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  1. Guest

    Going Disney Florida

    Dear forum members Has anyone been Disney Florida recently? any kirpan issues on entry? any help and information would be really helpful - thankyou sangat jee
  2. i was recently looking at kirpans and came across this and it made me think why not use a combat style knife, when this type looks similar and just bears the khanda on it, also should not the kirpan be a practical tool and well as a spiritual / Ang of ours and gift from Guru ji, would not any appropriate combat knife with a leather sheath and a khanda put on it and presented before Guru ji and an ardas offered be acceptable, please give your feelings and advice about this. bhul chuk maf ji.
  3. I am going to Thailand for First time for a vacation for 5 days. I am Amritdhari, And Kirpaan is very dear to me. Can I wear Kirpan in Thailand while on vacation?
  4. WJKK WJKF One of my relatives is getting married and is looking to buy a kirpan that looks like this. Anyone knows where you could get one in London or nearby? https://www.etsy.com/listing/953557841/damascus-steel-blade-silver-work?ref=cart
  5. https://www.mylondon.news/news/west-london-news/sikh-lawyer-treated-like-criminal-20379543 Sikh lawyer 'treated like a criminal' by court staff asked him to remove religious sword The lawyer describes the 'oppressive behaviour' after being asked to remove his Kirpan or be denied entry into the courtl use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Your information will be used in accordance with ourPrivacy Notice. A Sikh lawyer has described being “treated like a criminal” after he was told to remove his kirpan by court security at Ealing Magistrates Court last Thursday. Jaskeerat Singh Gulshan's brother was also asked to remove his Kirpan. A Kirpan is one of the five K’s in the Sikh religion. It is an article of faith and must be worn at all times by baptised Sikhs. It's often described as a dagger or a miniature sword, which is what it resembles, but that description is so far removed from the purpose of a Kirpan as to make it misleading. Jaskeerat, 29, and his brother arrived at Ealing Magistrates Court in West London on Thursday, April, 8, as support for a witness. Jaskeerat is co-founder of Sikh Lawyers Association and is an immigration and family lawyer. He has been attending courts for the past seven years. At Ealing Magistrates Court he was asked to remove his Kirpan or be denied entry. According to the Ministry of Justice’s official guidance, a Kirpan worn in court must have a 4 inch blade and 2 inch handle. Jaskeerat, who lives in Southall, disputed this with the staff at Ealing Magistrates Court. He said: “Are you joking? How can a Kirpan be so small? It is not a toy.” “I’ve been attending courts for the last 7 years of my life. “I’ve also been to the Supreme Court, European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Appeal. I’ve never had this problem - why is there a problem here?” It is legal for a Sikh to carry a Kirpan for religious reasons under British law It is legal under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (section 139/5/b) and Offensive Weapons Act 1996 (sections 3 & 4) for a Sikh to carry a Kirpan for religious reasons. The Criminal Justice Act 1988 safeguards the rights of Sikhs who carry a Kirpan, which is a necessary part of their religion. Jaskeerat said he usually conceals his Kirpan under his trousers so as not to cause alarm. He said: “A lot of people don’t understand it and they don't know what it is for.” After arguing with the staff at Ealing Magistrates Court, Jaskeerat left his Kirpan in the car in order to be allowed entry into the court. When he came back he said: “they were checking me like I was a criminal. “All of a sudden it became a situation where either I listen to them or I leave the building straight away." Jaskeerat has "never" had a problem in other courts Jaskeerat also describes being denied entry into the public gallery without sufficient reason. He said: “There was so much oppressive behaviour. “It was so rude and arrogant. I had gone there to support a witness, I was allowed to go there. I missed the whole entirety of the case, it was absolutely absurd.” Jaskeerat said the guidance by the Ministry of Justice is inconsistently deployed and needs to be changed. “I am seeking legal advice and my aim is to have the policy changed because essentially that Kirpan is to protect anyone in need,” he said. A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “We have investigated the facts of this case and security staff followed correct procedure. “Two other parties were allowed to enter the court wearing Kirpans which were in line with HMCTS guidance. “Where a member of the Sikh community wishes to enter a court building they can bring in a Kirpan that meets the following requirements: overall length is not more than 6 inches and blade is no more than 4 inches in length.”
  6. So my cousin who has Kirpan on him told me that he cannot pull it out because if he does he will have to shed blood with it or cut himself with it. Is this true?
