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  1. Guest


    Hello everyone. My (Sikh) parents did not approve of my choice of partner for marriage. I was honest from day one and told them I had met a Sikh guy and we get on etc. However, my mum in particular was strongly against my choice of partner due to caste. I took the big step and chose to marry my partner because I don’t believe in caste. My parents did not attend the wedding. I am happily married and have been blessed with a child. However it saddens me that my parents and my extended family have disowned me and have never visited me. What infuriates me is my mums behaviour. Around two years ago she went through the Amrit Sanchar ceremony. My understanding is that my mum is now a baptised Sikh and should not hold any beliefs towards caste. To this day my mum has not made any effort to build relations with my husband. When I speak to my mum, she never asks or acknowledges my husband. Im so confused and angry.
  2. With the divorce rate ever increasing. What does Sikhism say about divorce? Also how many divorced women end up marrying non Sikhs? I have heard of many stories of how women from our community say they have been mistreated by 'Sikh' husbands and their families. So then turn to non Sikhs. Also is divorce a problem of modern society.
  3. http://m.hindustantimes.com/columns/the-rise-of-sikh-fundamentalism-in-britain/story-uJEsIBJwXzkb2PSHcE8QUP.html article by sunny hundal a middle class liberal from London. He writes people who protest against non Sikhs marrying in Gurdwara are fundamentalists.
  4. Why dont we see Turkish muslim girls marrying pakistani muslim males? After all they are the same religion yet we are more likley to see Sikh girl with muslim boy marriage. Is this because Turkish parents are better at contolling their kids and stopping them marrying out of their community? And Sikh parents are easy prey for conversions.
  5. Hi all, I badly need some help here! I'm dating a guy who shares the same goth as me. I tried asking around to my relatives and so, they said its not right because we are siblings. I don't get it, how are we siblings when we come from a different pind (village)? On the other hand, my brother in law tells me there is no such thing written in our Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.. I'm really confused on What is What!! Will I be going against our Guruji's teaching if I continue with this relationship? Please advise me and give me more information regarding this matter. Thank you very much in advance!
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