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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.sikh24.com/2017/08/20/more-evidence-of-british-govt-cover-up-in-amritsar-1984-attack-role/ Also I noticed the leaked document that caused storms in 2014 is not available in the national archives to view freely even though 30years+ have passed and those secret docs are now widely available in the public domain when they were accidentally uncovered by journalist phil miller. There is a huge coverup going on hopefully the 2 elected Sikh MP's together with John Mcdonal and Tom watson will help unlock those documents hidden away in secret vaults.
  2. Alleged Atrocities Committed by War Criminal Brar in June 1984 Attack on The Golden Temple A cursory glance at the more heavily GOI propagandised Indian newspapers, shows that opposition by the Indian National Congress Party (itself, by no means united on this issue), to the memorial to the martyrs of the June 1984 attack on Shree Harimandir Sahib, shows no signs of abating anytime soon. When considered with the wider perspective of a minor alleged assault on Brar, the hysteria eagerly whipped up by collaborating media about the memorial is a sure way of deflecting attention away from its self-created problems that threaten to topple its government. It is a tried, tested and proven method of scaring the Indian electorate into allowing Congress to retain its loose grip on a population that is day by day losing confidence in its ability to properly utilise the vast funds available for its disposal (as the GOI). At least, that is, to the benefit of anyone other than its senior ministers and their families(!) See "Robert Vadra" and "Salman Khurshid" (for a couple of more recent shambles out of the broader series of illicit dealings to emerge from the corrupt Congress machine). Revelations about rampant corruption within the Congress Party are now emerging so fast that a new exposee emerges before the last had any time to settle down. It must be ruing the day Anna Hazare came out of nowhere to emerge as its nemises. The way things stand, Congress looks set to receive a humiliating drubbing at the next polls. Its UPA allies are already withdrawing support and we haven't even reached election time. Amidst this backdrop, it becomes clear why the Congress Party is reverting to its yellowy divisive and diversionary politics of yesteryear (think "Indira" and "Rajiv"). Its desparation will only increase as it approaches the Elections, so expect to see more of the same. That's why I see the minor alleged assault on Brar as part of the above struggle to retain power. Therefore, I am not too concerned with the Congress Party controlled Indian media spin on Brar. The truth will out. And to an extent, much of it already has. Let the investigation reveal the rest. I have read some excellent articles by several commentators, not least by T Sher Singh, Dal Khalsa and SF-UK, which in my opinion are the best pieces of analysis I have read on the topic, that have already comprehensively taken Brar's allegations apart to pieces and ripped his continuously changing story to shreds. Enough has probably already been said about the Brar alleged minor "assault" episode/stunt.
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