  7. VJKKVJKF Das is letting go of a few pieces.. beautifully crafted massive antique kukri for sale. Horn craved handle with silver pins. These aren't metal as they aren't magnetic. Huge size heavy blade at 950grams but with very good balance. Last two images show a regular sized kukri for reference. note this listing is only for the large kukri not the pair. total length just under 20 inches £245 plus postage beautifully crafted 19th c wootz pesh kabz kard for sale. Natural cream handle material comes with leather scabbard. The blade has a wootz pattern showing. Could do with a polish to bring it out more. total length just under 15 inches in scabbard. £275 plus postage beautifully crafted 19th c antique tabar for sale. Has the original wooden shaft with beautiful brass flower rossets. The spike at the top can be unscrewed. The head some decoration and copper human figures inlayed. total length just under 28 inches £350 plus postage Email me on singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk to purchase or enquire. vjkkvjkf
  8. https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2021-08-05/sikh-father-handcuffed-at-funfair-for-carrying-legal-religious-blade-in-public Sikh father handcuffed at funfair for carrying legal religious blade in public Thursday 5 August 2021, 1:15pm A Sikh father was placed in handcuffs at a north Wales funfair for carrying a religious blade in public, despite it being legally allowed.Prabjot Singh, an Amritdhari Sikh, travelled to north Wales with his family and a group of friends from Birmingham on July 30 to visit the Tir Prince Fun Park in Towyn, Conwy.While Prabjot Singh was on one of the rides with his young son a member of staff at the park noticed the six-inch kirpan around his waist. What is a Kirpan? A kirpan is a religious sword or dagger which Amritdhari Sikhs must carry at all times. They are legally allowed to do so in the UK for religious reasons under the Offensive Weapons Bill. The word “kirpan” comes from two Punjabi words: ‘Kirpa’ means an act of kindness or a favor, and ‘Aan’ means honor and self- respect. Arminder Singh, a family friend who witnessed the incident explained that the staff member told Prabjot he must remove the kirpan or leave the park.Arminder explained his friend didn’t speak much English and tried to make him aware that wearing a kirpan is legally allowed in this country.He said: “I was at the front of the line waiting to get on the ride when I heard him say you have to go out.“I shouted asking ‘what is the matter’ and the staff member said this man is wearing a knife. He used the word knife. And said it's not allowed.“I explained that it's legal under UK law and they said they can’t allow it in case anyone gets injured.“When the ride started he reported that he had a knife to police, which they reacted to and four or five cars arrived before the ride had even finished.”Once Arminder got off the ride, he saw that his friend had been handcuffed. "It was very embarrassing", he said.“Everyone was looking at us like we were terrorists. My friends wife was in tears, everyone got very nervous."Due to the language barrier, Arminder approached officers to speak with them to explain the situation.Once the officers understood that the religious sword was a kirpan, they released Prabjot and handed him a receipt for his detention.Despite being released by police, Arminder claimed the owner of Tir Prince escorted the group out of the park.The owner apologised and refunded them for their visit shortly after but would not allow them to enter the park with the kirpan - despite it being legally allowed.When asked about the incident on Twitter chief constable Carl Foulkes said: “I have been personally briefed on this incident as I recognise both the religious and cultural sensitivity.“We are reaching out to the gentlemen affected to discuss the circumstances with him and we will understand and take on board learning for the force” A spokesperson for North Wales Police also said: “Officers were called to report of a man in possession of two knives at a busy amusement park in Towyn last Friday.“When questioned, the man explained the circumstances of him carrying a kirpan as part of his Sikh faith. The officers were aware of the legal exemption for kirpans and having obtained the explanation they provided him with an official record of the stop search.“North Wales Police works with all sections of our diverse communities across the region, and constantly seeks to engage over culturally sensitive issues which include consultation with colleagues from the Sikh Police Association, and the Black and Asian Police Association.“Our officers receive extensive training on these issues, but we will always look to maximise any learning opportunities from each and every incident. The force is in the process of trying to contact the gentleman concerned, to address any ongoing concerns he may have.”Tir Prince Fun Park have been approached for a comment.
  9. Guest

