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Found 6 results

  1. Some say Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji did jhatka of goats and not of the Panj Pyare. Well one day a Dhadi got up and answerd it, “Thori kinde Maharaj ne bakre mare. Thori kinde Pyare da sees kataya. Sach aa ki vo bakre nahi c. Vo bakriyan c. Bakriyan da jhatka kita. Bakrea da nahi.”
  2. Backdoor to Britain (via Turkey): How airline passengers flying from 'red list' destinations are avoiding costly £1,750 UK quarantine by staying for 10 days in Istanbul hotels for a quarter of price Rules state people returning to UK from red list countries need hotel quarantine But UK regulations only impact people coming from red list areas in last ten days It means people are flying to non-red list destinations on the way back They stay there for ten days at fraction of the cost before flying home https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9548827/Airline-passengers-flying-red-list-destinations-avoiding-costly-1-750-UK-quarantine.html
  3. Due to the current Babas arrangements with the BJP failing and ending up being found guilty despite getting all his followers to vote for BJP there is a Vacancy for Baba at Jhoota Sauda Sirsa Must be a rapist, and have a criminal case. Willng to incite religioud violence, acting in Bollywood are essential Having a large vote bank is good and connections with corrupt politicans Must be dumb and illiterate and good at brainwashing millions of poor people
  4. A Story of an old Taxi Driver Sardar ji This is an incident happend which I came across thus sharing with you all as It has a great Moral for those who crack jokes on Sardars Request you all to pls watch and Share it to Maximum...
  5. We need to find out why this book was banned
  6. Most amount of clowns on one show ever! Every single pannel member is a hyprocrit and doesn't believe in ekta. If Park Ave stage sec and slough stage sec did, then why was Dhunda called to divide the sangat? Pritpal Singh, Jaswant Randhawa, Satty all known to openly cuss taksali's to southall sangat. Congrats, Could of chose a better, non political people to represent this ekta card!
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