the haters of Sikhism decrease the Sikh influence in a persons life and demographic population. Ask most muslim youths who they should marry and they will say muslim only, ask a jewish and they say jewish only. It seems our youth have been so badly brainwashed and have not been given guidance how to think in a Sikh way that they have drifted so far into atheism and wishy washy 3HO hippy kind of thinking, where everthing is permitted that is in western culture but isnt allowed in sikh religion and culture.
  12. I think this speech has to be the most intelligent and concise speech EDL's leader tommy has given yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7cmijwvpD4
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