    Shower kirpan

    I use a small kirpan when I shower in which I tuck it into my dastaar, I just wanted to know if this is right, also sometimes when I take my small kirpan out of my dastaar I forget to put on my everyday kirpan which I wear (I don't do it on purpose, I just forget) is alright for me to do japji sahib path to ask for, forgiveness and do benti that guru sahib ji stops me from this this again?
  10. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I have been practicing sikhi for a while now, I do nitnim everyday and I do naam simran as well everyday. I am still living at home with my parents who do not approve of me taking amrit and I have chosen to respect them on this until I move out and find my own place. In the meantime however, I have been living the life of an amritdhari essentially and this includes wearing a kirpan and I feel as though if they don't wish me to actually take amrit I can at least do as much as I can to be prepared when I do finally take it. I recently saw some posts on here that suggest that you can't wear a kirpan without being an amritdhari which isn't something I had heard of before I started reading threads on here. Can anybody confirm if this is correct and the reasoning behind this. I personally can't see a reason in my situation why I wouldn't be allowed to wear a kirpan but I also don't want to be accidentally disrespectful. Many thanks
  11. Are there any remaining smaller makers of Kirpan, Kara, etc we could be supporting directly? Any small Amritsar smiths ship abroad?
  12. Guest

    Kirpan Help

    I am really lost and I truly regretting a decision I made a few months back of no longer wearing a kirpan while I wear all my other kakkars. I took amrit at a young age and my love for sikhi is still strong and everything was fine until the past year around when I reached 17 to 19 years of age. I got mixed with the wrong crowd and lost track of my nitnem although i did not take part in any activity including doing drugs or kaam. Just a few month back out of shame I stopped wearing my kirpan since I felt guilty for not doing my nitnem while wearing my kirpan. It didn't sit well with me to portray my bana when I had no bani. Since then I hav started to get back on track and doing my nitnem and correcting my mistakes. Since I made the decision to no longer wear my kirpan I have been regretting every second of it. I want to wear my kirpan and doing everything properly but I dont know what steps should be taken. Would I have to do ardaas asking for forgiveness for removing my kirpan or are there more measures that need to be taken? I am really lost and want to get back to the proper stoop that guru jo gave us and I need help?
  13. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh Sangat ji, I have a question. Need your help. I work in construction, I sweat alot. My gatra over time gets very wet at work due to sweat. And it smells. I have to wash it quite often. So my question is, can I have a kirpan holster on my belt instead of the gatra(strap) going around my shoulder? Just for work. At home I out my gatra back on because obviously I'm not wearing my belt all the time. I figured it should be fine because the 5Ks is kirpan only and not the gatra. Im not sure this is why I'm here. Your advice will be great, since Guru is Sangat, Sangat is Guru too. Guru khalsa panth. I can turn to you for help or questions. Also another question. I know we are suppose to carry the best shaster and I include the kirpan in that category. I saw a really nice hunting knife that comes with a holster its made of the best metal for knifes. Is that OK or does it have to be a taksaali kirpan. Thank you. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  14. I took amrit a few years ago and everything was going well until I started loosing track of my nitnem and started hanging with the wrong crowd. I still did not engage in any bujjar kurrehits such as beadabi of kesh, taking intoxicants, or kaam. However, I was not consistent with my nitnem. Last year I decided to stop wearking my kirpan since I felt like I was showing off when I wasn't really doing my nitnem, I was portraying my bana without the bani. Since then, i have changed a lot and have began to get on track, and focusing on the areas I have been lacking in. I constantly regret every that I should not have taken off my kirpan although I still wear all my other kakkars. I really want to stay true to the amrit I took however, with the decision I made I don't know what to do to? Do do ardaas for removing by kirpaan or are there different steps that must be taken?
  15. I've posted this before to but got no answers. Please sangat ji. Need your opinion. I'm on construction. I sweat and gatra gets wet and smelly. Also its in the way sometimes. I have all my 5 KS on me at all times. But I would like to put my kirpan in a sheath, like a holster which the belt goes through. Or even clips on to my belt. I'm aware the gatra is not a kakaar, but obviously the kirpan is. What is your opinion? Just to be clear I wear my kirpan and gatra at home, sleep, shower, gurdwara, pretty much everywhere else.
  16. Guest

