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Found 2 results

  1. This is just some of the articles/videos. Who has this much time on their hands? Who gets paid to write all of this? Where is the funding and staff/employment coming from? Who is the RSS? Hmmmmm....... If RSS exists.....it has to be these missionaries/kala-afghanis/guru granth da khalsa panth people. These guys are absolutely pathetic. That's all they do. Put others down and create trouble/controversies/divisions. Save all of this,,,,as they are notorious for taking things down and acting as if they did nothing in the first place.
  2. When this whole thing started out, people I talked to couldn't beleive it when I was saying that Darshan has connection with Kala-Afghana, Sarna, Missionaries, etc. And then this happend: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/69887-darshan-ragi-kala-afgana-friends-chors-together/?hl=%2Bkala+%2Bafghana#entry564987 Then, people couldn't believe when I said that Dhunda associates with Ghagga, Thailand, Jeonwala, Darshan, etc. And then this happend: (And there's way more proof of Dhunda where that came from, but I want this thread to be focused on someone else.) And for a couple of years now (maybe 2.5 or 3) Bibi Inderpal has been regularly coming on a Saturday night Punjabi tv show called "Masti" in Canada. She would conduct the "Dhaarmik segment" at the beginning of the show. From the beginning I knew something was suspicious. She would do similar things missionaries do, such as going against babas, going against rituals...the usual tarksheel thing. Also, it was quite drama-like with the host of the show. She would be talking all softly and "intellectually" and the host of the show would always pump her up by acting amazed by what she's saying and smiling and laughing and saying "vah vah", etc. It looked like it was a drama or a setup or something to promote her. Slowly slowly, that is what happend. She starts speaking at/attending missionary events/conferences in banquet-halls. She gets chances to write articles on .org which is notorious for the amount of content they release on a daily basis. She also openly supports Dhunda when he is questioned by Akal Takhat Sahib. Need proof? Well, save/copy and paste/screenshot the following....as they end up taking it down. 1. She attends conferences like the following one in which there are speakers such as Thailand, Dilgeer and "Veer Bhupinder" (who has also been exposed in the past). These speakers such as Thailand, Dilgeer and Pal Purewal also post articles on website regularly as well. Here is one of her articles from the website: http://www..org/articles/2012/02%20Feb%2012/29%20Feb%2012%20Advise%20to%20wise%20-%20Inderpal%20Kaur.htm And here is an article comment which she fully supports Dhunda against Akal Takhat Sahib (her comment is right near the top of the comments which are at the bottom of the page): http://www..org/newspics/2012/01Jan2012/18Jan%2012/18%20Jan%2012%20Prof%20Dhoonda%20should%20go%20to%20AKT.htm Here is that same comment copy and pasted incase someone can't find it: " (facebook profile picture of herself) Inderpal Kaur (link to facebook account) pesh hona jaa naa hona, dono halata ch jathedara the ik mind set ban chuka already and oh asi sare jaande haan, lets put more mind to think how to make strong movement jad uhna chekan the plan saaf disda hai. guru rakha Reply · 7 · · January 17, 2012 at 6:05pm " You see that? Let me paste that special part for you again. "...lets put more mind to think how to make strong movement..." - Bibi Inderpal Don't let her soft voice, smile or tricks fool you. She's one of them. That whole meat video (from another thread in this forum) was just one of their tricks. Missionaries/Kala-Afghana don't have a handful of Parchaaraks anymore. They have MANY all around the world. Be aware.
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