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  1. Guest


    I got a job offer working at a supermarket as a delivering driver, but each time I will be out delivering there most of the time I will have to pick up meat in the bag, I didn't think this was a problem as I am not physically touching the meat but jus lifting the bag, never less i went to the gurdwara today and as I know the granthi singh there he told me you cannot work there as I am amritdhari and you should not touch meat even in bags, I asked a few other singhs they said same to me as well, i am in 2 minds now over what to do, what shall I do???
  2. SSA Sangat ji... I am still going to school making my A levels.... In the last. Recently I have many toughts about my future.. I dont really know what I want to be!! I mean I have no real interests... I just play some games on computer, and search trough Sikhi (Sikh videoes, kathas all stuff about Sikhi)after I come home from school... then I watch some youtube videos.. and the day is over.. On weeknds I go jobbing... Almost every day is the same! My grades are average/good .. I donĀ“t study at all .. I just pay attention to the lessen.. and get my grades.. I am the kind of person who never learns or very rarely learns for tests and stuff.. And if I have to hand out homeowkr I alway do it on the deadline! For example I have to hand out an presentation at the 20.th december, I will start on the 19.th at 9 pm and will finish it at 1 -2 am .... I dont know why?!?! I try everything to do my work earlier but nothing helps... I always end up doing my work a day before deadline ! What is wrong with me?? I just browse youtube and read stuff related to Sikhi , Sikhi is my only REAL interesting... Why is this so?? I sometimes think to stop my a levels and just search for a job ... But I fear my parents.. they want me to become a docotr or stuff... They would never accept a bad occucipation for me... but I just want to work.. I am done with school and stuff this is just annoying for me... I mean my parents would be very sad if I would become a secreterial or something like that.. I just dont know... everything is fckd up please help me...... and give solutions...
  3. Hello *first of all sorry for my bad english, it is not so easy to read and understand* i would like to know what kind of jobs are ok for sikhs or not? Or is there no any special job? Why do i ask? I studied Business Studies. But i feel not happy with that. Really not. I was wondering for years why do i have absolutely no motivation about it? I dropped out. I felt always good with operation jobs while my studies. Like Mc donalds or manufacturing and so. But other side i felt not happy because i thought that these kind of jobs are so uneducated and i felt so stupied with that. i didnt like to agree that i like these kind of jobs i prefere. I forced myself to finish my studies. But without motivation so i was not able. But i wasted the time just by fighting with myself. Last year again i made further education in tourism and business because i have this business level due to my business studies, although i feel no interest. if i knew that 10 years ago i had start a technical education trainee as technican or similar. Now i will finish the tourism thing soon but i feel not happy with that. i think about to look for jobs as manufacturing operative only. I like to work with hands. Production or street work. Jobs which show me any success or which are useful for society. but business i think are only benefit for myself or for whom who make a business which is waste. like a new tourism agency or so. i would even prefer to repair or clean the roads. because this is a duty which should be done. for everybody. to avoid accident for example.....and i feel useful. and i like that kind of duty. i dont like to sit on table making any calls for my boss....as a servant for any successful rich person who whatever just think about self or so.... after 10 years fight with myself i found it out now. i feel not guilty or bad anymore that i didnt finish my university. 10 years i was sad and feld shamed and bad and guilty and unsatisfied withmyself. This feeling was bad. the enemy was not that i was too stupid to study. I feel not that my enemy was just that i did not agree with my affection for simply jobs. because i thought i should study at university, else i am bad and stupid. Not i am proud to be what i am. But now i have the problem that i wasted so much time. at least i already could have work experiences about 10 years. but now i will start working for the first time in my life, without work experiences, without education. And my second problem is now.....the one whom i love didnt like me....for several things and i think he also didnt like me because i didnt study. thats why also i made that further education in tourism to make him happy. now really he again talk with me. after 1 year. or after he found out about my study. And i love him because he was so simple. He had a simple job and had a good figure. and was simple. no golden chains no special clothes. just work dress and 2 trousers and 2 shirts. But now i feel first time agreed with my simplicity. But now he totally changes. He seems business success obsessed, wear golden chains makes foto positions and seems soo arrogant. He totally changed. Whyyy??? I dont want to change. In my opinion it was never nice and special to wear golden things and lot dresses and so. i love simplicity. thats why i wanted to marry him. And he changed and love me now back because he think i also became business and success and arrogant. Whatever. my question was just about job. Is it ok to make normal job only like manufactoring operative in factory. For example automobile operative line jobs??????
  4. Guest


    WJKKWJKF Right il get to the point ernm iv got a telephone interview tomaro and i am preety nervous so i wondering if any of the sikh sangat members help me. the interview is with hsbc as a customer service
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