    Kirpan slides out easily

    My kirpan slides out easily, makes me feel uneasy if my children jump around me. It was really secure with the fabric band around it but that always slips off the part which would hold the kirpan into its holder. Any suggestions?
  17. I would like to know different views on women and covering their head after taking amrit. I’ve read in gurbani to cover your head when preparing food and eating. A 5 k is kesh. I think akj see kesh as dastar regardless of male or female while eg nanaksar see it as keeping your hair uncut. I guess I am asking, is a dastar compulsory for a amritdhari female or is a chunni ok, or is nothing okay day to day and is it only required at certain times? I have a lot of female family members who only wear a chunni to gurdwara and nothing otherwise, yet they have taken amrit. They don’t wear a kirpan either. When I say I would want to fully wear a kirpan and dastar if I am ever lucky enough to take amrit, they think I’m extreme and over the top. I also wouldn’t wear makeup and jewellery but they all do. So I wonder am I the one who is assuming this is required which is making me delay amrit for longer as I’m not ready to wear a dastar and completely make those changes (I need my ego to lessen) or am I the one misunderstanding and is it okay to do what they do and therefore I am delaying it when I could do it sooner.
  18. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh. i wanted to ask why don’t some mahapursh and Sants don’t wear kirpans. Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji and Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji do not wear kirpans. How come this is the case? I am just curious knowing why. Bhul Chuk Maf Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh
  19. I don't how this is happening. They're not letting Sikhs carry Kirpans in our own places. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/golden-temple-fortified-ahead-of-bluestar-anniversary-92533 Tribune News Service Amritsar, May 31 Ahead of the Operation Bluestar anniversary that falls on June 6, the police have tightened security in and around the Golden Temple, stopping devotees from entering the shrine complex. This comes in the wake of clashes between SGPC workers and pro-Khalistan activists in the Golden Temple in recent years. A police officer said, “We apprehend that some Sikh activists might gather inside the shrine in advance. Moreover, we want to ensure social distancing in view of the Covid pandemic.” Section 144 has been imposed, and carrying any weapon, including the “kirpan”, has been banned. Akal Takht officiating Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh is yet to take a call on the programme. His “parallel” counterpart Bhai Dhyan Singh Mand, however, has said he would offer at Akal Takht and deliver a “public address”. — TNS
  20. I am the first Sikh in the history of Canada to have successfully fought for my right to wear the kirpan. It is a legal precedent in Canadian law. I am directing your attention to my blog. I have uploaded a jpeg here but at my blog, you can download it as a pdf. Visit: https://assaultatdixiegurdwara.wordpress.com/2020/02/20/kirpan-vs-epidemic-china/
  21. This is a thread to post ur favourite kirpana and other shastars (like their was this fav kirtan thread) mine personally is the sarabloh store 12 inch curved pesh kabz
  22. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Looking for some advice Sangat Jee, I will be travelling to Rome, and was wondering whether anyone had been since the “Kirpan ban”, I understand the airport security piece and will be stowing mine in checked luggage, but how about in and around the actual city and sites? has anyone been recently? Any guidance will be appreciated!
  23. Guest


    Hi. So I am going to Paris as a school trip on a ferry and I wanted to know if i was allowed to wear my kirpan or even just keep it in my bag?? Please could someone answer this as I am very worried.
  24. Guest

    Kirpan Use

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh! Has anybody here ever faced a situation wherein they had to use their Kirpan for defending themselves/someone?
  25. Guest


    Waheguru je ka khalsa Waheguru je ke fateh has anyone been to Mexico on holiday? any issue with kirpan and singh identity?
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